Saturday, December 4, 2010


Gene Pritsker arranged the "Absolute Zawinul" album, a beautiful record that captures the late Joe Zawinul's last compositions, performed by The Absolute Ensemble. For the "Absolute Zawinul" album, Gene Pritsker had worked closely with Joe Zawinul, memories that he still cherishes.

And now there's "Varieties Of Religious Experience Suite", or "the VRE Suite" as it's also called. "The VRE Suite" is performed by Sound Liberation in a not-every-day-setting: 2 electric guitars, a cello, a bass, and drums. The (instrumental) music is an eclectic mix of contemporary classical music, rock and jazz. It's both polyrhythmic and angular.
I really like the sound and the interaction of the different instruments. There's some great guitar & cello unisono lines, beautiful lyrical melodies and exciting improvisations.

"Varieties Of Religious Experience Suite" is an impressive album.

And yes, psychologist and philosopher William James (who did a series of lectures that were called "Varieties Of Religious Experiences" in 1902) is name-checked in various titles of compositions.

Recommended listening.

Gene Pritsker: composer, arranger, guitarist, bandleader, ...
keep an eye on him!

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