Thursday, December 30, 2010


  • the residents: brava
    (2010, cdr & dl, --, ralph records rz 1009)
It has been quite a busy year for the Eyeball Buddies. Our Resifriends have been releasing loads of material. It started with a couple of dowload-only-albums, continued with the Talking Light concerts, a CD, more download-only-stuff, a DVD, and, finally, two CDRs-on-demand.

"Brava" is one of these CDRs-on-demand (or download - whatever you prefer). The album was recorded live at the 'Brava Theater' in San Francisco, October 2001.
It was a great show, emphasizing the importance of Nolan Cook and Molly Harvey for the Residents' sound the last ten years or so.
I really like this.

Essential !!

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