Tuesday, September 29, 2015


"Stuff Like That", the latest Yo La Tengo album, includes a cover of Sun Ra's 'Somebody’s in Love'.

The band already recorded and released Sun Ra's 'Nuclear War' on an EP in 2002.


I saw the Mats/Morgan band live at 'Magasin 4' in Brussels about ten days ago.
One word.

Here are some more dates.
Try to catch them.

October 9 Union Scene, Grønland 60, 3045 Drammen, Norway
(opening for Magma!)

October 10 The Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden
(opening for Magma!)

October 17 East West, Örebro, Sweden

October 24 Cosmopolite, Oslo, Norway
(with The Grandmothers and Ed Mann)

October 30 Tampere Jazz Happening, Tampere, Finland


Release date : October 16, 2015.

Monday, September 28, 2015



and here's a little video from the Antwerp concert:

I just don't understand why the soundguys put the volume up this high.
Almost everybody around me (and I was sitting on row six or seven) was wearing earplugs.
The bass was way too loud in the mix.
I've got myself a nice set of earplugs, but there's nothing like enjoying a show at a normal sound level. Without earplugs that is.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Tourdates have been posted before, and here they are again !

Banned From Utopia, with Ray White, Robert Martin, Tom Fowler, Albert Wing, Joel Taylor and Robbie 'Seahag' Mangano.
Saw them at Zappanale in July (with Morgan Agren on drums) and they kicked ass.
Be there.

15.10.2015 Freising (D) Lindenkeller www.lindenkeller-live.de
16.10.2015 Praha (CZ) tbc
17.10.2015 Burglengenfeld (D) VAZ Pfarrheim www.power-concerts.de
19.10.2015 Duisburg (D) Grammatikoff www.grammatikoff.de
20.10.2015 Bolzano/Bozen-Steinegg (I) Steinegg Live www.steinegglive.com
21.10.2015 København (DK) Amager Bio www.amagerbio.dk
22.10.2015 Göteborg (S) Nefertiti www.nefertiti.se
23.10.2015 Oslo (N) Cosmopolite www.zappaunion.no
24.10.2015 Vaals (NL) tbc
25.10.2015 Eindhoven (NL) Effenaar www.effenaar.nl
27.10.2015 Arnhem (NL) Luxor Live www.luxorlive.nl
28.10.2015 Zoetermeer (NL) Boerderji www.cultuurpodiumboerderij.nl
30.10.2015 Diksmuide (B) 4AD www.4ad.be
31.10.2015 St-André-lez-Lille (F) tbc
02.11.2015 Manchester (UK) Band On The Wall www.bandonthewall.org
03.11.2015 London (UK) Jazzcafe www.thejazzcafelondon.com
04.11.2015 Southampton (UK) The Brook www.the-brook.com
05.11.2015 Derby (UK) The Flower Pot www.rawpromo.co.uk
07.11.2015 Leuven (B) Het Depot www.hetdepot.be
08.11.2015 Rouen-Cléon (F) La Traverse www.latraverse.org
10.11.2015 Worms (D) Das Wormser www.das-wormser.de
11.11.2015 Stuttgart (D) Theaterhaus www.theaterhaus.com
12.11.2015 Biel/Bienne (CH) Chessu/Coupole www.ajz.ch
13.11.2015 Schaffhausen (CH) Kammgarn www.kammgarn.ch
14.11.2015 Markneukirchen (D) Framus & Warwick Music Hall www.framus-warwick-musichall.de
16.11.2015 Aschaffenburg (D) Colos-Saal www.colos-saal.de
17.11.2015 Torgau (D) Kulturbastion www.kulturbastion.de
18.11.2015 Hannover-Isernhagen (D) Blues Garage www.bluesgarage.de
19.11.2015 Berlin (D) Kesselhaus www.kesselhaus-berlin.de

Monday, September 21, 2015


Friday, December 18, German Radio station NDR Kultur will be broadcasting the Zappa & Varèse concert that the NDR Sinfonieorchester performed in Hamburg earlier this year!

20h00 - Central European Summer Time
7 pm West European Summer Time (UK)
2 pm Eastern Daylight Saving Time
11 am Pacific Daylight Saving Time

-- info Mick Zeuner / Matthew Galaher

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Daniele Sepe has been already been mentioned in the United Mutations blog. In 2006 Daniele released "Suorarne 1 Per Educarne 100" with his Rote Jazz Fraktion ensemble, an album that included a fine version of Frank Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia'.

About ten years and eight albums later, Daniele Sepe released "A Note Spiegate", another excellent release.
An great group of musicians and an excellent choice of tunes make "A Note Spiegate" an excellent jazz album.

'Fables of Faubus' (Mingus) is a fine opener. Do I hear a singing saw in there ?!? Fun.
Sonny Rollins' 'Blue Room' follows. Great sax playing. This would fit perfectly for a Peanuts animation movie. Next to Vince Guaraldi. Good grief !
'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy', written by the late Joe Zawinul, gets a funky, laid-back interpretation. One of my favourite tracks on the album.
Track number four is the Bill Evans penned 'Loose Bloose'. A fabulous track and an excellent interpretation.
Next up are two classic Zappa tunes, 'Sofa' and 'King Kong'. 'Sofa' puts guitarist Franco Giacoia in the spotlight who plays an amazing solo. 'King Kong' gets a tubular bell treatment. Love it. 'King Kong' is the perfect composition / support to showcase the band and that exactly what you get. What a tune... What a band... Superb !!
'Mademoiselle Mabry' is next. Originally recorded by Miles Davis in 1968 and released on his "Filles de Kilimanjoro" album. I definitely need to listen to the original album again soon... The track kicks off with a little Hendrix vamp and swiftly morphs into Miss Mabry. Great. Is that a wah-wah used with the sax?
The band continues with the playful 'Big Nick' (Coltrane). Again, Daniele shows that he knows how to pick a superb collection of compositions. 'Big Nick' is no exception. A beautiful tune, directed by Davide Costagliola's electric bass and Tommy De Paola's piano.
It is followed by Gato Barbieri's 'Antonico'. Smooth. Latin. I'm not familiar with Gato Barbieri's work, but 'Antonico', as performed by Daniele Sepe and his band, is a nice invitation.
Track number ten is 'Palladium'. Written by Joe Zawinul and made famous by Weather Report. Daniele and his compagni perfectly succeed in bringing the typical Weather Report sound back to life.
The album continues with 'So Much Trouble In The World', the Bob Marley reggae classic, with Daniele's saxophone playing the melody line. A fine arrangement with a lot of attention for the detail. Nice. Very nice.
The second last track 'Out On The Tiles' is a powerful and energetic almost-rock cover of the Led Zeppelin song, while the last track, 'Round Midnight' takes you back to the jazz corner. Italian crooner / storyteller included.

In all, this is a great album. You should definitely check it out.
I was told that there also exists a 2 CD-version of this album as a part of the project that funded this release. The second disc is said to include demo and alternate versions. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate a copy. If anyone can help me out...


Wim Vandekeybus' ULTIMA VEZ dance group is touring again.

I caught their "Spiritual Unity" performance at De Warande last week.

Superb dancing and choreography.
Live music by Elko Blijweert, Mauro Pawlowski, Jeroen Stevens and Roland Van Campenhout.

Here's a clip from another recent perfomance : "Speak Low If You Speak Love..."


The Arf Society fanzine.
Issue number 85 already.

the arf-dossier no.84  -  2015/09
  • leserpost
  • 25 jahre muffin men - 26.05 + 27.05.2015 leipzig
  • dance me this (I) - zappanale 26 by peter görs
  • dance me this (II) by zappo
  • about the photos : robert klein hour and robert charlebois
  • the rare pictures gallery
  • the hot platters heaven from the arf office by thomas steinfeld
  • news from belgium - live from United Mutations
  • the fine but unauthorized cd kaleidoscope
  • the vinyl bootleg releases by peter görs
  • heubacher zappa-nacht 17.10.2015 by heiko


Spotify preview

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


a message from LAZULI

Hello friends,
As you know, we will be in UK at the end of October for our tour booked by Nellie Pitts but our trip does not stop here!!!
We received an invitation from FISH to open his tour in November and December.
A generous gift can not be refused!!! We will leave our home the October 25 and we will come back as December 15.
An adventure of 53 days and 34 gigs from England to Scotland through the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Switzerland (see all the dates and locations below and the map in attached).
What more can we say except our thanks to those who make it possible: Fish, Yatta and all the Team Fish... Nellie Pitts, Alison Henderson, Maryse Leonetti and all our families...


- 27.10. 2015 Chepstow (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 28.10. 2015 The Lexington / LONDON (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 29.10. 2015 Zephyr Lounge / Leamington Spa (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 30.10. 2015 St. John's Church / Farncombe (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 31.10. 2015 The Wesley Center / Maltby (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 01.11. 2015 O2 Academy / Liverpool (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 03. 11 2015 support FISH Tour / Boederij / Zoetermeer (NETHERLANDS)
- 04. 11 2015 support FISH Tour / Boederij / Zoetermeer (NETHERLANDS)
- 05. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / C-Club / Berlin (GERMANY)
- 07. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Azoty arena / Szczecin (POLAND)
- 08. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Venue TBC / Gdansk (POLAND)
- 09. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Progresja Music Zone / Warsaw (POLAND)
- 11. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Klub Klimat / Bielsko Biala (POLAND)
- 13. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Nordmarkthalle / Rendsburg (GERMANY)
- 14. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Sparkassen / Haltern am See (GERMANY)
- 16. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Stadthalle / Friedberg (GERMANY)
- 17. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Hirsch / Nürnberg (GERMANY)
- 18. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Backstage / Munich (GERMANY)
- 21. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Z7 / Pratteln (SWITZERLAND)
- 22. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Alte Seilerei / Mannheim (GERMANY)
- 23. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / LKA Longhorn / Stuttgart (GERMANY)
- 25. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Kulturetage / Oldenburg (GERMANY)
- 26. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Garage / Saarbrücken (GERMANY)
- 28. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Oosterpoort / Groningen (GERMANY)
- 29. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / 013 / Tilburg (NETHERLANDS)
- 30. 11. 2015 support FISH Tour / Melkweg Max / Amsterdam (NETHERLANDS)
- 03. 12. 2015 support FISH Tour / 02 Academy / Bristol (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 04. 12. 2015 support FISH Tour / Islington Assembly Hall / London (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 05. 12. 2015 support FISH Tour / Islington Assembly Hall / London (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 07. 12. 2015 support FISH Tour / The Junction / Cambridge (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 09. 12. 2015 support FISH Tour / Birmingham Town Hall / Birmingham (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 10. 12. 2015 support FISH Tour / Ballroom / Sheffield (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 11. 12. 2015 support FISH Tour / Manchester Academy / Manchester (UNITED KINGDOM)
- 13. 12. 2015 support FISH Tour / 02 ABC / Glasgow (UNITED KINGDOM)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Aka Moon newsflash :

This week you can discover Michel in different formations as he is the central guest of Théâtre Marni Jazz Festival. You can also discover what are his sources of inspiration in the article below.


16.09, 20.00: La Basse d’Orphée (solo) + Inner Peace Band (Marni Jazz Festival)

17.09, 20.00: Sinister Sister (Marni Jazz Festival), performing the music of Frank Zappa

18.09, 20.00: Hatzi-Galland Duo (Marni Jazz Festival)


Zappa tribute band Frank Out! has invited Napoleon Murphy Brock for some concerts !

2015 12 04
Frank Out! live @ Malzhaus Plauen
Malzhaus in Plauen, Germany

2015 12 05
Frank Out! live @ Objekt 5, Halle
OBJEKT 5 in Halle (Saale), Germany

2015 12 20
Frank Out! feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock live @ CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
at the ZAPPAFEST Festival with Sinister Sister and MJO !!
CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

2015 12 21
Frank Out! feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock live @ Das Bett, Frankfurt
DAS BETT in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Sunday, September 13, 2015


My search for bands that perform, recorded and / or released music of Frank Zappa made me discover another fine album.
Around 1997, El Niño Gusano contributed their version of FZ's 'Baby Snakes' to Hall Of Fame's "Unmatched" Spanish Zappa tribute series.
The track can, however, also be found on their "Fantástico Entre Los Pinos" an excellent album from 2000.
Pop music, but with some psychedelic spices.


"The Jerden Years 1966-69" is another collection of early recordigns by The Sonics. As The Sonics recorded (a rather psychedlic version of) Frank Zappa's 'Anyway The Wind Blows' in 1967, it's also included on this album.

Another addition to The Others Of Invention, recordings that include Zappa coverversions.


It was to be expected. More and more artists will be confronted by dodgy record labels that are releasing 'radio broadcasts'.
This one's a recording of the radio broadcast of the 1988 San José Joe Satriani concert.
Data has been added to the United Mutations Archives.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Monday Sept 14th
Joe's Pub, NYC
Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters in concert
w/ Ernie Brooks, Jason Candler, Jordan Shapiro and Richard Dworkin
special guests tba

Wed. Sept. 23rd
Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne Australia
"A State of Grace: The Music of Tim and Jeff Buckley"
Gary Lucas, Music Director with his band Gods and Monsters
(Ernie Brooks, Jason Candler, Jordan Shapiro and Richard Dworkin)
featuring Martha Wainwright, Steve Kilbey, Willie Mason, Camille O'Sullivan, Kasper Klausen and Cold Specks, vocals

Fri. Sept. 25th and Sat. Sept. 26th
QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane Australia
"A State of Grace: The Music of Tim and Jeff Buckley"
Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters
featuring Martha Wainwright, Steve Kilbey, Willie Mason, Camille O'Sullivan, Kasper Klausen and Cold Specks, vocals

Sun. Sept. 27th
Enmore Theatre, Sydney Australia
"A State of Grace: The Music of Tim and Jeff Buckley"
Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters
featuring Martha Wainwright, Steve Kilbey, Willie Mason, Camille O'Sullivan, Kasper Klausen and Cold Specks, vocals

Tues. Sept. 29th
Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne Australia
"A State of Grace: The Music of Tim and Jeff Buckley"
Gary Lucas & Gods and Monsters
featuring Martha Wainwright, Steve Kilbey, Willie Mason, Camille O'Sullivan, Kasper Klausen and Cold Specks, vocals

Wed. Sept. 30th
Canberra Theatre Centre, Australia
"A State of Grace: The Music of Tim and Jeff Buckley"
Gary Lucas, Music Director with his band Gods and Monsters
featuring Martha Wainwright, Steve Kilbey, Willie Mason, Camille O'Sullivan, Kasper Klausen, and Cold Specks, vocals

Monday Oct. 12th
WKCR FM, Columbia University NY
Gary is a guest on Mitch Goldman's long-running "Deep Focus" program,
discussing the music of Archie Shepp

Thursday Oct. 29th
Pianos, NYC
Gary sits in with his friend composer/ mutantrumpet player Ben Neill
to celebrate the release of Ben's new album "Horizonal"

Fri. Nov. 13th
Proctors Theatre, Schenectady NY
Gary Lucas performs a Friday the 13th double bill of his live solo score
accompanying "Vampyr" (1932, d. Carl Theodore Dreyer)
followed by a special solo concert

Just confirmed in late November:
Gary Lucas has been invited to be Artist in Residence at the newly-renovated Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in the UK, performing a variety of his projects over 4 nights

Gary's schedule just announced for his late November shows at
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall UK as ARTIST IN RESIDENCE:

Thurs. Nov. 26th
8pm Gary Lucas-- Jeff Buckley Symposium

Fri. Nov. 27th 8pm
Gary Lucas-- "Frankenstein" with live score

Sat. Nov. 28th
2pm Gary Lucas Masterclass

8pm Gary Lucas-- In Concert with special guests

Sun. Nov. 29th
2pm Gary Lucas-- Masterclass
8pm Gary Lucas-- Captain Beefheart Symposium with special guests


Announced a couple of days ago.
This set should include both of Frank Zappa's guest appearances.

On September 8, 1965, when producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider placed a classified ad in The Hollywood Reporter seeking "4 insane boys," they had no idea that they were about to unleash Monkee-mania! But that's exactly what happened the following year when the first episode of "The Monkees" debuted on NBC on September 12, 1966.

On the 50th anniversary of that fateful casting call, Rhino is excited to announce the upcoming release of the entire series (58 episodes) in stunning high-definition Blu-ray for the very first time, painstakingly restored from the newly located original film negatives. The 10-disc Blu-ray collection with also include the 1968 cult-classic "HEAD," along with many never-before-seen outtakes from the film. It's the beginning of many surprises planned to celebrate The Monkees' 50th anniversary in 2016.
- 10 Blu-ray discs
- 58 episodes
- Newly remastered in stunning HD from the original negatives for the very first time, plus the 1969 TV Special "33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee"
- The 1968 Monkees film "HEAD" in HD with never-before-seen outtakes
- Also includes bonus material, commentaries from all four Monkees, original Kellogg's Monkees commercials and more
- This fan-only edition includes exclusive packaging and a 7" featuring two previously unreleased TV mixes
- Strictly limited to 10,000 individually numbered sets
- Shipping January 2016
- Region free Blu-ray

Zappa made a cameo appearance in the Monkees film Head (1968), accompanied by a talking cow. He also appeared in The Monkees' TV series in the episode "The Monkees Blow Their Minds" (air date: March 11, 1968). There he appears in a sketch were Monkee Mike Nesmith interviews him. Zappa asks Nesmith if he can be "Mike Nesmith"? Nesmith agrees but only on the condition that he can be Zappa. In bad disguise the interview continues. A later segment shows Zappa "playing" a car by beating it into submission. This is done in a Monkees-style montage to the Zappa song 'Mother_People'.



this week's Dwalmacat radio show :


  • HARRY BREUER – Minute merengue
  • DANNY ELFMAN – Peewee’s breakfast machine
  • THE SHAGGS – Wheels
  • OOIOO – Sister OO1
  • DD MM YYYY – Gimme pizza mind
  • GONG – Pothead pixies
  • SLEAFORD MODS – Face to faces
  • JOHN COOPER CLARK – Psycle sluts pts 1 & 2
  • WIRE – Split your ends
  • DEAN ELLIOT – Lonesome road
  • JOHN ZORN, GEORGE LEWIS & BILL FRISELL – Blue minor take 1
  • STAZI – The drifter
  • MINNY POPS – Koel
  • THE INVISIBLE GIRLS – Scandinavian wastes
  • VINCE GUARALDI – Softly as in a morning sunrise
  • PAVEL BÜCHLER – A pip of popcorn


info from TPS / Zappateers




Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This recent Keyhole release is another one of those 'radio show' albums. As it was a radio broadcast, the radio station owns the rights of the recording. In se, this means that such a recording can be released without the permission of the artist.
"Bebop Tango Live" presents the so-called "Un-concert", a collection of 1973 recordings that Frank Zappa put together and gave to a radio station to be broadcast on New Year's Eve.

True, this album isn't a Zappa Family Trust approved release and I doubt that Keyhole has the rights to release this, but the recording itself is astounding.

  1. announcer's introduction
  2. zappa's introduction - aka tango chat (wayne, nj, 1973/11/11)
  3. pygmy twylyte / dummy yp (with irma coffee, location & date unknown)
  4. be-bop tang excerpt (location & date unknown)
  5. the story of dupree's paradise (nyc, 1973/11/22)
  6. yellow snow suite (sydney, australia, 1973/06/24)
  7. guitar event (lowell, 1973/11/30)
  8. be-bop tango contest (waterloo, canada, 1973/11/18)
  9. announcer's closing remarks


"MoonJune Records is pleased to introduce another of Indonesia's most gifted and celebrated music personalities -- multi-genre keyboardist, composer, producer, peace activist and cultural icon, Dwiki Dharmawan. With a career spanning over 30 years and performances in over 60 countries, Dwiki remains one of his country's most popular and respected industry stalwarts.

On his debut for MoonJune, listeners are treated to an exotic musical mélange of the highest order. Featuring fusion and progressive rock luminaries, Chad Wackerman, Jimmy Haslip, (and fellow MoonJune artists and Indonesian giants) Dewa Budjana and Tohpati, and as well the legendary violinist, Jerry Goodman. "So Far, So Close" features adventurous compositions, arrangements and performances. Lovers of fusion's "golden era" (mid-'70's through the mid-'80's) will find plenty to keep them enthralled throughout this sizzling session, as Dwiki and company never let off the gas while scaling high-altitude sonic terrain in effortless fashion. Recorded and mixed in L.A., by Jeff Lorber and mastered by the renowned producer, Robert Feist, Dharmawan has covered all the bases and spared no expense for this coming out party, of sorts.

Despite a long, storied musical career which has been marked by large-scale successes and critical acclaim, worldwide, Dwiki remains constantly in search of new musical ground. His initial effort for MoonJune reflects that mentality, and is quite ambitious and achieves its aims. "So Far, So Close" is an engaging and immediate progressive fusion album."

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


When I acquired Frank Vignola's 2009 "Gypsy Grass" album, I learned that the Frank Zappa's 'Lemme Take You To The Beach' had already been recorded on one of Frank Vignola's previous albums. The disc in question was called "Kong Man" and I wasn't able to find it anywhere...
Fast forward to 2015 and hopla, it's all over the internet... Weird...
Anyway, "Kong Man" presents the Frank Vignola Quintet performing FZ's  'Lemme Take You To The Beach'.
Gypsy jazz and stuff.
A very fine album.
A superb coverversion.


"Orsa By Night" is a brand-new release by Thomas Tidholm and Jonas Knutsson.
As far as I know (and I had to look it up), Orsa is a small town somewhere in the middle of Sweden.
Apparently, author / musician Thomas Tidholm and composer / musician Jonas Knutsson met at a musical course that was given by Jonas. The course was about the playing of folk tunes on wind instruments. Thomas was one of the participants.
"Orsa By Night" presents music by Jonas Knutsson as well as arrangements of traditional music from Orsa. Texts are by Thomas Tidholm.
The both of them (with Jonas Knutsson on saxophones, percussion and keyboards, and with Thomas Tidholm on clarinet and voice) take you on a mesmerizing musical journey.


'Polska Efter Gil', from "Orsa By Night".


Italian crossover / punk rock band Losbastardos released three albums in their ten years of existance.
Album number two, "... Basta", got released in 2002 and includes a raw version of Frank Zappa's 'Tell Me You Love Me'.
I like it.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Cornu Copia
October 17, 2015
in Casteau  (near Mons, Belgium)

Meet Soldier Six
Meet Quark
Meet Les Boucles Absurdes

Saturday, September 5, 2015


There's "Magnetic Draw",


I am John French, of The Magic Band, here to introduce a new dual DVD set: The first DVD is a concert that was performed at “The Engine Shed” Lincoln, UK on May 23rd, 2014. The other DVD is an interview with all the band members individually featured in a nice intimate atmosphere. BTW for those of you in the US -- this DVD should play fine on your player as it is PAL format but is region-free. It plays on my older DVD player just fine.

And there's also "Singing Through You"


John French adds:
“Singing Through You” is a live video of The Magic Band performing The Music of Captain Beefheart, March 16, 2013 at ‘Chelsea Under the Bridge, London’ ( referred to hereafter as “UTB”). This is seriously a hi-tech venue and as they offered us a multi camera video recording of our show we soon thought of making this into a live DVD and secured the services of Paul Riley from Proper Records to record sound.




Dweezil Zappa's "Via Zammata' demos and rarities" was part of Dweezil's Pledgemusic campaign.
The tracks got distributed a couple of days ago.

It's a nice mix of recent demos and some pretty old Z stuff.

  1. reckless abandon
  2. palermo stream of consciousness
  3. what if (demo)
  4. dragon master (demo)
  5. you can't judge a girl by the panties she wears
  6. hummin'
  7. z 70's medley nyc 1995


Superviaduct has re-released the first two Pere Ubu albums.
On vinyl.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


This week's Dwalmacat radio show :


BIG BUTTER – Butterjam
ASMUS TIETCHENS – Unter fliegenden Tassen
DEVO – Whip it
GONJASUFI – The blame
SUICIDE – Radiation
SWANS – Anything for you (hang me)
SONIC YOUTH & PAULINE OLIVEROS – Six for new time (excerpt)
ENNIO MORRICONE – Secondo rito de Escalation
PERE UBU – Thanks
CONRAD SCHNITZLER – Meditation (excerpt)
STEVE RODEN – 22 letters and the resonance of a three pointed star

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Guitarist Ty Garner released "So What" in 1999. The liner notes of the CDR-release mentions that the album collects various line-ups and out-takes from 1996 to 1999.
The disc presents three original compositions and a bunch of coverversions, including Frank Zappa's 'Sexual harassment In The Workplace'.

Rhythm and blues.
Food for guitar freaks.
  1. rollin' man (p.green)
  2. worried dream (b.b.king)
  3. john peel's blues (t.garner)
  4. cocaine rag (t.garner)
  5. rollin' man - alt take (p.green)
  6. congo square (neville brothers)
  7. leavin' (t.garner)
  8. sexual harassment in the workplace (f.zappa)
  9. black magic woman (p.green)
Here's samples from his latest album :

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Friday, July 17, 2015, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Peach Noise performed the music of Frank Zappa at Zappanale.

Die Frei Vom Rhein had opened the festival on the main stage; Die Reise had played an excellent seventies-inspired rock set on the mystery stage; and then it was time for Napoleon to take the stage with Peach Noise.

This was another one of those memorable concerts.
A great setlist combined with an incredible band (including special guest Mats Öberg !!)

2015/07/17 concert "Zappanale", Bad Doberan, Germany


Napoleon Murphy Brock: sax, flute, lead vocals, dancing
Nicolas Mingot (guitar), Léonard Le Cloarec (tenor sax), Philby Brunelli (bass), Benoît Moerlen (vibes, marimba, percussion), Charly Doll (drums)
special guests
Mats Öberg: keyboards, vocals


Uncle Meat, introduction by Wolfhard Kutz and Jim Cohen, I'm The Slime, Big Swifty, Zomby Woof, Florentine Pogen, Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance, What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?, Oh No, Son Of Orange County, Trouble Every Day, Eat That Question, Black Napkins, Inca Roads, Advance Romance, Easy Meat
encores: Peaches En Regalia, Andy, Pygmy Twylyte

The complete concert got recorded and was made available in a very limited DVDR run during the festival.


Freakshow Artrock Festival 2015

September 25 - 26, 2015
Würzburg, Germany

a message from Charly :

It is very sad that just in the year of their 45th stage jubilee we already long ago had to decide out of financial reasons that our beloved heroes from Kobaia, Magma, will not be a part of the 2015 edition of our festival, that they had started along with Anekdoten and Present in 2001.

But of course we won't miss the opportunity to celebrate the 45th birthday of "Zeuhl" music, invented and brought to blossom by Christian Vander, Magma's drummer and leader.

Eight young and dedicated french musicians assembled under the name "Collectif Ptäh" will as final act of this year's edition entertain us and seduce us to enter the stage and sing along to the early stuff of Magma's career, while four other french bands plus one Japanese and one Belgian band, all of them more or less influenced by the "Zeuhl" virus, will pave the way to the "final act".

During the past months there have been negotiations with some other bands (Miriodor / Secret Chiefs III) for a show on Sunday, but unfortunately these shows had to be cancelled out of financial and availability reasons.

And finally some sad news: our friends from "Rhun", who have alreday been on the bill in 2014, had to cancel again, for they sadly have split in July .

But with great pleasure we can announce some other old friends, who decided on short terms to sit in for "Rhun" and once again play our festival on Saturday before the "final act": chamberrock veterans "Present" from Belgium will once again give us one of their awesome shows!!!

Due to the additional expenses caused by their participation we hope all of you agree, that we kept to our slightly raised ticket price despite the fact, that there is no Sunday show.

17/18 h: NI (fr)
20:30: LE GRAND SBAM (fr)
22:30: HAPPY FAMILY (jap)

13/14 h: CHROMB! (fr)
16:30 POIL (fr)
19:00 PRESENT (b)

There are 90 seated tickets available, most of them already sold, so place your ticket order now: freakcha@aol.com
Local sale: h2o recordshop, 0931 57 26 11


Festivalticket: 90.- euro
Friday ticket: 45.- euro, only at the door
Saturday ticket: 55.- euro, only at the door

"kiddies" up to 21 years are free!!!!!

Students / unemployed: 45.- euro

To reach the venue, take street car lines 3 and 5. Car parking close to the venue on main street or close to the river.

Cheap accomodation may still be possible at the nearby "youth hostel": 
Fred-Joseph-Platz 2, 97082 würzburg
0931 4677860

Or put up a tent at the nearby camping site of Kanu Club Würzburg: 
Mergentheimer str. 13b, 97082 Würzburg
0931 72536

To get a place for a tent right at the venue please get in contact !!

Food and drinks will be served by "Count Otto and his Mermaids"

Hope to see you there and keep the flame burning!!!!

"advanced rock music for the addicted!!"


Dweezil Zappa's new album has shipped and downloads have been made available.

I'm listening to the first track, 'Funky 15', at this very moment.
It sounds great.
Performing his dad's music does / did have a good influence.


Italian ska band Vallanzaska started out as a coverband, playing tunes by Madness and The Specials.
A couple of years later, the band switched to original tunes and they released their first album in 1993.
However, their third release, "Cheope", did include one coverversion: Frank Zappa's 'We Are Not Alone'.
Very nice.
Another fine addition to The Others Of Invention.

Here's Vallanzaska with 'Si Si Si No No No'.