Sunday, December 5, 2010


Last week, I received a promotional copy of the recently released "Dream of the Gryllidae", the latest album by Yumi Hara and Tony Lowe.
I'm not too familiar with the music of Yumi Hara and Tony Lowe. I only know the Geoff Leigh / Yumi Hara collaboration that recently got released on the MoonJune label, but I liked that one, so I was curious to find out how "Dream of the Gryllidae" would sound.

"Dream of the Gryllidae" starts with 'Anticipation of Rain', a rather spacy, track that immediately shows the fine interaction between the guitar (Tony Lowe) and the piano (Yumi Hara).
The album continues with the short 'In an Arbour' in which Yumi Hara also sings. This is food for fans of the Canterbury School. The tone is set. Nice.

My favourite track is 'Through the City Gate', an almost poppy sounding melody (played on the piano) with a beautiful psychedelic guitar solo on top. Love it.

An impressive album. If the Gryllidae (crickets) in your back yard have dreams like this, you must be a fine gardener.

Try out some samples of this album at:

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