Thursday, December 30, 2010


"Suspension Of Disbelief" is the collage of sounds that goes with the "UnPoP Can" artwork which both have been produced by Gidget Gein.

Gidget Gein's alias is a mixture of the title of a novel and the name of a serial killer. (and so is Marilyn Manson's.)
The "UnPoP Can" artwork which is shown on the cover of this album, displays a series of cans that have a label that says "Zyklon B - Gift Gas" (poison gas). The soundcollage on the album is made up of a German speech, march music, animal noises and laughter.

Gidget's art site says:
"This CD is a representation of the sounds Gidget heard somewhere "out there" while creating the Unpop Can painting that is represented on the album cover. No conventional instruments were used in this effort - rather, a Mac computer, antique toys, a gramophone and deconstruction were responsible for making this disc possible."

The album got released in 2007 on the Transparency label.

In the following YouTube movie Gidget Gein presented some of his work. There's a nice segment on his UnPoP Can.

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