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Godsticks is touring Europe, supporting The Mike Keneally Band.
The band originates from the U.K. and plays guitar-oriented progressive rock music.

Darran Charles (vocals, guitar, keys) 
Steve Roberts (drums) 
Dan Nelson (bass, keys)

The band has a brand-new album out, called "The Envisage Conundrum" (which is a great title for an album!). It's their second album. Their first album "Spiral Vendetta" got released in July 2010. And to complete their discographical data, there's also an EP from 2009.

Last year, March 2012, Godsticks had opened for The Aristocrats on the Aristocrats' five day UK excursion.
March 2013, Godsticks is doing the complete tour with the Mike Keneally Band.
I got to see them in Tilburg and I have to say that I'm not the biggest fan of their sound. I guess that it's the 'prog rock vocals'...
Anyway, Godsticks knows their audiences, and so they included Frank Zappa's 'Echidna's Arf (Of You)' in their setlist. That was nice.
During their Manchester gig (on the 22 of March) they had performed Zappa's 'What's New In Baltimore' and 'Marqueson's Chicken'.

Here are the setlists from the Manchester and the Tilburg shows. Audience recordings of these are up at Zappateers.

2013/03/22 Godsticks - concert 'the Night and Day Cafe', Manchester, England, UK
  • supporting The Mike Keneally Band
  • line-up
    • Darran Charles (vocals, guitar, keys)
      Steve Roberts (drums)
      Dan Nelson (bass, keys)
  • setlist
    • Convergence, Caught In A Bind, Submerged, Put Seven In Bold, What's New in Baltimore? (Frank Zappa), Marqueson's Chicken (Frank Zappa), A Brief Foray, Borderstomp - Part 1 (Death to Tuesday), Borderstomp - Part 2 (Blind), Borderstomp - Part 3 (Cielo Azul)
  • An audience recording of this concert circulates

2013/ 03/ 27 Godsticks - concert 'Paradox', Tilburg, NL
  • supporting The Mike Keneally Band
  • line-up
    • Darran Charles: vocals, guitar, keys
      Steve Roberts: drums
      Dan Nelson: bass, keys
  • setlist
    • intro by Co de Kloet, Convergence, Caught In A Bind, Submerged, Put Seven In Bold, Echidna's Arf (Of You) (Frank Zappa), A Brief Foray, Borderstomp Pt.1 (Death To Tuesday)
  • An audience recording of this concert circulates
Here's a nice shot of Darran Charles, by Philippe Lamoot

The tour isn't over yet, so if you want to see Godsticks & The Mike Keneally Band, check the tourdates !

Saturday, March 30, 2013


The Residents

The Singing Lawn Chairs


February 2003, Dutch composer and guitar player Corrie van Binsbergen started her "Writers In Concert" series. Writers got invited to recite from their oeuvre, accompanied by live music.
The last ten years, various projects, concerts and recordings with Dutch and Flemish writers saw the light of day: Remco Campert, Kees van Kooten, Josse De Pauw, Renate Dorrestein and Ramsey Nasr all toured with Corrie van Binsbergen. Each time, Corrie assembled a fine bunch of musicians from the Dutch improvised jazz circuit.

If my memory servest me right, the "Writers In Concert" series started with Toon Tellegen. Known for his amusing, bizarre and philosophical children's tales, Toon Tellegen is the perfect match for a musical accompaniment.

Friday, March 22, 2013, Toon Tellegen and Het Wisselend Toonkwintet visited cultural centre 'De Warande' in Turnhout (B). Toon Tellegen told stories about the grasshopper's shop and about the the the cricket, the elephant, the caterpillar and so on, who all visited the grasshopper shop. At the grasshopper's shop, everything is for sale. Everything, except the sun, the moon and the stars. You get the idea...

Het Wisselend Toonkwinted consisted of Corrie van Binsbergen (guitar), Joost Buis (trombone and lapsteel), Albert van Veenendaal (piano), Hein Offermans (double bass) and Alan 'Gunga' Purves (drums, percussion, and assorted noises).

The concert was great. Fabulous stories. Stories that make you laugh. Stories that mak you think. And the music fitted the stories perfectly. It was a sold-out concert and I'm pretty sure that everyone who was there had a great time. This sort of thing would be great on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Fits all ages.

As announced, the new album "Het Geluk Van De Sprinkhaan" (the grasshopper's happiness) was ready as well. I'm enjoying it at this very moment.
Essential stuff for everyone who understands Dutch.

There's still a couple of dates to come, so check your schedules...

Toon Tellegen & het Wisselend Toonkwintet: Het geluk van de sprinkhaan
  • 01-04-2013 15:00 - Theater De Tuin - Leusden (NL)
  • 03-04-2013 20:00 - CC Hasselt - Hasselt (B)
  • 07-04-2013 15:30 - Rosa Spier Huis - Laren (NL)
  • 11-04-2013 20:30 - De Harmonie - Leeuwarden (NL)
  • 23-06-2013  - Zonnemaire


I know, I know...
No musical content whatsoever.
But it's so funny...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Here's another psychedelic excursion by the Ant-Bee.
Guest = Michael Bruce.


Saturday, April 6, 2013, at 19.00 h, the Nicelpa trio will be performing at the 'Atelier Brele Scholz' at the Napoleonsberg 104 in 52076 Aachen (D).

Art by Brele Scholz, music by Nicelpa

Nicelpa = Nicola Hein, Elisabeth Fügemann and Paul Hubweber.


André Cholmondeley says:

stand by for PROJECT/OBJECT tourdates.. PERFORMING THE MUSIC OF FRANK ZAPPA and more. We're proud to announce May 2013 shows in USA and Europe with legendary Zappa alumni Ike Willis, Ray White, Ed Mann and for the first time......Tom Fowler !! Dates and details coming soon.... It's Zappa time!


Gene Pritsker will be releasing a new album next month.

The album is called 'Samplestra' and will feature performances by John Clark, Peter Krysa, Cesar Papetti, Michiyo Suzuki, Lynn Bechtold, Keve Wilson, Matthias Kronsteiner, Martin Kuuskmann, Margaret Lancaster, Kathleen Supové.

Gene Pritsker adds:
"Samplestra is the name I give to any prerecorded elements in my music. I see it as an orchestra of samples, since I use little fragments of pre existing music or sounds and manipulate them to my own composition. I treat these samples as found objects to write new music with. This CD represents 14 compositions that use Samplestra in combination with solos or small chamber ensembles ."


For Immediate Release

Guitar Virtuoso Todd Grubbs Releases Two New Albums -
'Best Of The Guests' and 'Toddities volume 2'

Tampa, FL - One of the most talented and innovative guitarists to emerge from Florida, Todd Grubbs has released two new albums digitally in March 2013 - 'Best Of The Guests' and 'Toddities volume 2'. Todd Grubbs, who studied at Berklee College of Music, has been voted 'Most Outstanding Guitarist' at the Tampa Bay Music Awards, as well as winning the 'Most Outstanding Video' two consecutive years in a row. His guitar prowess has been touted by critics and fans worldwide, and can be witnessed on all his solo albums. Todd has surrounded himself with an array of legendary music artists and musicians which is the inspiration behind the album 'Best of The Guests'.

'Best of the Guests' features Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Black Country Communion), Bryan Beller (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats), Mike Keneally (Zappa, Solo), Sean Malone (Cynic), Blues Saraceno (Poison, Transmission OK), Chris Poland (Megadeth, Ohm), Don Preston (Zappa), John Wesley (Porcupine Tree), Jerry Outlaw (Bogus Pomp), Pattrick Bettison (Acoustic Alchemy), Mark Prator (Iced Earth), and Ralph Santola (Obituary).

Says Todd, "I have had quite a few amazing players make guest appearances on my albums over the years, so I decided it would be cool to put them all together on one release. I have always been honored that these great musicians would agree to perform on my compositions and their contributions have been stellar across the board. The CD includes one new track I recorded featuring Byran Beller on bass."

Along with Frank Zappa, Grubbs influences, which can be heard throughout both his new releases, range from Steve Vai, John Coltrane, The Beatles, Kate Bush, Jeff Beck, Michael Schenker, Ulli Jon Roth and Adrian Belew.

"Todd takes us to some places we have not been with his playing as well as giving us some of that Zappaesque influenced wild arrangement sensibility that has been a part of his playing for years." - John Wesley (Porcupine Tree)

The second release is 'Toddities volume 2', a collection of esoteric recording by Todd Grubbs. Todd explains, "The CD includes some of my more 'out there' recordings that did not fit on other releases. It is really cool how these orphaned songs come together and form their own continuity as if it was a planned out project."

Currenty Todd is working on a couple of albums worth of vocal tunes with a lot of great singers. Says Todd, "I plan to release at least one of these in 2014. Beyond this I am producing writing and recording with a number of young artists and bands covering a wide variety of styles."

In closing Todd imparts to his fans and listeners, "I would like to thank everyone who has enjoyed my music over the years, I really love making music and to have people out there that support what I do is amazing esp... with the current music industry situation being in a state of flux so to speak. I have always created my music on my own terms and I am very proud of my work to this point."

To purchase Todd Grubbs 'Best of the Guests' and 'Toddities volume 2':


Joe Satriani's new album "Unstoppable Momentum" has been made available in various presale bundles, the most fascinating being a package that includes an art book.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Meet Dwalmacat,

this week's playlist
  • STAFF CARPENBORG - All men shall be brothers of Ludwig
  • DUB SYNDICATE - Drilling equipment
  • JAH DIVISION - Dub disorder
  • MATMOS - Steam and sequins for Larry Levan
  • GEOFF LEIGH - Black metal twist
  • EIGHT EYED SPY - Lazy in love
  • ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - Father time
  • SEIN SAH THIN - Really strange and weird things
  • RUDY TROUVE - 1000 sleepless nights
  • SLIM TWIG - Clerical collar
  • TOD DOCKSTADER - Boingo background (excerpt)
  • MECANO - The mutant jasz
  • THE RESIDENTS - The festival of death


Headlining the Moo-Ah Festival, the Spanner Jazz Punks performed on Saturday night, 2013/03/09.

Couldn't find enough details, but Andrew said that they did play a couple of Zappa tunes as well.

Here's some videos by Bazbo, jeczap & Luuk.


Top act at the recently held Moo-Ah! festival,
here are the Muffin Men, with special guest Chato Segerer.

Review of the festival by Andrew:

An audio recording of the gig is up at Zappateers.

2013 03 09 concert "Moo-Ah", Corby UK

* line-up
Jumpy - guitar / vocals * Roddy - bass / vocals * Phil- keys / vocals *Rhino - drums / vocals
special guest: Chato appeared on the last 3 songs.

* setlist
introduction, Zoot Allures, Dont You Eat the Yellow Snow, Black Napkins, Preamble, Pygmy Twylyte, San Berdino, Cold Winter Gale,City of Tint Lites, Jones Crusher, Wheres Chato, Eat That Question,Whipping Post, Village of The Sun

Here's another picture by Steffen Schindler:

 Data & picture have been added to the United Mutations Archives.


Hogwash performed at the Moo-Ah festival  in Corby (UK). They performed on the second day of the festival: Saturday, 2013/03/09.

From the Moo-Ah introduction
Hogwash are guaranteed to give you a good night out, playing classic songs from the 1970s. You better beware, you better take care, you better watch out if you've got light blue hair. Pretend you are a teenager again. Dance a lot. Drink a lot. Sing a lot. And in the morning, suffer a lot!
Cum on feel the noize as Sex God (vocals), The V (guitar), Helium (bass/pink hair) and Big G (drums) turn it up to eleven and those memories come flooding back.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The band is only known as Hogwash in Corby; they have to play under a pseudonym everywhere else! (

They didn't play any Zappa tunes, but let's see if you know any of these:


Dutch band The Foolz kicked off the second day of the Moo-Ah! festival, Saturday 2013/03/09.

Picture by Steffen Schindler.

Here's Andrew's review:

An audio recording of the concert can be found at Zappateers.

2013/03/09 concert "Moo-Ah" festival, Corby, UK

* setlist
Zoot Allures, Joe's Garage, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee, Sofa No 1,Cosmic Debris, Let's Move To Cleveland, Uncle Remus, You Didn't Try To Call Me, Alien Orifice, I Am The Slime, Echidna's Arf (Of You),Peaches En Regalia, Florentine Pogen, Suicide Chump, Ms Pinky

* line-up
Remco Aalhuizen: guitar, vocals * Pedro Steneker: bass, vocals * Wan Kemper: keys, vocals * Lex Kemper: guitar, vocals * Marco Onstenk: drums

Listening to the audio recording, one can tell that new drummer Marco Onstenk did a great job, as did the entire band.
Here's one of Luuk's videos to prove it.


The first evening of the Moo-Ah festival (2013/03/08) ended with performances by Just Another Band and by Zappatika.

Andrew's review

picture by Steffen Schindler

An audio recording of the Just Another Band concert can be found over at Zappateers.

2013/03/08 concert "Moo-Ah", Corby UK

* line-up
Phil: guitar * Loz: bass * Kyle: drums * Chris: keyboard * Dan: keyboard * Chris: vocals * Neil: vocals

* setlist
introductions, We Are Normal**, Honey Dont You Want A Man Like Me*, Crowd Noise and Tuning, Canyons of Your Mind**, Billy The Mountain*
   *- Frank Zappa
   ** - Bonzo Dog Band

Data has been added to the United Mutations Archives.

Here's a video recording of 'Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me'. Shot by Luuk.


The second performance at the Moo-Ah Festival was by Hannah Falkner.
She played a set in the 'acoustic corner'.

Second concert on the main stage was by Chato Segerer.

Here's what Andrew says:

An audio recording of the concert (with special guests Annemarieke and Jan) is up at Zappateers.

2013/03/08 Chato Segerer - concert Corby UK

* line-up
Chato Segerer: guitar, vocals, keyboards
Annemarieke Schoonderwaldt: violin (*)
Jan Barfod (**): vocals

* setlist
introduction, crowd noise and tuning, Deathless Horsie (Frank Zappa), Inner Peace (Chato Segerer), T'Mershi Duween (Frank Zappa), Introducing Annemarieke and Tuning, Lets Move To England (Frank Zappa) (*), Sue England (Don Van Vliet) (**), preamble, Flavor Bud Living (Don Van Vliet), Friede, Freude, Fußball (Panzerballet),Turning Again (Frank Zappa), Suzi Speedfreak (Chato Segerer)

Data has been added to the United Mutations Archives.

 Here's another of Luuk's excellent videos.
Chato & Ke, performing Zappa's 'Thirteen'.


March 8 & 9, the UK had its very own Zappa Festival : "Moo-Ah!".
Organised by uncle Ian (and Andrew), the place to be was called Corby.

For those of us who weren't there, the internet does offer some impressions.
Here's Andrew's review:

The first band was called Gumbo Variation and they included a number of Zappa compositions in their setlist.

Picture by Steffen Schindler.

2013/03/08 Gumbo Variation - concert Corby UK
* line-up
James Burns - guitar * Ollie Snell - guitar * Robin Breeze - bass * Joe Burns - drums
* setlist
Introductions, Grand Wazoo (Frank Zappa), Untitled, Aravalli Wood, Et Alias, Untitled, Untitled, Peaches En Regalia (Frank Zappa), To The Sun, Django

Data has been added to the United Mutations Archives.
An audio recording is up at Zappateers.

And here are some YouTube snippets by Luuk


South African band The Future Primitives have released their latest album as a free download. The album is entitled "Songs We Taught Ourselves" (all covers) and it includes their version of Captain Beefheart's 'Zig Zag Wanderer'

-- thanks to Nikolai Zaharov for the info


'The Mix' is hosting a Zappa Week.

With screenings of movies (Baby Snakes & various Bruce Bickford movies) as well as a gig by Pojama People.


pojama people featuring ike willis will be rockin' the zappa through the pacific northwest for four lovely shows in march.
Pojama People performing the Music of Frank Zappa, featuring Ike Willis 

·         2013/03/27 Pojama People - concert 'Cozmic', Eugene, OR
·         2013/03/28 Pojama People - concert 'Dante's', Portland, OR
·         2013/03/29 Pojama People - concert 'Spark', Bellingham, WA
·         2013/03/30 Pojama People - concert 'The Mix', Seattle, WA


ALEC K. REDFEARN AND THE EYESORES are coming over to Yurip in May !!

March 29 - Machines with Magnets - Pawtucket, RI
April 5 - The Met - Pawtucket, RI (Brown Bird CD release party)
April 18 - Rochambeau Public Library - Providence, RI
April 19 - Eat Drink Rhode Island Festival - Providence, RI
May 2 - tba - Paris, France
May 3 - Le Reaume - Bricquebec, France
May 4 - Moulin Mer - Logonna-Daoulas, France
May 5 -Garden Show - Rennes, France
May 6 - Le Stakhanov - Nantes, France
May 7 - Les Pavillons Sauvages - Toulouse, France
May 9 - Le Celtic - Tarbes, France
May 10 - tba - Pau, France
May 11 - L'Aubarge de Badassac - Pailhes, France
May 12 - Ailse 404 - Marseilles, France
May 13 - tbc -
May 14 - tbc -
May 15 - tba - Strasbourg, France
May 16 - L'An Vert - Liege, Belgium
May 17 - OCCII - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 18 - La Compilotheque - Bruxelles, Belgium
May 19 - Kinky Star Club - Gent, Belgium

Here's a track from their "Sister Death" album.
Out on Cuneiform.


Forgas Band Phenomena will play at the ProgResiste festival at the end of April.

April 28, 2013 - "Prog Resiste Festival", Soignies, Belgium
(Soignies is located between Brussels and Charleroi)

Instrumental progressive rock / modern jazz !!

Here are snippets from their latest album, "Acte V". Out on Cuneiform Records.

Monday, March 25, 2013


After having performed 5 concerts in the UK, the Mike Keneally Band is coming to the Yuripean mainland next week. Here are the dates.
For more info, go the banner on the left.

  • Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - Paradox - Tilburg, Netherlands
  • Thursday, March 28, 2013 - Cafe Central - Weinheim, Germany
  • Friday, March 29, 2013 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Saturday, March 30, 2013 - Der Club - Heiligenhaus, Germany
  • Sunday, March 31, 2013 - Bergkeller - Reichenbach, Germany
  • Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - Kellerperle - Würzburg, Germany
  • Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - Spirit of 66 - Verviers, Belgium
  • Thursday, April 4, 2013 - Music Academy International - Nancy, France


Last saturday, March 23, Flat Earth Society played a remarkable concert at 'De Paradox' in Tilburg (NL).
As I said a couple of weeks ago, Belgian craziest big band is celebrating its 13th anniversary, will be releasing its  13th album and is doing 13 concerts to highlight it all.
Saturday, they performed the first of their two shows in The Netherlands. Fortunately, Tilburg isn't too far away for me. I do have to cross the border, but that's about it.

Due to a variety of reasons (the main one being a literary festival) the turnout at De Paradox was below what everyone had expected. It didn't stop the band from playing an excellent concert and from having a lot of fun. I had a great time.

FES played two sets. I purchased the new album between sets and was happy to see that many of the compositions that were being performed could also be found on the new album.
Everything that I like about Flat Earth Society can be found on "13": genre-overlapping compositions, excellent improvisations, zappa-esque twists and turns, it's all there.
I also like the new set-up. For some reason or another, Wim Willaert, Pierre Vervloesem and Teun Verbruggen have been pushed to the front row. An unusual sight, but it does increase the spectacle.

Here's what it looked like from where I was sitting.

FES will continue their tour in a couple of days. You should really try to catch them.

27/03: De Kreun, Kortrijk
28/03: Casino, St Niklaas
29/03: Nijdrop, Opwijk
30/03: Beursschouwburg, Brussel
04/04: Studio de L'Ermitage, Paris
02/05: CC Mamer, Luxembourg
03/05: Vooruit, Gent
08/05: Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
26/05: Komedia, Bath (Bath Music Festival)

"13" got released on the Igloo label, and it presents (surprise !) 13 excellent tracks.
Essential listening.


  • frank zappa and the and
    edited by paul carr
        (2013, book, uk, ashgate publishing)

"Frank Zappa and the And" is a brand-new book that got published by Ashgate Publishing this month. The book presents essays and writings by an international and interdisciplinary array of scholars, as collected by Paul Carr.
In the introduction, Paul Carr states: "This publication does not intend to postulate a unified interpretive code, either between authors, or between authors and readers, but a range of analytic reactions to pertinent contextual areas related to Zappa's oeuvre."
Contextual areas such as horror, religion, satire, technology,...

Richard Hand, Professor of Theatre and Media Drama at the University of Glamorgan, takes a look at Zappa's fascination for horror & monster movies.
Manuel de la Fuente, assistant professor in Media Studies at the University of Valencia, states that Zappa's movies are not a by-product of his music career. Zappa was a musician, and a filmmaker.
Kevin Seal, singer, writer and performer with the band Griddle, dives into Zappa's ideas on religion, elaborating on Zappa's view on the universe and 'the big note'.
James Gardner, composer, broadcaster, performer and lecturer, examines Zappa's editing and sampling techniques, and its relation to musique concrète.
Nick Awde, writer and musician, has a few things to say about Zappa's use of satire, and identifies it as an important part of Zappa's complex legacy.
Claude Chastagner, Professor of American Pomular Culture at Montpellier University, contributes a piece entitled "Zappa and Resistance: The Pleasure Principle". Anything, anytime, anyplace, for no reason at all.
Geoff Wills, former professional musician and clinical psychologist, researches the story-song, in which he highlights a variety of cultural influences that influenced Zappa's storytelling techniques.
Paul Carr, Head of the Division of Music and Sound and Reader in Popular Music Analysis at the ATRiuM, University of Glamorgan, contibutes an essay on "Zappa and Technology". Key-words are Studio Z, editing, xenochrony and synclavier, manipulating time, space and place.
David Sanjek, former Professor of Popular Music at the University of Salford, offers a writing on Zappa's collaboration with outsider artists Wild Man Fischer.
Martin Knakkergaard, head of Music Studies at the University of Aalborg, explores "Zappa and Modernism" by diving into the 22 musical sections of 'Brown Shoes Don't Make It'.
Michel Delville, Professor of English and American Literature as well as Comparative Literature at the University of Liège, links Frank Zappa to the Avant-Garde movement.
Paula Hearsum, former music journalist and Senior Lecturer in Popular Music and Journalism at the University of Brighton, poses the question of Zappa and Mortality: "The Mediation Of Zappa's Death'.

Going through "Zappa and the And" wasn't the easiest thing.
I like reading about the origins of a certain musical piece. I want to know how an artist works and what his influences are. Want to know what makes him tick;
"Zappa and the And" does offer a lot of that, so that's great.
Unfortunately, it also includes a couple of far-fetched theories (at least in my mind) and it does bear this impulsieve urge to explain Zappa's oeuvre by putting various labels on it. It guess that's why it's called an academic publication.

Still, I enjoyed reading "Zappa and the And" and I did write down some names that I have to investigate...

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Adding pictures and data to the United Mutations Archives, here's the second album by Trio Bravo, a project that included Fabrizio Cassol, who later started Aka Moon with Michel Hatzigeorgiou and Stéphane Galland.


Saturday, March 30, 2013, Evan Parker and Paul Lytton will be doing a concert at jazz club 'De Singer' in Rijkevorsel (B).

Two solo sets, followed by a duo set.

Fans of improvised jazz know where they will be.


Zappa Too

The Chill Room, 15 March 2013, at 10pm PST on

Here's part two of the Zappa special at The Chill Room !!


Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG

Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG, limited edition of 400 worldwide pieces, thomann e-guitar, mahogany body, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, 43 mm nut width, 628 mm scale, Tunomatic bridge with Lyre tailpiece and flat bar levers, 57' classic pickups with 2 mini switches for phase switch and coil split, taken from the SG he played thomann at the Roxy concerts from 1973, color: Vintage gloss, incl. hardshell case and certificate of authenticity.


A couple of days ago, Fido Plays Zappa performed a concert at the 'Gard Du Nord' in Basel (Switzerland). If all went well, the gig got recorded for a future video release.

Browsing the band's website, I noticed that the 2008 DVD "Fido Plays Zappa On The Dental Floss" had also been made available as a regular audio CD.
So this is the 2011 audio CD re-release of the 2008 video DVD.

As the band was on tour in Switzerland celebrating their 10th anniversary, I thought it would only be appropriate to give the Fido discs an extra spin, including "Fido Plays Zappa On The Dental Floss".

This is great. Love those horns !

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Guitar player and composer Razl (who has worked with Mike Keneally and Bryan Beller, to name two) recorded two solo albums: "Rotonova" in 2008, and "Microscopic" in 2011.

For his latest project, he teamed up with Lorenzo Mattelán. The band is called Beluga and both Marco Minnemann and Damian Erskine participated in the recording of the soon-to-be released album.


Details over here:

Thursday, March 21, 2013


a message from Ed Palermo

Hello, everybody!

We have 3 shows to offer you in April:



The Iridium shows will feature the incredible RAY WHITE. Ray was the featured singer for many of  Zappa's bands. Me and my guitarist, Bruce McDaniel are feverishly writing new arrangements for Ray's appearance with us.

And as always, the FALCON is NO COVER CHARGE.

We hope to see you for at least one of these 3 shows.

Thanks to ALL of you for supporting my band lo these many years!!



Swedish guitar genius Mattias IA Eklundh has just released his third solo album.
"Freak Guitar * The Smorgasbord".
Out on Steve Vai's Favored Nations record label.

Mattias Eklundh plays the guitar. To date, he has recorded 7 albums with  Swedish hard rock band Freak Kitchen and he has recorded two solo albums as well.
On his first solo album, he covered Zappa's 'The Black Page'. On his second solo disc, he recorded a Zappa tribute.
"Freak Guitar * The Smorgasbord" is another beautiful album: excellent, surprising compositions and a bunch of impressive guests: Dweezil Zappa, Morgan Agren, Guthrie Govan,...

Pushing the boundaries of the guitar.
Food for guitar freaks & melomaniacs.

Here's Mattias' version of Dean Martin's 'That's Amore'.


My Humble Grumblian friends have done it again. With "Guzzle It Up", the band has released another impressive album. Varying tempos and zappa-esque twists are accompanied by catchy melodies.

If you saw Humble Grumble in concert recently, you will be happy to know that 'Kurt's Casino' and 'The Dancing Dinosaur' can also be found on "Guzzle It Up!".

Out on the Italian Altrock Records label.
Essential listening.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The Mike Keneally Band on tour in Europe !!
Click the banner on the left for details.


Check out
for another dose of Dwalmacat.

  • FURIOUS PIG - I don't like your face
  • SHOCKHEADED PETERS - Miserable worm
  • SNAKEFINGER - Womb to worm
  • CURLEW - Bruno
  • MATMOS - E.S.P.
  • DEFICIT DES ANNEES ANTERIEURES - Passage on Nihon bridge
  • LES RITA MITSOUKO - C'est comme ca
  • THE EMPLOYEES - Pick it up
  • BECK - Cellphone's dead
  • NEIL YOUNG - Only love can break your heart
  • BARRY ADAMSON - Come hell or high water
  • GHEDALIA TAZARTES - Ante-mortem parts 2, 3 & 4
  • THE BEATLES - Blue jay way
  • GRY & FM EINHEIT - Helicopter heart
  • WILLIS EARL BEAL - Evening's kiss


a message from the Arf Society

20 years of Arf-Society - we think that this is an excellent occasion to announce the surprise we promised you. The LineUp of this band wouldn't cause a stir on any Zappa album. But nearly 20 years after Frank Zappa passed away this gathering of Zappa Alumni in August 2013 in a small location in nothern Germany is without doubt an outstanding affair.
We may present you on this year's Zappanale "Banned from Utopia". They will be performing as headliner on Saturday. This means that we have to revise some parts of the program.

And this is the actual LineUp from "Banned from Utopia":

Robert Martin - vocals, keyboards, saxophone, french horn
Ray White - vocals, guitar
Ed Mann - mallets, percussion
Tom Fowler - bass
Arthur Barrow - bass
Albert Quon Wing - tenor sax, flute
Mike Miller - guitar
Ralph Humphrey - drums


Gun Outfit and Space Orphans share the bill on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 'The Bar' in New Haven.

254 Crown St. New Haven, CT, 06511

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


  • v. guyvoronsky, n. ahsan, d. kucherov: around silence
        (2013, cd, uk, leo records lr 660)
  • john wolf brennan, marco jencarelli, tony majdalani: pilgrims
        (2013, cd, uk, leo records lr 664)
  • ivo perelman, matthew shipp: the art of the duet vol. 1
        (2013, cd, uk, leo records lr 665)
  • ivo perelman, matthew shipp, michael bisio, whit dickey: the edge
        (2013, cd, uk, leo records lr 667)
  • ivo perelman, matthew shipp, william parker, gerald cleaver: serendipity
        (2013, cd, uk, leo records lr 668)

Monday, March 18, 2013


EAGLE ROCK ENTERTAINMENT and the Zappa Family Trust are pleased to announce the first official release of A TOKEN OF HIS EXTREME, an original program created by FRANK ZAPPA for TV.

Recorded on August 27, 1974 at KCET in Hollywood, A TOKEN OF HIS EXTREME features Frank Zappa with five incredibly talented band members for this extravaganza of live music.

The line-up exists of Frank Zappa guitar, percussion, vocals; George Duke keyboards, finger cymbals, tambourine, vocals; Napoleon Murphy Brock sax, vocals; Ruth Underwood percussion; Tom Fowler bass; Chester Thompson drums.

The Program, as edited and thoroughly tweezed & produced by FZ for Honker Home Video includes these delights: The Dog Breath Variations/ Uncle Meat, Montana, Earl Of Duke (George Duke), Florentine Pogen, Stink-Foot, Pygmy Twylyte, Room Service, Inca Roads, Oh No, Son Of Orange County, More Trouble Every Day, A Token Of My Extreme.

Stereo Mixes Produced by Frank Zappa with Kerry McNabb at Paramount Studios, 1974.
Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, 2009

-- info: Zappateers


2004 saw the release of Spaltklang's second album, "Surprise".
Spaltklang is Markus Stauss' jazz-rock / chamber rock ensemble. If you remember my enthousiasm for "Lontano" and "En Suite", the third and fourth album by Spaltklang, you might also recall that I'm a big fan of the ensemble's unique sound. The quartet (sax, violin, electric bass and drums) mixes classical elements with rock and jazz.

"Surprise" presents eight interesting compositions. The enclosed booklet links each composition to a picture. Nice.

Recommended listening.


MoonJune Records recently released Dewa Budjana's "Dawai In Paradise" album.
Dewa Budjana is a top Indonesian guitar player and composer. "Dawai In Paradise" is his fifth album and it could well become his international breakthrough.

It's very clear that Dewa Budjana is influenced by John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny and Alan Holdsworth. "Dawai In Paradise" is an impressive showcase presenting some great fusion tracks alongside a couple of intimate moments .
For my taste, a couple of the tracks might be a bit too mellow, but some of the others are real top.
'Lalu Lintas', 'Kromatik Lagi', 'Rerad Rerod' and 'Dancing Tears' are among my favorites.

Food for fusion and progressive rock fans.

Here's 'Kromatik Lagi':

Sunday, March 17, 2013


James McNew is the bass player of Yo La Tengo.
He covered Sun Ra's "Outer Spaceways" with his Dump project in 1993.
The track can be found on Dump's "Superpowerless" album.

The album got rereleased (with bonus material) on the German Morr Music label earlier this year.


Here's another message from Gail Zappa on the subject of the Roxy soundtrack and the Roxy DVD.
You might or might not know that Zappa played three concerts at The Roxy (Hollywood, CA) in December 1973. Recordings of these concerts eventually found their way to Zappa's "Roxy & Elsewhere" album.
Parts of these concerts were also shot on video, and that's what this is all about: The Roxy DVD.

The Zappa Family Trust has worked out some sort of deal to release the Roxy soundtrack and the Roxy DVD. Anyone can get a license and become a distributor, but you do have to pay an advance of 1,000 US dollar.

So what's the good news?
Well, I'm convinced that there will be people interested in this license, so things should get moving.
In her most recent letter, Gail says that the soundtrack should be out this year, and that there are other releases scheduled as well.


Dear Residents of Earth who are interested in anything & everything concerning the Roxy Performances & the Roxy By Proxy,

Mercury ceases its retrograde activities tomorrow.*  We've been busy refining the License.  Based on your questions we are clarifying the offer to absolutely include people who are not necessarily U.S. residents.  We are extending the offer to the 21st of June - the Summer Solstice!  But most importantly we are pleased to announce we are going FORWARD.  This means we can give you an actual ship date.  And it is:  Not later than 30 July 2013.  YAY!

One more time for the world - we here at Zappa Records are looking for a few good men and women to sign up as Official Independent Distributors of a never-heretofore-released, thoroughly Authentic Zappa Master Recording.  And this is not just any thoroughly authentic Zappa Master Recording either.  No, this is the one many of you have been beyond craving.  Please sit down to read this part:  This is the Roxy - the Soundtrack - yes, it is the introductory Soundtrack, the Prequel if you will - the Project/Object of your Dreams.  76 unadulterated minutes of fabulous frenzy await you.  And the opportunity of a life-time:  Roxy By Proxy! Should it be determined that you become an Officially Licensed Authorized Zappa RBP Distributor, you can make as many copies of the record as you can possibly distribute - AND except for reporting to us your sales & customers (just like any other recor d distributor) and paying us the publishing, YOU keep the money. AND you get to collect royalties from what is sold at Barfko-Swill AND you will also be entitled to a special wholesale price available to the OLAZRBPDs (Officially Licensed Authorized Zappa ROXY BY PROXY Distributor) exclusively.

Other good news in the Elsewheres, this will now most likely be official release number 98 or 99.  Yes.  From this you can deduce that there are other Somethings in the more or less immediate future.   (Thanks in advance for your participation in assisting us with getting the Roxy Performances out there in a theatre near you.)

So here's the deal go to: for all the updated information and the ACTUAL LICENSE.
Many thanks and good will to all.



* Get your Leprechaun ON!


Saturday, March 16, 2013


This week's Dwalmacat radio show

  • WELTAUFSTANDSPLAN - Der Regen tropft
  • NIAGARA - Gibli
  • THE SIMPLETONES - Wir sind wieder da!
  • FELIX KUBIN & AAVIKKO - Superlake beat
  • BARNES & BARNES - Cemetery girls
  • ANIKA - No one's there
  • FRED FRITH - This old earth
  • JEANETTE - Porque te vas
  • MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER - Some time alone, alone
  • ANDREA MARTIGNONI - Terminus, grazie e buonasera
  • CAROLINER RAINBOW SUSANS & BRUISINS - The swoon skirt accomplishment
  • OUT HUD - Hominid hume
  • GURU GURU - Der Elektrolurch (excerpt)
  • THE SUSPICIONS - The laughing policeman
  • ROEDELIUS - Le jardin


Ozit Records has another Captain Beefheart album scheduled for release next month.
It will be a vinyl album called "Frank Freeman's Dance Club".

"Deluxe 180 Gram vinyl LP on purple wax with gatefold sleeve. One of the highlights of Captain Beefheart's 1968 tour of the UK was the concert at Frank Freeman's Dance Club in Kidderminster. Fortunately legendary DJ John Peel brought his tape recorder and recorded four brilliant numbers from the show which appear on this album along with four other tracks from that era. Pride of place on the front cover of the LP goes to one of the recently discovered 1968 screen printed posters for the Frank Freeman's Beefheart show.
With Beefheart coming from a country where band names like Quicksilver Messenger Service and Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen were de rigeur, when Peel told Captain Beefheart he was driving him to a concert venue in Kidderminster called FrankFreeman's Dance Club , Beefheart said "What a groovy name" thinking it was in the same hippy west coast vibe as the aforementioned bands. Peel explained it wasn't a groovy name but simply a Dance Club run by Frank Freeman."


Here's a Zappa tribute by The Vegetarians called 'Titles'.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Sun Ra's "Live At The Red Garter" will be at the pressing plant next week.

To be released on the Transparency record label.

-- info: Michael


Last week, The Chill Room had Tom Brown as a guest. Tom recently wrote "Confessions Of A Zappa Fanatic" (and compiled the playlist).

Listen here:

Set list: All tracks by Frank Zappa and/or the Mothers of Invention unless otherwise noted. Frank's Introduction / It Can't Happen Here (Mothermania edit) / The Rudy Schwartz Project-Frank / Don Preston (with special guest Jimmy Carl Black) - What Was Zappa Really Like? / The Penguins-Memories of El Monte (written by Frank with Ray Collins) / Finnish TV interview from 1974 / Wipeout (6 Dec 1968 Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles) / Help I'm a Rock (25 Oct 1968 Royal Albert Hall, London) / Arthur Barrow & Robert Williams-Trouble Every Day / Brown Shoes Don't Make It (Absolutely Free) / You're A Lonely Little Girl (45 mix 1967) / Dog Breath (45 mix 1969) / Village of the Sun_Echidna's Arf (Of You)_Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? (Roxy and Elsewhere, recorded Dec 1973) / Dumb All Over (You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol. 1) / Larry Fischer at the Movies / Any Downers (from the 75-76 band, unreleased) / Cruising for Burgers (alternate version 1977 unreleased) / Peaches En Regalia (Hot Rats) / Ensemble Modern-Hyperprism (Varese track produced July 1993 by Frank, his last production) / 1993 Today Show interview with Jamie Grangel / Strictly Genteel (Finale from 200 Motels)

Tonight's edition of The Chill Room will include more unreleased Zappa material.

-- info: Michael