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The Yellow Snow Crystals perform the music of Frank Zappa in their own particular way. They do it in German, they're not afraid of improvising, and they're great fun to watch.
Last year, these guys played at Zappanale, but due to bad weather conditions, their concert got postponed and they had to perform while other bands were performing on the main stage.
I was glad to hear that they got another opportunity to play in Bad Doberan this year. Here's a short chat with Paul Hubweber.

UniMuta : Hello Paul, how are the Yellow Snow Crystals doing?

Paul Hubweber : We are trying lots of new ideas. Also, there is the amazing Werner Huppertz who help us a lot with the website and other things.

UniMuta : And how are you feeling about your return to Zappanale?

Paul Hubweber : Great. We arranged two special pieces for Bad Doberan, the location, the festival and the audience there. Get your shoes and socks on people. It's right around the corner !

UniMuta : I noticed that you have an extra vocalist in the band? Does this mean that you are changing the repertoire?

Paul Hubweber : We will be there with 7 musicians which means that we bring along a small choir. Some of the songs are new, othes the same in new arrangements.

UniMuta : You're doing a short tour : Aachen, Bremen, Zappanale & Berlin. Four concerts in five days.
Is it hard to find gigs playing the music of Frank Zappa? Do you have other concerts scheduled in the near future?

Paul Hubweber : Well, as you might know, it's a strange situation when you are not part of the mainstream. To be a freelance musician is an adventure, anyway. But for what we are born but this ?

UniMuta : I really like the YSC combination of jazz, improvisation and Zappa. Besides Zappa, who are you musically inspired by?

Paul Hubweber : Maybe it's easier to answer by what i am not inspired ?.... :-).
Bach, Beethoven, Beatles, john Butcher, Paul Lovens, Dirty Loops, (early) Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Cage, Stockhausen, Kowald, John P.Edwards, Evan Parker, Kinks, The Troggs, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Robert Fripp, Robert Wyatt, Living Colour, Stevie Vai, Charles Mingus, Monk, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Ellington, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Brotherhood Of Breath, Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Albert Mangelsdorff, Paul Rutherford, Archie Shepp, Hans Reichel, Paul Lytton, John Surman, John Peel, Serious Solid Swineheart Is Better Then Homecooked, Georg Wolf, Tom Waits, Hainer Wörmann, Ulrich Phillipp, Claus Van Bebber, DJ Sniff, Gentle Giant, Peter Hammill, Ilse Lau, Pablo Casalls, Julie Tippetts, Material, Maggie Nicols, Phil Minton, Peter Eisold, Jaap Blonk, Joscha Oetz, Radu Malfatti,...
Do you want me to continue....?  :-)

UniMuta : Well, there are a lot of names in there that I've never heard of, so I will have to investigate these. But first, I'm going to Zappanale to catch The Yellow Snow Crystals.
Thank you & see you very soon.

The Yellow Snow Crystals will be performing at Zappanale on Wednseday, August 1, 2012.

29.7 - 16h, D- 52076 Aachen - Kornelimünster, Napoleonsberg 104, ALTE BRAUEREI:
31.7. BREMEN  Paradiso
 1.8. ZAPPANALE Festival Bad Doberan 
 2.8. BERLIN  Bflat


Go to click on "Luister" to enjoy
  • NURSE WITH WOUND – Pleasant banjo intro with irritating squeak
  • PULP – Babies
  • FAMILY FODDER – Emergency
  • KIYOHIKO SEMBA & THE HANIWA ALL STARS – An inferior’s crying
  • THE HYBRID KIDS – Wuthering heights
  • RAYMOND SCOTT – And the cow jumped over the moon
  • PATRICK COUTIN – J’aime.... regarder les filles
  • ADORABLE – Sunshine smile
  • DAVID THOMAS – Petrified
  • AKIKO KANAZAWA – Yellow submarine ondo
  • LUCIANO MARGORANI – Ridens / Orbitson parva
  • SPRUNG AUS DEN WOLKEN – Nichts im Sinn
  • HAROLD SCHELLINX – Kitty knew
  • NURSE WITH WOUND – This piano can’t think


UK label Ozit Records has announced two interesting albums:
  • various artists: bickershaw festival 40th anniversary box set
    (2012, 6cd + 2dvd, uk, ozit records)
with 4 discs of Grateful Dead, and two discs with various perfomances of the 1972 Bickershaw Festival, including some Captain Beefheart.

  • captain beefheart and the magic band: son of dust sucker
    (2012, cd, uk, ozit records)
"New updated version of the “Dust Sucker” album, which will be deleted after the current pressing has sold through. Captain Beefheart’s original tapes of the Bat Chain Puller album, sent to his friend Roger Eagle in the UK to make sure they got released in the UK, as in the USA the tapes were tied up in a dispute between Frank Zappa and his manager Herb Cohen. "Son of Dust Sucker" combines those original tapes with the surprise nine extra live bonus tracks from the Captain’s illustrious career."

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Music producer Co de Kloet will be back at Zappanale. A fine opportunity to ask him some questions.

UniMuta :  Hello Co, I was glad to hear that you will be returning to Zappanale. Last year, you did an impressive multimedia event with your taped interview with Don Van Vliet, showing Don's paintings, accompanied by live music by Gary Lucas. Will you be doing something similar this year?

Co de Kloet : Somewhat similar: in 1990 I made a 4 hour radio special with FZ at the occasion of his 50th birthday. This was for NOS radio (now NTR) and was called SUPPLEMENT. Based on that and with FZ's approval I issued a limited edirton of a cassette called The Supplement Tape. Now, I will do a 90 minute stage presentation called THE SUPPLEMENT TAPE LIVE. I will present an overview of the many taped conversations I had with FZ , from 1977 up to 1990 . There will be quite some segments that were never used for broadcast so never heard before by an audience. Also there will be some audio surprises, room for comments by the audience and I invited three special guests, George Duke, Scott Thunes and Gary Lucas. They all were happy to join me.

UniMuta : That sounds great. Are you surprised by a festival such as Zappanale? I mean, it has been 20 years since Frank's passing. At that time, did you think that FZ's music would survive and that musicians from different musical backgrounds would be keeping his music alive?

Co de Kloet : Yes, of course. His music is even to people who study it every day still a rich well of musical and other discoveries and inspiration.

UniMuta : The last couple of years, you have done some exceptional projects in which the Metropole Orkest was a prominent participant. I was one of those lucky peope to see Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio and Mike Keneally in concert with the Metropole Orkest. Unfortunately, the dutch governement has cut the grants for many cultural companies, including the Metropole Orkest.
How bad is it?

Co de Kloet : It is bad. I do not know what the future will bring for the institute as we know it. Our political situation is very hostile to adventurous and cultural programming. We will have elections in September so there might be some hope.
I have been working with them since 1983. As a matter of fact, my presentation will include the version of Uncle Remus they did in a fabulous arrangement by my friend Tom Trapp, a performance with, now watch this: George Duke and Napoleon Murphy Brock. So for the musicians it is a dark period: on the other hand, good music and good musicians are like water and will always find a way....

UniMuta : Co, you've been a music producer, music director and a radio host for Dutch national radio for as long as I can remember. Since a couple of years, you're one of the people behind Radio 6, an internet radio station. Is the future of music to be found in the digital world? I still like to browse through a booklet while a play a CD, or search for details on a album sleeve while the vinyl takes a spin. Am I an exception?

Co de Kloet : No you are not an exception! I think Vinyl will outlive CD for example. By the way, Radio 6 is NOT an internet station. We are on internet, cable, digital (DAB) and other platforms. The only thing we do not have is FM...but in the near future that will all change anyway..... Radio 6 is growing and presents a broad and intelligent mixture of Soul, Jazz and a lot of crossover areas..... August 12 we will world premiere the new Steve Vai Album in my show ( and mail me at , september 2 we have a live concert with the Metropole and Gary Lucas in a programme on the music he did with Jeff Buckley, November 11 we do another show with Todd Rundgren, and so on and so forth....

UniMuta : And do you think that this digitalisation a good or a bad thing for music?

Co de Kloet : The more ways to distribute music the better. as long as we realize that the composers and musicians involved present high quality work and should be paid accordingly. Music Is Not for Free, even in a digital world where copying no longer means loss of quality.

UniMuta :  Wise words. Thank you & see you soon.

Co de Kloet : That's what she said!   (see you at zappanale)

Co de Kloet will be presenting The Supplement Tape Live on Thursday, August 2, 2012, at 13:00 h, at Zappanale.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Mike Keneally's "Wing Beat Fantastic" arrived yesterday.
It's Wing, it's Beat, it's Fantastic.

Here's 'It's Raining Here, Inside'.


from the Zappanale website:
FiftyII50 are a Z-PowerDuo from The Netherlands.
Senne Bergsma (drums/samples/vox) and Marcel Chrétien (guitarsynth/loops/vox) play Bits & Pieces from the ginormous Zappa catalog in their very own way: with Enthusiasm & Electronics, these two guys almost sound like just another band from LA (sometimes...)!

Reason enough to ask them some questions !

UniMuta: Can you tell me a bit more about FiftyII50? How long has the band been around? Have you done any concerts?

Marcel Chrétien: FiftyII50 started out as Fifty50. After I  went to Zappanale in 2010 I was completely blown away, and said to myself: "I want to come back here next year, but as a performer, not only as a visitor". I tried to get a band together --Fifty50-- but I never managed to get a complete line-up.
You know how it goes: just as you've got hold of a percussionist, the bass player bails out, you get a new one, and now the singer doesn't have time anymore, etc., etc.

I was ready to give up and abandon the idea, as I realised that the only constants had been Senne and myself, and we decided to turn the problem into an opportunity. This marked the beginning of FiftyII50, (pronounced as Fifty-fifty, to confuse the Russians) a PowerDuo that pays a trick-or-treat tribute to the music of Frank Zappa!

As a duo, we have rehearsed since late 2011, and done a couple of performances. And now we're about to play at Zappanale! So, we may not have made Zappanale 2011, but 2012 is OK too...

UniMuta: Does Fifty II 50 only play the music of Frank Zappa? Or do you perform music by other composers or original material as well?

Marcel Chrétien: Originally, my idea was to play half FZ, half original material --hence Fifty50.
(You may want to browse
 for some impressions.)
Currently, FiftyII50 only plays FZ stuff. We intend to play original material as well, but we are still in the process of adapting this to the duo setting.

UniMuta: How did the both of you get acquainted with the music of Frank Zappa?

Marcel Chrétien: When I was 14, I borrowed Hots Rats. I've been hooked ever since. Senne had an FZ chip implanted in his brain by aliens when he was 3.

UniMuta: Gotta love those aliens :-)
Performing the music of Frank Zappa as a duo is not a small task. What is your approach?

Marcel Chrétien: For the content, there is not really one approach: it ranges from singer-songwriter, that is, just playing and singing without backing, via 'classic' looping, so, recording and overdubbing until there is a usable backing track, to downright karaoke, in other words, we start the tape and play along. A returning element however is that somehow, we mostly end up with medleys or collages, rather than with 'complete' songs.

As far as the sound is concerned, I use a guitarsynth, so I am not limited to guitar sounds only, and Senne uses a sample pad, for contributions outside of the realm of percussion.

UniMuta: Being at Zappanale is like wandering around on a different planet. What do you expect?

Marcel Chrétien: We expect to be blown away (again).

UniMuta: Have you seen the line-up? What other bands do you want to see?

Marcel Chrétien: Yes, we have. We want to take in as much as possible. George Duke and Jean-Luc Ponty are obligatory, Magma also. But so is the rest, really...

UniMuta: Can’t wait to see you guys in concert. Thanks for your time. Have fun & see you soon.

FiftyII50 will be performing at Zappanale on Wednesday, August 1, 2012.


Dieter Jakob says:
24 juli 23:07
Here we are - here we go: The Zappananale Exhibition Special Events Programm is ready:

Mittwoch, 1..August um 10:00 Uhr:
Film 'News from the Shark' (2009)
Lothar Taube malt live

Donnerstag, 2. August um 10:00 Uhr:
Film 'Peefeeyatko' (1991)
Vortrag Daniel Schröder 'Der Komponist Frank Zappa'
Julian & Moni 'Jimmy Carl Black - For Mother's Sake'

Freitag, 3. August um 10:00 Uhr
Film ‘Your Place or Mine ?’ (2012)
Film ‘News from the Shark’ (2009)
Film 'Stefan Dohr & Bill Formann über den Yellow Shark' (2012)
Film 'The Lost Episodes Phase II' - Wolfgang Stryis Aufnahmen der Proben 1991 (1991)
Fried Dähn & Yellow String Quartet / Lothar Taube malt live zur Musik > dann etwa 13:30
Sofagespräch mit Fried Dähn, Michael Gross & Jim Cohen

Samstag, 4. August um 10:00 Uhr
Film ‘Your Place or Mine ?’ (2012)
Film 'The Lost Episodes Phase II' - Wolfgang Stryis Aufnahmen der Proben (1991)
Film 'Food Gathering Rehearsals' (1992)
Lothar Taube malt live

Sonntag, 5. August ab 11:00 Uhr
Vollwertfrühstück (Chips & Bier), dazu Filme aus den Vortagen

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Phi Yaan-Zek's "Deeper With The Anima" is about to get released.
"Deeper With The Anima" is Phi Yaan-Zek's companion album to his "Dance With The Anima" album, the album he made to Marco Minnemann's drum solo.

Check out Phi Yaan-Zek's website for samples & ordering info:


Well, I'm too late with this, but Zappa's "The Torture Never Stops" got broadcast on German ZDF TV a couple of weeks ago.

-- info: Andreas Hosse


I received a picture of the current Zappanoia Light Orchestra from Eduardo Cunha.

Zappanoia is a Portugese band that plays the music of Frank Zappa. 


William 'Bill' Saunders is one of the co-founders of the Ideat Village festival, a free, independent Art & Music Festival that is held in New Haven, CT, every year.
Bill also paints (for which he uses the pseudonym Volonte Morceaux) and he is the frontman of Doctor Dark, the Captain Beefheart coverband.

As Doctor Dark is coming to Bad Doberan to perform at Zappanale, I thought I'd pop him some questions...

UniMuta: Hi Bill, last time you mentioned that you are one of the people behind the Ideat Village festival in New Haven. I took a look at the program, and it looks like fun. Can you tell us what the festival is about?

Bill Saunders:  In order to answer that, I need to give you a little local background....

Here in New Haven, (the supposed 'Arts Capital' of Connecticut), we have this very costly INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND IDEAS, which started in 1996.  Like many creative 'non-profits', this festival enjoyed early successes, but after the 'visionaries' left the organization, there was a steady decline in quality of performance, attendance, and opportunities for local performers.  In 2002, a new Executive Director was hired from Scotland, who had the bright idea that she was going to 'jump start' a fringe festival, just like the one in Edinborough, where the disenfranchised artists 'rose up' against the establishment.  Upon hearing this preposterous proposal, our reaction was "The Establishment can't DO this.   Isn't that the whole point?"  Once the schedule was released for their ordained fringe festival, (called "The Edge"), their failure was apparent.  There were virtually no local performers that i knew, and I know tons of artists and performers....


on June 21st, 2002 the first Ideat Village premiered to the rave reviews of local artists and musicians, and to the consternation of the recognized 'Art Establishment'.
Ideat Village is produced each year entirely on small independent donations and community goodwill; the festival is run by artists, for artists and the community. Over the past ten years, Ideat Village has grown from a three-day 'fringe' event, to a free-wheeling extravaganza that features fifteen days of ORBIT ( the Ideat Village Open Art Gallery), participatory public art and pop culture spoofs like Project Walkway, American Ideat and Iron Painter, as well as tons Live Local Music, Film, Poetry, Parades, Skateboarding, Vendors, Street Art, and Pie Fights.   Our entire budget for Ideat Village is around $3000.  The budget for the well-funded Arts and Ideas Festival is $3 Million.  Just goes to show that glossy brochures, misleading marketing strategies, and over-paid administrators cannot make up for passion and community.  OH NO!  The anarchists are at it again.......
or facebook....
UniMuta: If my info is correct, you performed with the Old Farts At Play at the festival in 2002, performing the music of Captain Beefheart. And this was the band that turned into Doctor Dark?

Bill Saunders:  The first act at the first Ideat Village was the last performance of my 'cross-dressing' alter-ego, Little Miss Mess-Up.  Two days later, I re-emerged on stage with a Beefheart tribute, what was then called "The Old Farts at Play".
Like Ideat Village, we never expected it to last beyond that one show.  Well.......

An interesting sidenote, when I first picked up a guitar, and started writing music in 1997, I recorded version of "The Dust Blows Forward and The Dust Blows Back", along with my 'theme song' "Little Miss Mess-up", while figuring out how to sing after JUST picking up a guitar. It is one of the reasons I had an inkling I could do 'the voice'  It is on an old cassette tape somewhere maybe. 

For whatever ever, these twins have been conjoined for a long time.....  It seems like I am always walking through one door and out another....

UniMuta: Doctor Dark has done quite a number of shows in the New Haven area. , but you also played at The Knitting Factory in New York City, and you have performed at Zappanale twice. The first time in 2003, and the second time in 2005. Can you share some of your recollections?

Bill Saunders:  My biggest memory in 2003, was the fifteen minute roaring ovation we received after leaving stage, with no time for an encore.  Sitting backstage, hanging out with Prawns with Horns, the crowd's hysteria was like nothing I have ever heard.  I had a very difficult time understanding that that roar was for US!  Napoleon Murphy Brock came up to me and shook my hand, and expressed is amazement that I pulled it off.  So many musicians have been supportive of this project -- Jimmy Carl Black, Ike Willis, Eugene Chadbourne, Mike Kenneally..... and the list continues to grow fins.

UniMuta: The band took a break from 2006 to 2011. I've seen a picture of a painting of Don Van Vliet that you did in that period (it's up at your entry in the United Mutations Archives). It looks pretty impressive. I know that you have done more paintings (using Volonte Morceaux as an alias), and I'd love to see them. Have you done an expo already? Or is there a website?

Bill Saunders:  The portrait of Don was started a few days after he had passed, and completed in late January 2011.

("Captain Beefheart" by Bill Saunders)

I would consider that painting as one created by Bill Saunders, not some alter-ego.  After I had completed the 'Volonte Morceaux' series "Forces de Nature", (which consist of a complicated enmeshed narrative through 11 large paintings), I needed a break from the narrative work, as it is extremely consuming for the subconscious.  So, lately I have been doing some portraits.....

But as for the Morceaux series, the characters in the paintings are all based on characters from the 1931 Todd Browning movie "Freaks", (who also directed the original Dracula).  Browning's career was ruined by this film, because he cast real sideshow freaks for the movie.  People felt he was exploiting the handicapped.  But in reality, when you look at the biographies of these 'Freaks', you will find they led productive and profitable careers, despite their disabilities..

So, in this series, the characters are re-imagined in post-apocalyptic world, where their adaptability is a strength, and not a weakness.  Each painting is in French, like those old posters, with bad french titles, and worse english translations.  Each painting also features a well-rendered animal that is adapted to his immediate environment, and some strange emerging mutation.  The series brings into question our origins as the most destructive species on the planet, and there is plenty of folklore, mythology, cosmology, genealogy, and pseudo-science to keep the mind buzzing.....

The website is down right now, and honestly, I do not know if I will have the time to get it up and running before I leave for Zappanale, but here is the link:

("Extremitie Demain" (The End of Man)  by Volonte Morceaux, Acrylic on Canvas, 2009, 36" x 48")

UniMuta: I was very glad when I heard that Doctor Dark had reformed. Who's in the band? Have you done gigs already, and how did it go?

Bill Saunders:  We have been working really hard, despite some pretty major setbacks.  We lost our replacement guitar player for Travis in February due to time commitments.  Joe Nolan got into a car accident around the same time and hurt his hand pretty badly.  However, things have worked out, and we have a very strong set of material, featuring predominantly music from the first Magic Band incarnations (1965-1972).
Original members Steve Chillemi and Joe Nolan are back on drums and guitar.
The new members have played with me before, back when Eric Slick was my drummer.  They are Will Ianuzzi on Bass, and Chris Cretella on Guitar.  Chris is a recent graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, and has been instrumental in deciphering alot of the difficult Trout Mask and Lick My Decals material.  Will is an awesome player, who I have worked with on several projects.

We played out for the first time earlier in the month, two days after my arrest.  It was a great set, but with spotty sound (the vocals were too buried in the mix).

We have been recording over the last couple of days, and I am very impressed with the results.  Hope you and the fans are too.......

UniMuta: Yes, I heard that you got arrested for organising a punk rock concert... I'm glad that you're OK.
The Zappa Family Trust released the original "Bat Chain Puller" last month. It sounds great, and it, again, shows the genius of Don Van Vliet. The Zappanale festival has a fine dose of Beefheart music scheduled as well with Doctor Dark, with Gary Lucas, and with Fast 'n Bulbous.  Have you seen the line-up for the next Zappanale? Are there concerts that you want to see? Things that you look forward to?

Bill Saunders: I first heard that version of the record from a bootleg Nancy got at the first Zappanale.  It is interesting that some of those songs didn't see the light of day until 1982's "Ice Cream for Crow".
1001 and Tenth Day of the Human Totem Pole and Brick Bats are still two of my favorites....

What am I looking forward to the most???  Sharing the stage with Gary Lucas, and blowing some minds......

UniMuta: I'm really looking forward to another Doctor Dark concert, and you can be sure that I'm not the only one. Thanks for the interview and I'll be seeing you very soon.

Bill Saunders:  Not if I see you first!!!!!

Doctor Dark will be performing at the Zappanale festival on Saturday, August 4, 2012.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Ersin Aycan and Gothenburg`s Ballet, 1995


Kilissa Cissoko's "Airport Musical" will be performed at the Buffalo Infringement Festival !!

You might know Kilissa from The Voice Of Cheese, from her collaborations with the Doot! Company, or from her performance at Zappanale in 2008.

So if you're not at Zappanale in about ten days, you'd better be in Buffalo.

  • 2012/08/02 Kilissa Cissoko - "Airport Musical", as part of the Buffalo Infringement Festival, Buffalo

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Here's a fine shot of Gary Lucas right after his sold out show, making music to German silent film "The Golem" at the Silent Movie Theatre in LA, 2012 07 17. 


Performing the music of Frank Zappa !

OPEN AIR KONZERT (überdacht):
Sonntag 29.Juli 2012, 16h, D- 52076 Aachen - Kornelimünster, Napoleonsberg 104, ALTE BRAUEREI:
PAUL HUBWEBER Trombone, Vocals
ALEX MORSEY Double Bass, Sousaphone, Guembri, Vocals 
SIMON CAMATTA  Drums, Vocals
GERHARD HORRIAR  Vocals, Narration
31.7. BREMEN  Paradiso
 1.8. ZAPPANALE Festival Bad Doberan 
 2.8. BERLIN  Bflat


Humble Grumble is one of the best-kept secrets of the alternative music scene.
The band will be performing at Zappanale, and they're marked as "must-see" in my book.
If you're familiar with Humble Grumble's music, you'll be at their concert. If you've never heard about Humble Grumble, you should really check them out. They just might be your biggest surprise at Zappanale.

Here's my short chat with Gabor Voros, Humble Grumble's frontman and composer.

UniMuta : You recently released the "Flanders Fields" album. How has the response been so far?

Gabor Voros : It's been doing very well as far as I know. It's enough to just google the band name and title and you get to huge amounts of very pleasing good reviews. Humble Grumble is also played on radios worldwide and we're getting a lot of response from people around the globe. You can read some of their comments, reviews on our official website.

UniMuta : "Flanders Fields" got released on the italian Altrock label. How did you get in contact with them?

Gabor Voros : Marcello Marinone, one of the owners of Altrock has been following Humble Grumble since the 90's. He found out about us in a review where someone mentioned that we sound a bit like X-legged Sally. Marcello was looking for those good old X-legged albums. He got curious and today we're enjoying life in the progrock sphere together.

UniMuta : Last year, or the year before that, you played at the Burg Herzberg Festival. What was that like?

Gabor Voros : Hahha, good question! I must say that I love those Germans coming to the Festival! they are great loving, energetic, warm audience! We were honored to come and play there twice and both times it was a blast!

UniMuta : In a couple of weeks, you'll be playing at the Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan. I can tell that you're familiar with Frank Zappa's music, but were you familiar with the Zappanale festival? How crazy do you think one has to be to organise a festival around Frank Zappa's music?

Gabor Voros : I knew about Zappanale, but it's the first time that we're invited to play there. I find it perfectly normal to honor the great Frank with a Festival like this and it's a present for the people who enjoy this high quality stuff, there are not many Festivals left unfortunately with this high level of music.

UniMuta : Do you have other concerts scheduled in the near future?

Gabor Voros : We are going to Gouveia (Altrock music festival in Portugal, red.) next year and there will be a tour around that. Zappanale will be the last Festival in 2012, I will explain in another interview what makes us so busy that we do not gig enough.

UniMuta : You're in the middle of recording a new album. Can you already tell us a bit about it? Did you record it with the current line-up of the band? Do you already have a title for it? Is it true that it will not contain any love songs? Will it be out on the Altrock label as well?

Gabor Voros : Well, it is recorded with the current line up of the band. I wouldn't say that there are no love songs, only nothing will sound slow and romantic. It's becoming a high energy album, I am very satisfied with the results of the recording. I don't have a title yet, only silly ideas, you know how it goes. But it'll be released on Altrock indeed presumably in September.

UniMuta :  Sounds great. Thanks & see you soon !

Humble Grumble will be performing at Zappanale on Friday, 2012 08 03.


Nite People's "P.M." album gets a re-release on Sommor Records.
Originally released in 1970, and re-released on CD, the album gets a 180 g vinyl release.

out on Sommor Records, Spain:
"First ever vinyl reissue of the sole album by this UK band,  originally issued in 1970 on the collectable Page One label and being one of their rarest releases.
Progressive /  psychedelic sound dominated by Hammond organ /  guitar with cool jazz- funk and rare- groove touches,  including the mod- club classic “P.M.”,  the superb instrumental “Funky Hoe” and a top cover of Frank Zappa’s “Peaches en Regalia” among others.
This 500 limited reissue includes one bonus track,  “Love Love Love Love Love”,  a terrific mod- psych number taken from a non- album 45. HQ carton sleeve,  180g vinyl,  and original first pressing UK artwork."


I lost count in my Prince discography, but my best guess is that "Planet Earth" is his 32nd album. It includes some fine tracks and it's a superb album to start a Sunday morning. 'Too smooth', you say? 'Too much syrup', you add? Well, maybe you're right, but we're talking Sunday morning, so that's OK.

In the UK, "Planet Earth" was made available as a supplement to 'The Mail On Sunday', a British newspaper. My copy has this nice 3D cover. And it changes when you look at it from a different angle.  Lenticular printing, as they say.

Data and picture have been added to the United Mutations Archives.


Video demo of Bobby Jameson's "Girl From The East" recorded in 1966 with Frank Zappa. H and R Studios Hollywood with John Haeny as engineer. Members of The Wrecking Crew make up the musicians on this cut which was recorded along with "Gotta Find My Roogalator"

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Go to click on "Luister" to ejoy
  • JACKPOT – Is everybody happy?
  • THE LOWEST NOTE – Naiwabi
  • THE STUPID SET – Relaxin’
  • REPTILE – Kindness and love
  • DOM.I.NO – Up the par
  • THE KNACK – My Sharona
  • ART MOULU TREFIN – C’est bon, la viande
  • FALL OF SAIGON – She leaves me all alone
  • BARNES & BARNES – Don’t be a singer
  • MARTIN DENNY – Jungle madness
  • EDWARD KA-SPEL – Blowing bubbles (part III)
  • NURSE WITH WOUND – Cruisin’ for a bruisin
  • PROKOFIEV – Romeo & Juliet suite (excerpt)


Mike Keneally says:
Back to the future! This coming Sunday will see Dutch radio airing of songs from Wing Beat Fantastic, along with a live interview with me, on Co de Kloet’s radio show CoLive!, on NTR/Radio6 Soul & Jazz. The show airs from 10pm to 1am Netherlander time, and you can listen at no matter where in the world you are, as long as there is a device with Internet access next to you.


You might know Andre Cholmondeley as the guitar player of (and the man behind) Project/Object, the Zappa coverband, but he's also part of Delicious.

DELICIOUS, Rock Trio LIVE at Asheville Music Hall

SAT 21 JULY 2012 10pm
31 Patton Ave, Asheville NC

Andre´ Cholmondeley: heavyguitar & looped textures
Josh Rosenstein: Bass Destruction & Mesa Boogie Crush
Zach Alberto: DrumsBeats & Psychorhythms

DELICIOUS: a heavy trio of WNC musicians, our sound is somewhere between early Pink Floyd spaciness and the Melvins. We do all instrumentals..usually.. Check it this Saturday! Music you can think to...because we shut up.



Wednesday, July 18, 2012


That's Bill Saunders, lead vocalist of Doctor Dark, who got arrested for organising a punk rock concert !!

Read all about it here:


Since 2005 Klimperei and Voxfazer have been communicating with sounds, soundtracks and the language of the birds. 500 km far from each other they only met 3 times. The third one was to talk and decide about a concrete work. An album.
Strange Meeting III is about musical conversations, exchanges. A playground to communicate.
Many people have participated in this beautiful project, let all of them be thanked for that.

Special thanks : Claire & Lola, Emine, Madame Patate, Miss Ming, David Fenech, Nicolas Folch, Microcosme, Micr0lab, Pierre Ménard & many more.
here :
klimperei :
voxfazer :

Thanx a lot ! Please spread the information...

Love from Klimperei...  


Gary Lucas will be at Zappanale. He will be bringing his Captain Beefheart Symposium, he will be doing a solo concert, performing with his Fast 'n' Bulbous Captain Beefheart Project, and he will be guesting with other bands.
Gary was also present at the 2011 edition of the Zappanale festival. The audience had a great time, and it looked like Gary had a good time as well.

UniMuta : From my personal point of view, last year's edition of Zappanale was a real treat: both the music and the atmosphere were great. How do you look back on it?

Gary Lucas : One of the best festivals I have ever played! The sense of community was awe-inspiring, and the music sublime. The people who showed up had such great energy ad a anifest love of music. And what a trip to find old fans and friends of mine who had traveled all the way from far-flung places (I ran into people I knew from Sweden, Prague, the US etc.) to commune in Bad Doberan over a love of Frank Zappa's music and adventurous music in general!

UniMuta : Last year, you performed with Co de Kloet, did a solo concert, played with The Plastic People Of The Universe, guested with Essra Mohawk,... Are these all different aspects of your musical mind? It's all so different. How do you prepare?

Gary Lucas : I love all sorts of music and do all sorts of different musical projects continuously--it enables me to keep working full time as a musician and it keeps me from getting bored. I am not sure how I manage it except to say I am a double Gemini and have lots of different musical personas inside me. Like Walt Whitman once said: "I contain multitudes".

UniMuta : I'm glad to hear that you will be bringing your Captain Beefheart Symposium to Bad Doberan. You will also be performing with Doctor Dark, a Beefheart tribute band, and with your fabulous Fast 'n' Bulbous project. It's good to see that there will be a fine dose of Beefheart at Zappanale. How have the reactions been towards the Captain Beefheart Symposium so far? Is this something that you would like to do more often?

Gary Lucas : Yes I would. The world needs to know what a giant once walked the earth, and it saddens me when I draw a blank mentioning his name to so many people. But this was also the case when Don Van Vliet was I aim to change things and try and raise people's consciousness regarding Beefheart's art in all its variegated splendor.

UniMuta : I have always been fascinated by the variety of your various projects and musical interests. Can you already tell us what your next project will be about?

Lucas : I have been working on an album "Gary Lucas' Cinefantastique" which will contain solo guitar arrangements of famous film music by Nino Rota, Bernard Herrmann, et al., plus some of my own, including music I composed for "Lalee's Kin", a documentary by Maysles Films ("Gimme Shelter", "Grey Gardens") that was nominated for an Academy Award.  I love film music ever since I was a little boy, there is something haunting about a good film theme that stays with you and acts to trigger memories of the whole film when you hear it. They are like classic pop songs in miniature, albeit instrumental.

UniMuta : Another fascinating side of Gary Lucas. Sounds great.

Thank you & see you in a couple of weeks in Bad Doberan.

August 1 - 4, 2012
Bad Doberan


from the Saturn newsgroup

The Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen will land in Philadelphia on the University of Pennsylvania campus July 28, 2012 as the Arkestra continues its 2012 World Tour.

Saturday, July 28: 40th Street Summer Series, 40th & Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA behind the Walnut West Free Library. This free outdoor concert starts at 6:00 pm. For additional information, please visit:


at The Stone in NYC - 2012 07 18


Pretty cool.
They had me fax them a signed document saying that they could show a page from United Mutations...


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Browsing the Psychofon Records website for the new Ostrich Von Nipple album, I came across some interesting facts.

The one that blew my mind was:
The Eyeball Museum...
If I'm reading it correctly, it's in Bremerhaven, Germany.
I don't know if this is a permant thing, so if anyone has some extra info, please let me know.


Sandro Oliva will be performing at Zappanale #23.
Sandro has performed on earlier editions of Zappanale. This year, he will be performing in his own right, as Sandro Oliva.

UniMuta : Hello Sandro, how do you feel about playing at Zappanale again?
Sandro Oliva : First of all is great to be at the Zappanale again. And what's even more exciting, this will be my first time with my own show. I played in 1994 with the Grandmothers, last year with Essra, and now it will be ME.

UniMuta : Who will you bring along?
Sandro Oliva : It will be basically my own five piece band. Mauro Andreoni is my keyboard player since 1986 (he replaced Don in the Grandmothers in 1998 and early 2000), his son Ares is on drums (they were both with Essra and me last year). Gianluca Ferranti on bass, and Mauro Centrella on sax and vocals. If this combo doesn't sound like the '90s Grandmothers (minus Jim, yes), I'm an Astronaut!

UniMuta : Last year you performed at Zappanale with Essra, and talked about possibilities of touring together with Essra, is this still scheduled?
Sandro Oliva : I hope the projected tour with Essra will happen some day. At the moment financial problems makes it very unlikely.

UniMuta : Do you have any other concerts planned?
Sandro Oliva : I have just played a bunch of gigs in Italy, this is a new line-up (new rhithm section), so we're still basically playing the 1998/2000 Grandmothers show which I had put together. In fall, we will renew the repertoire.

UniMuta : What material will you be performing at Zappanale?
Sandro Oliva : At Zappanale we'll play a bunch of Garrick Theatre songs that I had re-arranged (oops, RE-ORCHESTRATED!!) for the Grannies, plus some of my own tunes. Wait and see!

UniMuta : How is your Obvious Music Label? Have you released anything recently? Are there new releases scheduled?
Sandro Oliva : OBVIOUS MUSIC is my own label, but I only had web or limited edition releases. I'm looking for a producer or a bigger label for a new CD.

UniMuta : Thank you very much, Sandro. & see you soon.

Sandro Oliva will be performing at the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, Germany, on Wednesday, August 01, 2012.
Around 21.00 h.
You don't want to miss this, so be there !!