Saturday, December 11, 2010


The Sediment Club is a 4-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. They are labelled as a 'No Wave' band, what should mean that they draw from punk, rock, experimental music and avant-garde.

The band has performed The Residents' 'Hello Skinny' in concert, as well as Pere Ubu's 'Life Stinks'. A couple of months ago, the Softspot music label released The Sediment Club's first EP.

Listening to this 7", you immediately get caught by the rawness and the power. Bass, drums, keyboard and guitar sound like they were thrown in at random. All doing their own thing.
But it works and multiple listenings reveal that the puzzle fits.

The use of the 'No Wave' label is pretty accurate: elements of punk, rock and avant-garde are all there. I like this. Especially on a Saturday morning !

Get your samples here:

And order your copy at Softspotmusic:

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