Saturday, December 11, 2010


Here are the data for "The Arf-Dossier no.47", published in june 2006.
  • "sheik yerbouti & ed mann - dresden 2006.04.19", a concert review by silvi & stone
  • "mr.adrian belew", by michael krampe
  • "das orchester bin ich! - peter wolf", by hnryk m.broder
  • "shut up and take some pictures - part 2" john livzey interviewed by tom brown
  • "weirdo naffn" by michael krampe
  • "zappa spielt zappa - stockholm 2006.05.19", concert review by jonas tholin
  • "zappa spielt zappa - berlin 2006.05.22", concert review by eckart meuche
  • "zappanale vol.19 - 2006 - die bands" by thomas reinicke & volkmar mantei
  • and lots of reviews of zappa-related releases

I really liked the John Livzey interview. Livzey is the photographer who's responsable for the "You Are What You Is", "Shut Up...", and the "Valley Girl" covers, to name a few.

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