Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The latest Arf Dossier (the december 2010 issue) arrived last week.
There's always something new in there, and I love browsing through a magazine. I even find it more appealing than reading stuff on the internet :-)

Volume 66 of the Arf Dossier has a number of fine articles: the Baltimore Zappa bust, Thomas Jung on the Sheik Yerbouti adventure, reviews of new releases (including the two latest Zappa album: "Congress..." and "Hammersmith..."), and lots more.

(personal note) Things to remember / CDs to check out: Warren Cuccurullo's new Chicanery project, Michael Kieran Harvey's "48 Fugues For Frank" (Zappa that is!!), the new Chad Wackerman Trio DVD.

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