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Dog Faced Hermans 1994 album "Hum Of Life" is being re-issued (on vinyl) on the Mississippi label.

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Captain Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention reside in Brussels. As the name suggest, this is not just another Zappa coverband. The Captain (and his 7 sisters) pay tribute to the late Frank Zappa and have made it their goal to keep FZ's music alive.

I've seen the band perform live a couple of times, and I must say that they succeed in bringing their fun and their joy from the stage into the audience.The band's MySpace corner:
The United Mutations entry:

The band will be opening the actual festival on Friday the 14th of August, on the main stage, at 13:00 h

UniMuta: Hello Johan,
I'm glad to hear that Captain Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention are scheduled to perform at the Zappanale festival. How does it feel?

Johan De Coninck: Great! The band's really exited about the fact that we'll be playing this year. We're going to do our best to come up with the best show possible and we'll try "not to mention the war ;-)"
I am also kinda glad to open on the Main Stage on day one. It's an honour and it gives you the advantage of getting a proper sound check which is important for this outfit.

UniMuta: When did you get to hear your first Zappa record? Do you conscider yourself addicted?

Johan De Coninck: I started to listen to Zappa when I was about 15. I took some albums home from the local music library . I liked it a lot but also realised I needed some musical growing up to do in order to fully appreciate the spectrum of sounds and harmony in Zappa's music. By the time I was 19 I really got into it. Am I an addict? You bet I am!!! Only an addict would get into his head to play Zappa's music.

UniMuta: I've been fortunate to have seen you guys and girls on a couple of occasions. How difficult is it to find concerts for a Zappa tribute band? You're having another gig scheduled in Melsele pretty soon, right?

Johan De Coninck: I must say that I knew that it wasn't going to be easy finding gigs for a project like this but even I was surprised about how much of a hard sell it was turning out to be. Especially here in Belgium and even more specifically in Flanders.
You have to realise that the bulk of the industry is controlled by clear channel / Live Nation and that every product needs to fit nicely in a marketable sellable package and of course we don't fit in anywhere. We don't play our own compositions but we're not your traditional cover band either. Zappa's music has Jazz influences but it's not Jazz enough to be booked on a Jazz festival like Jazz Ghent for example (Never mind that Lady Lynn, who I have no problem with but who doesn't sound Jazz at all, plays there) As soon as you speak to promoters and they hear the name Zappa, you can immediately feel how confused they get and it always ends with that it's not really their cup of tea. Of course 90% of them have never heard a Zappa track in their lives. All in all, Belgians have always been totally crap at recognizing their own talent. Most bands that have made it outside the Belgian borders were puked upon by the industry in their own country so I guess that in that respect, "We're doing just fine" ;-)
About Melsele; yes, we will be playing there next week on the 30th of July and I would like to thank Wuff Maes for organising this event. He's one of the only concert promoters in Belgium who consistently believed in us. It's a free, open air event so put you knickers on and join us for some fun!

UniMuta: Entering Bad Doberan during Zappanale is like entering another planet. It's a life altering experience. For a couple of days, Bad Doberan is the Home of the Freaks.
If I'm not mistaken this will be the first visit of The Captain & His 7 Sisters of the Zappanale festival, well, maybe with the exception of one little saxophone playing Sister.
Will you be able to take the entire band with you? Will you be staying the entire festival?

Johan De Coninck: Ha-ha,; you're referring to Ludo who played there with The Wrong Object a few years ago. Actually Ludo was scheduled to play the Zappanale with us but unfortunately he got another assignment which he could not refuse which is kinda sad because your testicles shrivel when he plays a solo but hey, You can't have it all. Anyway to answer you question; if we play in Germany on a festival like this, than of course I will bring the whole band along. "We're not in it for the money!" so we're blowing the whole budged on getting everybody there. In other words, we'll have about 10 people on stage. Most of us will stay at the festival to see some of the other acts. I think that they have a really strong line-up this year!

UniMuta: Yes, the list of bands that will be playing at the festival is very impressive. You're in good company. Are you familiar with some of the bands? Anyone you want to see?

Johan De Coninck: Of course bands like the Grande Mothers, Project Object, Terry Bozzio and so on but also bands like Gong. I also hope to maybe discover one two things but most important is to play a good show ourselves and once we've done that I have the whole weekend left to see some great bands, hear great tunes and soak in the atmosphere! OUTSTANDING!

UniMuta: Excellent. Thank you for your time.
Have fun & see you in Zappa-City Bad Doberan !! (& in Melsele tomorrow !!)

you read it right : thursday july 30, 2009, Captain Cheese-Beard & his 7 Sisters of Prevention in concert in Melsele. (Nearby Antwerp, Belgium)
at 20.00 h - in the centre of town


There's still time.
There are still tickets.
And there's plenty of space on the camping grounds.

See you at Zappanale.

YouTube movie: Till 593


Howdy Ralph friend,
Just a note that all preorders for The Residents' Deluxe MoleShow DVD/Radio Special
CD package have been shipped, and there are still just a few of these fine
packages left. Now that they are shipping, they will go quickly.

We are aware that this particular package doesn't fit everyone's budget,
so stay tuned for some more interesting, but budget priced items that will
be coming up very soon. You will be quite happy with what we have planned
here at the new, "Old Ralph".

Thanks and see you soon at the Old Ralph webparlor,
the RalphGang


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Non Stop:

THE RESIDENTS – Santa dog (second millennium)
BUTTHOLE SURFERS – Who was in my room last night
L.VOAG – Kitchen
RICK POTTS – Blathering hemispheres
PERE UBU – Small was fast
B.J.SNOWDEN – In Canada
MECO – Star Wars title theme
RED SNAPPER – Moving mountain
MONTY PYTHON – The autumn years
SERGE GAINSBOURG – Quand mon 6,35 me fait les yeux doux
SUN RA – Brainville
COIL – S is for sleep
VIVIEN GOLDMAN – Private armies
DONNA SUMMER – Love’s unkind

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I don't know if I mentioned this before, but the Daily Bulletin did a feature on Ray Collins a couple of months ago:

-- info: Javier Marcote


  • julie kelly: never let me go
    (1985, lp, usa, pausa records)

Singer Julie Kelly released this LP in 1985 on Pausa Records, she is accompanied by Steve Kaplan on keyboards, Gary Willis on bass, Mike Jochum on drums, Brandon Fields on reeds, Steve Forman on percussion, Walt Fowler on trumpet, Gary Herbig on reeds and John Goux on guitar.

-- info: Jan van Kemenade


info & link:


-- info & link: Javier


upcoming released on Moonjune Records:


MORAINE "Manifest Density"

BEPPE CROVELLA "What's Rattlin' On The Moon - A Personal Re-interpretation Of The MusicOf Mike Ratrledge"

DENNIS REA "Views From Chicheng Precipce"


Italian band Fattore Zeta is a "jazz tribute to Frank Zappa" band.
They did a very good concert at Zappanale in 2008 !!

Early 2009, the line-up changed: guitar player Nicol Franza and bass player Stefano Silvestri joined the band, while Sergio Taurasi (keyboard) and Giorgio Taurasi (bass) left Fattore Zeta.


November 2009, the Festival Présences (in Paris, France) will include some Zappa pieces, performed by various orchestras and ensembles.

Here's the Zappa pieces:

13 Novembre 2009 à 20:00

Frank ZAPPA: The Perfect Stranger
performed by Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France - Peter Eötvös, director

Frank ZAPPA: Dupree's Paradise
performed by Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France - Peter Eötvös, director

14 Novembre 2009 à 18:00

Frank ZAPPA: G-Spot Tornado
performed by Sequenza 9.3 - Catherine Simonpietri, director & Florent Jodelet, percussion solo

Frank Zappa: The Black Page
performed by Florent Jodelet, percussion solo

15 Novembre 2009 à 18:00

Frank ZAPPA : Romantic Medley
performed by Ensemble vocal féminin Héliade - Elène Golgevit, director & Simon Fournier, récitant
Transcription pour récitant et ensemble vocal féminin de Walter Boudreau
Complete program in PDF


Wednesday August 12

The Ed Palermo Big Band
with Rob Paparozzi
Echo Lake Park, Mountainside, NJ
Free concert begins at 7:30

In case of rain, concerts will be held at the air-conditioned auditorium at Cranford High School, on West End Place off Springfield Avenue in Cranford at 7:30 p.m.


Wednesday August 26

1650 Broadway at 51 Street, NYC
Shows at 9pm & 10:30pm


Wednesday September 9

with special guest
Napoleon Murphy Brock!
125 Fifth Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11217
8:00pm Doors open / 8:30pm Show


Dutch zappacoverband The Foolz did a concert in Apeldoorn, NL, yesterday.
It's the last concert with guitar player Lex Kemper.
He wants to devote his time to other projects.

Thanks Lex. & good luck with your other projects.


From 2000 until 2003, Don Preston released a number of albums on his private Brain Records label. Most of these were CDRs, but the latest one, the beautiful Akashic album, was a factory pressed CD.

I have the following releases:

  • the don and bunk show: necessity is...
    (2000, cdr, usa, brain records)
  • don preston: music from blood diner & other films
    (2001, cdr, usa, brain records)
  • don preston: io landscapes
    (2001, cdr, usa, brain records)
  • don preston: corpus transfixum
    (2001, cdrom, usa, brain records)
  • levin, bradford & preston: asymmetrical construct
    (2001, cdr, usa, brain records)
  • the don and bunk show: joined at the hip
    (2002, cdr, usa, brain records)
  • don preston's akashic ensemble: the inner realities of evolution
    (2003, cd, usa, brain records br016)

My notes say that the following titles were also released on Brain Records:

  • don preston: trans form
    (2001, cdr, usa, brain records) // I remember seeing this on his site
  • the grandmothers: who could imagine / live
    (2002, cdr, usa, brain records) // I found a review of this somewhere on the net

Do you know of other titles?
How does the Akashic release get number br016 ??

Any info / help is appreciated.

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MIKE KENEALLY 2009 07 24

It looks like Mike's latest album ("Scambot") is almost finished. And as it turns out, there'll also be a limited edition released with a bonus disc!

from the MK newsletter:

"Now, regarding Scambot 1... after I finished it, I realized that there was quite a bit of music left over which slotted into the story line covered on the disc, but which didn't fit into the album running order (and would have made the album too long for a CD). And it didn't feel right to hang on to these particular pieces for the upcoming Scambot 2 and 3, because conceptually this music wouldn't really belong to those projects; it's a part of Scambot 1.

You know where this is headed; I've just finished a second disc, entitled Songs and Stories Inspired by Scambot 1, which will be the second disc of the Scambot 1 signed and numbered limited edition. There's a lot to tell you about the second disc, but I'll tell you about it in full detail when we make the pre-order announcement, soon. It's a seriously uncompromising disc and I think you'll be very happy when you hear it!"

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In 2002, Todd Rundgren released "Todd Rundgren & His Friends". The album featured Dweezil Zappa who played the guitar on 'Time Heals'.
Nothing shocking. Just a little addition to the Dweezil Zappa discography...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Very recently, I was able to exchange some words with an inhabitant of Dootonia, a world where the music of Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and Sun Ra is highly appreciated. A world where improvised music is regarded as a way to bring together like-minded people (musicians and listeners), and to blend different musical styles and tastes.

Enter Pete Brunelli, bass player and electronics wizard of Doot!.
Doot! has core members Steve Chillemi on drums and percussion and Pete Brunelli on bass.
The band hails from the east coast (CT area) of the u.s.a., and serves as a back-bone for improvisational trio's, quartets, etceteras.
The last couple of years, the band has performed with Nate Trier, André Cholmondeley, Kilissa Cissoko, Tom Fenton, Jerry Outlaw, Alex Pasut, and others.

Go to the band's webpage, or to their United Mutations entry for more info:

Doot! will be performing at the Bad Doberan Street Party on August 13, 2009, at 19.00 h., as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the Zappanale festival.

UniMuta: Hello Pete,
How are you doing? Getting ready for the trip to Yurrip? When will you be leaving?

Pete Brunelli: Hey Peter! Long time, no type! DOOT! is getting on well. We leave in less than three weeks for dear old Yurrip, and all of our plans are falling into place. We were recently hit hard by the passing of Andre' Cholmondeley's mother, and before that by Hugh Hopper. Andre is an amazing person dealing with some amazingly tough stuff. About Hugh, I had a wonderful hour or so chatting up Hugh at Zappanale 17. He was one of the best. We got on like pals after about one minute. I only met him once and I miss his presence.

As for the bigger picture of our little trip, DOOT! is preparing for an extensive survey of the Herring and Potato Peoples of Northern Yurrip. As amateur ethnomusicologists, we only really want to know what gets them drunk. Take Us To Your Litre! We are stopping in Oslo before Zappanale, then heading to Denmark and Sweden before coming home. I read a lot of polar exploration literature and seeing the Frammuseet (static display of the exploring ship Fram) in Oslo will be a dream come true. Some folks go gaga for Shackleton, but Nansen was the real deal. Each time we have been to Zappanale we talk about the north, but we never made it there. This year we will fix that.

UniMuta: What has Doot! been up to lately?

Pete Brunelli: Zappanale Fever! Catch It!

The amount of musical information that comes from working out with Zappa's music is astonishing. The simple is NEVER simple. I love how there are so many ways to approach Zappa's music. The humor, the rock and heavy guitar, the intricacies, the rhythmic and statistical density, the classicism... any one could occupy a life's work. Harmonia Ensemble, for example, digs for the structure, the formality, and performs brilliantly, while some take a specific band or era and focus on that. I think it plays into the hands of people like myself that have a complex relationship with music. I can go to the Met and see a Wagner opera and be transported, but I also love Muddy Waters and a lot of other music. DOOT! is basically a garage band with heavy leanings towards free jazz, noise rock, and that sort of thing. Zappa might be the straightest thing we do in the course of the year. It is fun, but it is also a lot like hard work. I can't imagine life without Zappa, but it is still one piece of the bigger picture.

We have been working on some other projects. We contributed a track to Andrew Greenaway's upcoming "21 Burnt Weenie Sandwiches" compilation, which seems to have stalled. I would have liked another 12 months to work on it! Andrew! Anyhow, we love doing that kind of thing. I have done some bass playing and recording work for friends here and abroad. We keep busy. To our displeasure, Steve Chillemi and I have had our share of yucky real life stuff to deal with, so the performance schedule dried up kinda fast. We lost our rehearsal space, and Steve's car died, I had some family stuff that needed my attention... you know... Life. But we set up here at my place and are getting things back in order. We will regroup after Zappanale and get back on the good foot. Hotcha!

UniMuta: It's good to hear that Doot! will be featured at Zappanale. It sure is something that I'm looking forward to. I've seen and heard the band in various incarnations, and it has always been a treat. What can we expect? Who will be joining you on the stage?

Pete Brunelli: The could very well be titled "Garage-Rock from Hell", to paraphrase Zappa. Steve and Michel Delville (The Wrong Object) met at Zappanale 19 and talked about doing something together, and Danny Mathys had mentioned TWO to us back in 2006 as a potential collaboration. So we talked Michel into it, which was easy. I had been doing some bass parts and mixing for Norwegian guitarist and fellow Zappateer Ivan Leirvik, of Shirley Wood, and I wanted to have him involved, and he agreed. Violinist Annemarieke Schoonderwaldt, or Ke for short, played with Steve's Anti Aggressive Action Band at Zappanale 19, and with the Foolz, and some shows with Sheik Yerbouti, and she is a great friend. She was on board from the start. We thought we would get Philadelphia saxophonist Elliott Levin to join us but we couldn't find the funding. I didn't feel like we needed to fill it out any more for the small stage, so we have a five piece band of like-minded nutcases. I'm in heaven! We have some Zappa on tap, and some special surprises, and it should be a fun gig. The "rehearsals" have all been done by exchanging audio and ideas over the internet. Steve and I have been working out material together here, but everything else relies on the intestinal fortitude of the band. We love it, yes we do.

UniMuta: This is not your first time at the festival. You've previously been there with Doctor Dark and as Doot!, so as an experienced visitor, what do you expect festival- and music-wise?

Pete Brunelli: This will be my fourth Zappanale, and I think it is Steve's sixth. I owe it all to a chance meeting with Bill Saunders in a New Haven bar, my willingness to talk to him even though (because?) he was wearing a dress, and then meeting Steve. The ARFs always put together a great mix of music. My one piece of advice to newcomers is to get there for the first band each day. Those have consistently been shows that you didn't want to miss. Corrie van Binsbergen and Polytoxicomane Philharmonie come to mind as very special and fun sets. Let's see... this year they moved the stages to a new location, and it seems like they have taken the level of organization up a peg. The heavy space rock, prog rock, and psych rock elements in this year's lineup have me all revved up. I have always dug Gong, but never had a ton of exposure, so I'm looking forward to that a lot. Hillage? Mats and Morgan? Bozzio? Martin? Grande Mothers? P/O? I'm feeling faint. The way I see it, Peter, this should be a very dynamite show, as long as I can still get plenty of nice cold Rostocker Pils!

UniMuta: I've been telling zappa freaks and music aficionado's in general that Bad Doberan / Zappanale is the place to be next August. That they don't really have a choice. Anything you would like to add?

Pete Brunelli: I think that Zappanale should be a "must do" for all Zappa fans, at least once. I had no idea what was out there until my first Zappanale. If someone had told me five years ago that I would have deep feelings for a sleepy seaside town in the far reaches of former East Germany, I'd have sent them to a shrink. Ot at least to an ABBA tribute show. But here we are.

Now... About that Corsendonk....

UniMuta: OK, Pete. I get the picture...
Thanks for your time & see you real soon in Bad Doberan.


a message from Dweezil Zappa

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Summer time is here and I'm sure many of you have rousing and arresting plans. If your entire summer isn't completely booked yet and you find yourself in need of a "music transfusion" perhaps you would like to visit Zappa Plays Zappa on the Progressive Nation summer tour. It's an exciting multi-act tour founded by Mike Portnoy, the drummer from Dream Theater. The concert will feature Zappa Plays Zappa, and of course, headlines Dream Theater.
Mike is a self-confessed hardcore Frank Zappa fan and he has come to several of our shows in the New York area. We were very pleased to be asked to join the impressive line up of the Progressive Nation tour. I'm personally looking forward to the opportunity to introduce Frank's music to any and all with open ears.
Our setlist will change nightly and will be 75 minutes in length. We also have three Zappa Plays Zappa Headline shows 'interspersed' throughout the tour. Keep your eyes open for any additional Headline shows that might get added.
We hope to see you at the shows!

Regards, DZ

  • 2009/07/24 - concert ‘Fillmore @ Jackie Gleason Theatre’, Miami Beach, FL
  • 2009/07/25 - concert ‘Hard Rock Live’, Orlando, FL
  • 2009/07/26 - concert ‘Ruth Eckerd Hall’, Clearwater, FL
  • 2009/07/27 - concert ‘Charleston Music Hall, Charleston, SC (This is a ZPZ-only show)
  • 2009/07/28 - concert ‘The Tabernacle’, Atlanta, GA
  • 2009/07/29 - concert ‘Thomas Woolfe Auditorium’, Asheville, NC
  • 2009/07/31 - concert ‘Tower Theatre’, Philadelphia, PA
  • 2009/08/01 - concert ‘Merriweather Post Pavilion’, Washington, DC
  • 2009/08/02 - concert ‘Bank Of America Pavilion’, Boston, MA
  • 2009/08/04 - concert ‘The Palace’, Albany, NY
  • 2009/08/05 - concert ‘Chevrolet Theatre’, Wallingford, CT
  • 2009/08/07 - concert ‘Convention Hall’, Asbury Park, NJ
  • 2009/08/08 - concert ‘Brookhaven Amphitheatre’, Farmingville, NY
  • 2009/08/09 - concert ‘Beacon Theatre’, New York, NY
  • 2009/08/10 - concert ‘Higher Ground, Burlington, VT (This is a ZPZ-only show)
  • 2009/08/11 - concert ‘The Agora’, Quebec City, QC
  • 2009/08/12 - concert ‘Bell Centre’, Montreal, QC
  • 2009/08/14 - concert ‘Molson Amphitheater’, Toronto, ON
  • 2009/08/16 - concert ‘Burton Cummings Theatre’, Winnipeg, MB
  • 2009/08/17 - concert ‘The Odeon Events Centre, Saskatoon, SK (This is a ZPZ-only show
  • 2009/08/18 - concert ‘MacEwan Hall’, Calgary, AB
  • 2009/08/19 - concert ‘Shaw Conference Centre’, Edmonton, AB
  • 2009/08/21 - concert ‘Orpheum Theatre’, Minneapolis, MN
  • 2009/08/22 - concert ‘Riverside Theatre’, Milwaukee, WI
  • 2009/08/23 - concert ‘Chicago Theatre’, Chicago, IL
  • 2009/08/25 - concert ‘Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre’, Denver, CO
  • 2009/08/27 - concert ‘San Jose Civic Auditorium’, San Jose, CA
  • 2009/08/28 - concert ‘The Joint’, Las Vegas, NV
  • 2009/08/29 - concert ‘Greek Theatre’, Los Angeles, CA


Somehow, I had included Janet Ferguson in the G.T.O.'s.
Thank you, Charles, for spotting it & for sending the corrections.
-- info & corrections: Charles Ulrich

Monday, July 20, 2009


Who would have thought...
I just got word that Michael Jackson was a huge Zappa fan.

Just look at this snapshot, taken in the czech republik some time ago... :-)
-- 'modified snapshot' by Bohous


August 11, 2009, german band Sheik Yerbouti will be performing the music of Frank Zappa at the St.Katharinen Church in Hamburg.
For the occasion, the band will feature none other than Napoleon Murphy Brock.

I was there last year, and it was a great experience.

Get your ticket at (search for "Zappa"). You can order it on-line.

This will be on Tuesday night, and this will be the start of the biggest Zappa-related festival you've ever seen in your life. It's called "Zappanale", and it'll take place in Bad Doberan, which is less than a couple of hundred kilometers from Hamburg.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


This compilation album includes Teddy & His Patches with "Suzy Creamcheese".

In 1967 Conway and Jerry Ralston wrote a song called Suzy Creamcheese based on the opening dialogue from The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet which Ralston "borrowed". Conway later explained: "We had no clue who Frank Zappa was at that time."

-- info & picture: Nikolai Zaharov


two new releases on the Moonjune label:


I've heard rumous about Thumper on various occasions. The band should have recorded or performed a Zappa tune... ?!?

A couple of days ago, I received some info by Hans-Peter Schmidt, and I was able to add the following to the U.M. archive files:

Thumper was a punk band based in Nürnberg, Germany, from 1985 until 1987. They recorded and released Frank Zappa's 'What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body', on their first 7".
  • thumper: stop stop stop!
    (1986, 7", ger, mt-012)
About the "Stop Stop Stop!" single, Thumper added on their website:
"After having practiced for a few hours, we had a half dozen or so "songs" recorded on a cheap boom-box, and presto!, our first single was born. It was quickly announced in Mykel Board's MRR colmn as one of his all time favorite records. He even added that the sound qualitzy would move any sound engineer to jump out of a 6 storey window! Featuring a cover of Frank Zappa's 'What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?'."

-- info: Hans-Peter Schmidt


Rhino is reissuing the Alice Cooper "Easy Action" LP. On vinyl.

Originally released in 1970 on Zappa's Straight label.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


on the "guitar master" label:

frank zappa: swiss cheese and debutante daisy
(2009, 3-cd-bootleg, guitar maste)

= 1974/10/01 early and late concert basel, switzerland

disc 1:
- early show -
  1. tush, tush, tush
  2. stinkfoot
  3. inca roads
  4. cosmic debris
  5. approximate
  6. florentine pogen
  7. penguin in bondage
  8. t'mershi duween
disc 2:
- early show -
  1. dog breath variations
  2. uncle meat
  3. building a girl
  4. camarillo brillo
  5. oh no
  6. son of orange county
  7. more trouble every day

- late show -

  1. tush, tush, tush
  2. stinkfoot
  3. rdnzl
  4. village of the sun
  5. echidna's arf
  6. don't you ever wash that thing?
  7. montana
disc 3:
- late show -
  1. dupree's paradise
  2. tush, tush, tush
  3. pygmy twylyte
  4. room service
  5. tush, tush, tush

on the hoffman records label:

frank zappa: further modifications
(2009, lp-bootleg)

= 1973/05/09 concert passaic, nj, usa

a limited run of total 200 copies in various colours


"+ D Lo Mismo" is Andrés Mastrangelo's second release.
Again, the album presents a nice mixture of styles. Musicwise, it's a very impressive album. The weakest point is the lack of (a) powerful vocalist(s).
Worth mentioning: there's a track called 'Cervesa I Mamelles' (Beer & Titties).
And there's also a little 30-seconds version of 'He's So Gay' at the end of the disc. (= hidden track)

All in all, "+ D Lo Mismo" is a nice listening experience. Zappa-esque, funny, and some great suprises.

A great album !


Andrés Mastrangelo lives in Urugay.
He contributed to various albums in the Hall Of Fame "Unmatched" series. The Spanish Zappa Tribute Discs.

In 2005, Andrés Mastrangelo released his first solo album.
A couple of years ago, I came across a promotional CDR of this album. More recently, I got hold of a factory pressed copy through Hall Of Fame Records.

The music on this album is quite good. It's a pity that my spanish isn't good enough to enjoy the lyrics as well.

Track number six is Andrés versions of Zappa's 'He's So Gay'.

I like it.


Brainville is a little town in France.
It's also a Sun Ra composition.

And more recently, I learned that it wass also the name of the project of Hugh Hopper and Daevid Allen.
In and out of the Brainville project: Pip Pyle, Kramer, and Chris Cutler.

Brainville has a couple of CDs out. You can get a little taste over at YouTube for some video fragments, or over at DimeADozen for an audio audience recording of one of their 2008 concerts.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Tuesday, August 11, 2009, Sheik Yerbouti feat. Napoleon Murphy Brock will be performing the music of Frank Zappa at the St. Katharinen Kirche in Hamburg, Germany.
This will be the opening concert for the Zappanale festival, which is held in Bad Doberan, Germany.


The "Stiftung Johann Sebastian" (who, together with the Arf Society, organised last years Bogus Pomp / Napoleon Murphy Brock concert in Hamburg) says:

Schon im vergangenen Jahr spielte mit großem Erfolg die US-amerikanische Zappa-Band „Bogus Pomp“ mit Napoleon in der Hamburger Hauptkirche St. Katharinen. Eine neue CD des Konzerts 2008 wird als SJS-Stiftungs-Edition erscheinen.

Of which one might translate the last sentence as: A (new) album of this 2008 concert will be released as a SJS-organisation edition.


Thanks to slime.oofytv.set, I can show you another fabulous bunch of magazine covers.
They've already been blended in the United Mutations archive files, so now I can show them in this blog.

From the mid-sixties to a couple of months ago, and written by some familiar names. There's Norbert Obermanns, and Urban Gwerder...

Wowie Zowie...

ECLIPSED 2009/05

(2009/05, magazine, germany)

Issue number 111 of German magazine Eclipsed presented a 6-page article & partial discography by S.Seiler / W.Kampmann / U.Gerhards, a full page Ryko / Zappa ad, a ZpZ euro-tour ad, & a full page Zappanale 20 ad.


telos no.87
(1991/spring, magazine, usa)

Issue number 87 of Telos presented 'Popular Music From Adorno To Zappa' by R.Berman & R.D'Amico plus a 13-page 'Mother Of All Interviews', Zappa on music & society by F.Volpacchio.


manhattan arts, vol.III n.4
(1985/11, magazine, usa)

Number four of Volume Three of Manhattan Arts magazine includes a page where FA, Abbey Lincoln & Johnny Colon speak out, by N.Newhouse.


oldie-markt no.29
(1982/12, magazin, germany)

The December 1982 issue of Oldie-Markt included an 8-page article & Zappa discography by Norbert 'Nobbie' Obermanns (of Zappalog fame).


(1968/05, magazine, usa)

The May 1968 issue of Discoscene included a 4-page article entitled "part 1 of 'Where Is Frank Zappa' ".

OZ 1969/07

(1969/07, magazine, uk)

The July 1969 edition of British mag OZ, included a 2-page FZ interview with P.Drummond.


the royals world countdown music newspaper v.2
(1967/05, magazine, usa)

This L.A. and S.F. newspaper included a Zappa statement on poison gas and a FZ poster giveaway.


(1976/03/04, magazine, finland)

This finnish tv guide included a brief article 'Kolmas Kerta Toden Sanoo' by M.Tuuli plus a 4-page article "Frank Zappa, Pannassa Usan Radiossa - Kiertueet Todistavat Etta Mina Elan" also by M.Tuuli.


downbeat 1972 yearbook
(1973, magazine, usa)

The Downbeat 1972 YearBook had Zappa on the cover. In the mag, Buell Niedlinger talks briefly about his assocition with FZ.


words & music, usa v.3 n.1
(1973/01, magazin, usa)

This January issue of Words and Music included a 5-page article 'Let's Talk Clothes' (with FZ) by D.Orlando.

JAZZ 5/74

jazz no.5
(1974/12, magazine, switzerland)

Issue number 5 of Swiss Jazz magazine, included an 11-page article by Urban Gwerder: "Alla Zappa".


experience no.7
(1974/09, magazine, switzerland)

Issue number 7 of Experience presented Urban Gwerder's 6-page Zappa article & his 8-page Zappa insert, a subscription order form for Hot Raz Times, and an ad for the October 1974 Basel show [redaktion: René Matti, vertrieb: Rob Tanner];
It also included Pete Frame's 'Mothers Family Tree'

here's the link to Pete Frame's "Mothers Family Tree"


Here's a picture of the Fillmore East program booklet from 1971.
It announces The Mothers who played there June 5 & 6.
-- info & picture: slime.oofytv.set

Thursday, July 16, 2009


An Exciting Career in Sales
Copyright 2009 John Trubee

A phalanx of rhesus monkeys
Flings paws full of excrement at a wall.

When some of the excrement
Sticks to the wall
The monkey’s handlers
Award them a peanut.

-- John Trubee


Here's three more issues of the impressive Sun Ra Research magazine.
Published by Peter Hinds, this magazine presented interviews with Sun Ra and with his bandmembers.
Very interesting.

Search on ebay dot com if you want to try out a couple of issues.


sun ra research - issue 29
(2000/07, fanzine, usa, omni press)
  • sun ra conversation with john hinds and peter hinds - november 1, 1991, san francisco, ca
  • buster smith conversation with john hinds and peter hinds - november 1, 1991, san francisco, ca
  • sun ra conversation - november 1, 1998, san francisco, ca
  • conversation with buster smith and peter hinds - august 17, 1987


sun ra research - issue 31
(2000/12, fanzine, usa, omni press)

  • john gilmore conversation with peter hinds - september 8, 1985
  • sun ra conversation with peter hinds - september 8, 1985
  • sun ra interviewed by the san diego union - may 3, 1990
  • marvin smith conversation with john hinds and peter hinds - sept. 27, 1986, san francisco, ca
  • sun ra conversation - sept. 27, 1986, san francisco, ca
  • june tyson conversation with john hinds and peter hinds - sept. 25, 1986
  • sun ra research index of issues 1 - 30


sun ra research - issue 35
(2001/10, fanzine, usa, omni press)

  • francisco mora conversation with john hinds and peter hinds * july 29, 1998, san francisco, ca

  • sun ra conversation with peter hinds * december 25, 1987

  • jothan callins conversation with peter hinds * november 4; 1991, san francisco, ca

  • sun ra article & interview from the berkeley barb - written by em, july 23-29, 1971

  • sun ra arkestra - berkeley square, berkeley, ca, april 1981 - photos by john hinds & peter hinds

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The Work Ethic
Copyright 2009 John Trubee

Two received large insurance claims payouts

One married an heiress

One derived lifetime income from the proceeds of the sale of an inherited ranch

Two participated in insider trading
but evaded getting caught

One received regular cash gift payments from his wealthy half-brother

One lied to his investors, then ran and played games with their money

One inherited $23,000 in 1960 dollars
from a wealthy, deceased aunt
($23,000 in 1960 dollars adjusted for inflation
is worth $159,055.59 today)
with which he bought a house

They incessantly babble about the virtue
of the work ethic,
about how that is the cause of wealth.

The work ethic is a bludgeon
wielded by those whose wealth
derives from sources other than work
to dominate their children,
and those who don’t know any better.

-- John Trubee


Last week's Dwalmacat radio show:

go to

Go to “Luister”, and listen to
  • GHEDALIA TAZARTES – Voyage a l’ombre (excerpt)
  • PORTION CONTROL – Real estate cult
  • MADONNA – Music
  • HOUSE OF LOVE – Destroy the heart
  • TUXEDOMOON – Desire (live)
  • HAFLER TRIO – A thirsty fish (excerpt)
  • KOOT EN BIE – Haar antwoordapparaat
  • STEREOLAB – One wild moment (the pastels)
  • S.Y.P.H. - Nachbar
  • BENE GESSERIT – Memories
  • MEREDITH MONK – Lullabye # 4
  • THE CHAP – Proper rock
  • LUC VAN ACKER – Downtown
  • PALAIS SCHAUMBURG – Kinder der Tod (version)
  • MADNESS – Shut up
  • TELEVISION PERSONALITIES – Jackanory stories
  • TONES ON TAIL – Performance


Empirical As Moon Rocks
Copyright 2009 John Trubee

They decline to copulate with me
They refuse to pay me enough to live decently
That’s OK.
I’m well acclimated to
Padding through the world on silent moccasins.

After you are dead
After I am dead
After they are dead
After everyone we know is dead

My songs will still reside in the world
Empirical as moon rocks.

-- John Trubee


Robert Wyatt was curator for a couple of episodes of Mixtuur, a radio show on belgian national radio Klara.

Go to

and you're at the Klara 'listen again' page.
Click on Mixtuur, en scroll down to june.

Enjoy !!

Just so that you should know: last week's episode included Sun Ra & Arkestra...

  • Spaceship lullaby (Sun Ra) Nu Sounds - Atavistic UMS/ALP243CD
  • Friendly galaxy (Sun Ra) Kash Killion - Rastascan BRD018
  • Constellation / The art scene (Sun Ra) Dan Plonsey; Gamelan Sekar Jaya - Rastascan BRD018

info & link: Tom Baeten


October 2009 will see the release of a new sampler on Crammed Records. FES will be on it.

* * * More Flat Earth Society news * * *

October 28, FES will be playing a try-out of "Answer Songs" at De Singer jazzclub in Rijkevorsel, Belgium.
(I know that I told you this before, and I know that your memory is still good, but I thought I'd mention it again as the exact date has finally been set !!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


"It's been a dream of mine to get my favorite Zappa drummers together and have us talk about our experiences."
- Terry Bozzio, hosts a roundtable with fellow former Zappa drummers, Chester Thompson, Ralph Humphrey, Chad Wackerman, and Ruth Underwood.

-- info & link: Bohous


The Mole packages...

...are almost gone!

Just a note that there are still a few of the special edition Mole Show packages available as a preorder (a 2 disc set, with 1 CD of the Australian Radio Special that took place just before the Mole Show set sail, and then a DVD of the ENTIRE Mole Show filmed on one camera, with audience sound at the Kabuki theater in SF.)

The discs are housed in a chipboard cover, with rubber stamped art (some very special people helped decorate these things), with an included 12 card full color set of cards representing the MoleShow backdrops (also printed on coated chipboard), and an included miniature shovel all packaged inside a printed burlap bag. Look into yer crystal ebay ball and see what these might be selling for in 4-5 years. A better investment than real estate!

And don't miss out on the Mole Show shirts (in military green and sand colors) and please notice that many of the classic Residents shirt designs are now available in a few new colors and shirt types (long sleeves, hoodies etc).

We hope to have the remaining parts of the set to be in stock by the end of this week. It all depends on UPS at this point. In the meantime we are prepping your orders, trying to have them as ready to go as we can. At the latest these will be shipping by mid-next week.

And when they start shipping, we usually see an increase in sales (some people don't like to preorder), so if you would like to be sure you get your hands on one, we suggest ordering before then.

Yer pals,
the RalphGang


Francisco Mora Catlett is a percussionist, composer, music teacher and producer. He was part of the Sun Ra Arkestra from 1974 until 1979.
He lives in Detroit where he has a record label World Trade Music, a sublabel of Planet E.

In 2003, Francisco Mora Catlett performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival with the Big Band Outerzone. Besides Francisco Mora Catlett, the Outerzone band also featured Marshall Allen (of Akrestra fame) on sax and flute, and electronics and turntable wizard Carl Craig.

The above "Outerzone" album got released in 2007. Both Marshall Allen and Carl Craig are present on this disc, but especially Marshall Allen puts his stamp on these recordings.

This is truly amazing. A fanfare of rhythms and percussion, great jazz lines and melodies, and on top of all that you get the unique sound of Marshall Allen. Pure energy.

Essential listening.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I've never been to San Francisco, but the picture above shows Paul E, and he lives in Haight Street. (It's the same Paul E that was featured on "The Brilliant Sound" album - see below)

And I don't know about the link between Paul E and the Hind Brothers, but Paul E does get to say a number of things on this album.
The music on "420 Haight Street, San Francisco" is more up-tempo than on "The Brilliant Sound", making it more haunting, more powerful.
What I like most about this album, is the fact that some of the tracks are present twice. Once in the original version, and once in the Dub Remix version.

This is fabulous. It really gets a grip on you.


Hey, so I make my kid wear my fabulous brand-new Sun Ra Research t-shirt for about 5 minutes...
Just for the picture.
Does that make me bad?
He thought so...
What do you think?


Ugly Radio Rebellion performs the music of Frank Zappa...

  • 7/29 King Brewing Co Pontiac, MI
  • 7/30 Founders Brewing Co Grand Rapids, MI
  • 7/31 Bells Brewery Kalamazoo, MI
  • 8/13 Jackie O'sAthens, OH

Music IS the Best!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


We all know the Transparency label as a supplier of beautiful Sun Ra releases.
Well,... they do have other titles in their catalogue, and even more in their scheduled releases list.

Here's what Michael added:

"Transparency is going to release a four-DVD set of 136 videos by R.Stevie Moore."


Almost 10 years ago, Peter and John Hinds unleashed "The Brilliant Sound" on their Omni Sonic label.
If you thought that the Hinds brothers only made these fabulous issues of the Sun Ra Research fanzine in their spare time, this will prove you wrong.
I would define the brilliant sounds on this album Space Jazz Dub. You get spacy chords and melodies against a heavy, pulsating drum 'n' bass rhythm.
There's also some field recordings present (listen to Paul E talking), which make this disc an extraordinary listening experience.


Sunbeam Records has re-released last year's Blossom Toes 2 CD set on a 3 LP vinyl album !!
Featuring Frank Zappa jammin' with the band at Amougies...
A limited edition of 1.000 copies, 180 gram vinyl, deluxe triple gatefold sleeve.
drewl, drewl...


Najma Akhtar and Gary Lucas have an album out. It's called "Rishte" and it's out on the World Village label.
  • najma akhtar & gary lucas: rishte
    (2009, cd, usa, world village world 450008)

Saturday, July 11, 2009


The OffLabel record label has this fabulous new series that's called "P.V. Presents".
P.V. stands for Pierre Vervloesem, one of my favourite musicians. Not only does Pierre make fascinating noises, he also has a great taste in music.

OffLabel has recognised this remarkable quality, and has given Pierre the liberty to work on this P.V.Presents series.

Kings Of Belgium has Gil Mortio on the guitar, lap steel and vocals; Pierre Vervloesem on bass, and Al Battor on (you guessed it right) drums.
This is music from the other side of the fence.
Recorded during two days of total improvisation in August 2007, this album let's us take a glimpse into the minds of the trio. The result is quite extraordinary.

The lack of structure and the varied palette of fragments and styles make this a very unpredictable listening experience: "Unchained Melodies" might just fit the package.

Go to the OffLabel site for a taste:


Chickenfoot, the latest hard-rock supergroup is still in the middle of their short world tour. Joe Satriani, Chad Smith, Michael Anthony and Sammy Hager on the same stage...
Sounds like fun.

The brand-new album has only been out a couple of weeks, and I can imagine that it'll become a hit. This is straight-forward heavy rock. If you're into Satriani's guitar stuff, this one's for you.

The band also has a nice collection of video movies on Youtube. These clips discuss the making of each song, and really add something to the total package.

This is something that I'll be playing in my car the next couple of days. At least, when it stops raining. The holiday feeling is already there. I only need the sunshine.


"Speed and Joy", and that's exactly what it is.
This little promotional release on the Off Label was my first encounter with Slug. And it was a very pleasant one.
Floating, spacy, happy summer music. Two songs, and two remixes of these song.

Enter the fantasy world of Slug.
Nice. Very nice.

There still is some work to be done at the Trap, Paganotti, Borghi MySpace page, but in the meantime you can check out at least one of the above songs on the OffLabeL MySpace page.


The WM Recordings label will be releasing their 100th free download album soon.
(Mind you, WM Recordings has more to offer than just free downloads !)
And you can be part of the celebration:

Marco says:

Submit your cover version for our 100th free album!

The release of our 100th free album download is rapidly approaching. We have lots of activities coming up to celebrate this milestone. One of the projects surround our 100th free album will be the release of an album of cover version of tracks from the WM Recordings catalog.

Pick your favorite WM Recordings track and... cover it!
We'll post submission guidelines on the site very soon, but you're already invited to start submitting your cover versions. The rules are simple: the track(s) must have been released by WM Recordings and your version should not be longer than 5 minutes. Also keep in mind that a remix does not count as a cover version.
Mail if you have any questions or if you have more great ideas to celebrate our 100th free album!


If you happen to be in Belgium in a couple of months, you might be able to see Flat Earth Society in concert.
The band will be doing a couple of concerts in October, one of which will be at De Singer jazzclub in Rijkevorsel (near Antwerp, that is).


17. July 2009 will be the world premiere of the Jeff Aug World Record Tour documentary film by Daniel Munding of Live-In TV.

Here is the trailer:

...then Jeff Aug will be off to the U.S. for a quick coast-to-coast tour:

JEFF AUG - Raw Fingers & Steel Strings U.S. Tour 2009
  • 18.08.2009 USA-New York City, NY, The Living Room (7pm showtime)
  • 20.08.2009 USA-Washington, D.C., Kennedy Center (6pm showtime)
  • 25.08.2009 USA-Los Angeles, CA, The Baked Potato (9:30pm showtime)*
    *Alex Machacek & Sumitra ( at 11:30 pm

...and then he'll get back to Europe for another tour with SOFT MACHINE

  • 13.10.2009 B-Verviers, Spirit of 66
  • 14.10.2009 D-Dortmund, Musiktheater Piano
  • 15.10.2009 NL-Amstelveen, P60
  • 17.10.2009 D-Flensburg, Roxy
  • 18.10.2009 D-Oldenburg, Kulturzentrum PFL
  • 20.10.2009 D-Nürnberg, Hirsch
  • 22.10.2009 A-Linz, Posthof
  • 23.10.2009 D-Habach, Village
  • 24.10.2009 D-Immenstadt, Rainbow
  • 25.10.2009 D-Remchingen, Kulturhalle
  • 26.10.2009 CH-Zürich, Moods
  • 28.10.2009 D-Mainz, Frankfurter Hof
  • 29.10.2009 D-Stuttgart, BIX

Friday, July 10, 2009


  • caballero reynaldo & the grand kazoo: acoustic virtual rehearsal
    (2009, download, spain, hall of fame records)

Luis Gonzàlez is the man behind Hall Of Fame Records, a record label and record distributor in Spain. The same label is also responsable for the excellent Unmatched Zappa Tribute series.
Luis is also a musician, and he has recorded various albums as his alter ego Caballero Reynaldo.
The two latest Caballero Reynaldo projects are available for free as download over at the Hall Of Fame Records website, so check them out:

ozcar cuenca: trombone, mandoline & voices
manoel macia: acoustic lead guitar
romàn garcia: acoustic bass & voices
luis gonzàlez: acoustic rhythm guitar & vocals
the spirit of manacho: bass-crum & brushes

arranged & recorded by ozcar cuenca, manoel macia, romàn garcia, luis gonzàlez & the spirit of manacho
mixed by luis gonzàlez at lui's garage, utiel (valencia, spain)
cover design by fernando m.romero

produced by luis gonzàlez

all songs by frank zappa

  1. lumpy gravy theme (duodenum)
  2. pojama people
  3. catholic girls
  4. dirty love
  5. i hve been in you
  6. eat that question
  7. love of my life
  8. electric aunt jemima
  9. bobby brown
  10. big leg emma
  11. the torture never stops
  12. he's so gay


  • caballero reynaldo & the little squirrels: twelve american standards for children
    (2009, download, spain, hall of fame records)

luis g. (luis gonzàlez): nada
the little squirrels: todo

cover design, arranged, recorded, mixed & produced by luis g. at lui's garage - utiel (valencia, spain), july 2009

  1. there's no business like show business (berlin)
  2. that's a wonderful world (thiele & weiss)
  3. burning love (presley)
  4. the lady is a tramp (rodgers & hart)
  5. summertime (gershwin)
  6. hello, mary lou (pitney)
  7. moon river (mancini)
  8. mr. sandman (ballard)
  9. blue velvet (wayne & morris)
  10. sealed with a kiss (geld & udell)
  11. blue moon (rodgers & hart)
  12. over the rainbow (arlen & harburg)

Available for download over at the famous Hall Of Fame Records label:


Hugh Hopper in words and music. A nice tribute.

-- info: Danny Mathys

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


There's an R.Stevie Moore special / podcast over at The Chill Room

This made my day.
-- info: Michael from Transparency


2009/08/21 - 2009/08/22
"Festival de l'Alambic Electrique 2",
Villiers sur Yonne, France

Children Of Invention
Here & Now
Peach Noise

Jack Dupon
One Shot
Shyamal Maitra / Tehaï
The Grandmothers w/ Roy Estrada, Don Preston, Napoleon Murphy Brock

And here's the festival poster. Isn't it a beauty...


Project Object w/ Ike Willis, Don Preston.....ON TOUR July 1 thru 9 2009!!!

hope all is well...just a heads up that "Project/Object - The Music Of Frank Zappa" hits the road in a couple hrs on a short tour...(dates below)

We are honored to be on tour with the legendary Zappa band members IKE WILLIS & DON PRESTON...

between them--- they have played on a couple dozen Zappa albums!!! Come on out and celebrate with them. We'll be ddoing a few songs with our old buddy RAY WHITE from Zappa's band --on july 4 only. Ray toured & recorded with Zappa from late 70s thru 1984.

Next month Ike and I celebrate meeting 25 years ago on Zappa!!We will also all be on tour in EUrope next month -- Ike & Don's first tour there together....ever!!

I also want to give a heads up that David Fiuczynski needs your vote!! Here's Dave's message. He's a good friend and musical compatriot, and I do some booking for him in east coast USA....some of you may have seen Dave play with Project/Object in NYC or Boston....
"..Furthermore I'm pleased to announce that I have been nominated for Best Jazz Act in the 2009 WFNX/Boston Phoenix Best Music Poll. The balloting is open online, and I sure would appreciate your vote. Check it out here: or go to : and look for me under local or boston jazz act.
as always, thank you so much for your support!! I really appreciate it.
thanx so much

So check that out hear some of Fuze's music at and go vote for him!!! He's about to tour again with the great Jack DeJohnette

We hope to see you on tour this week!! Project/Object dates listed below.

Then - a quick run TM for Adrian Belew (July 17-24) . Dates at

PROJECT/OBJECT - the music of Frank Zappa - featuring IKE WILLIS & DON PRESTON
RAY WHITE will also perform on JULY 4 only

  • WED 1 NJ hoboken maxwells
  • THU 2 NY peekskill 12 grapes
  • FRI 3 PA phila world cafe live
  • SAT 4 PA acme love&peace festival
  • SUN 5 OH cleveland beachland ballroom
  • MON 6 PA pittsburgh club cafe'
  • TUE 7 MD annapolis ram's head live
  • THU 9 PA wilkes barre jazz cafe

USA dates at
coming soon on this email list!

PROJECT/OBJECT - the music of Frank Zappa - featuring IKE WILLIS & DON PRESTON


  • SAT 8 CZ prague
  • SUN 9 NL eindhoven effenaar
  • TUE 11 ES laredo
  • THU 13 DE berlin dot club
  • FRI 14 DE bad doberan zappanale 20

The Actual Music of FRANK ZAPPA....LiveFeaturing the Actual Alumni from his bands....


Zappa Tours and Albums 1978-1988

Mothers Of Invention & Zappa Tours and Albums 1966-1974

IKE & DON- On Historic European Tour Together for the Very First Time!!!

"You want to see the actual people who recorded your favorite Zappa and Mothers albums? Performing all eras of Zappa? Come to us. We'll take care of you"



Peter Hinds (from Sun Ra Research) tells me that he will be editing Sun Ra Research CD Number Three very soon !!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at the first two volumes:


Here's George's beautiful Zappa Memorial page.

from Budapest, Hungary:



Go to
and click on "Luister" to enjoy
  • THE CAMBERWELL NOW – Greenfingers
  • TIPSY – Hey!!
  • THE CURE – Why can’t I be you? (remix)
  • MATMOS – Solo buttons for Joe Meek
  • CORNELIUS – I hate hate
  • HENRY PURCELL – Clockwork orange
  • MORPHINE – Super sex
  • DE SPECIALS – Ik heb ‘m
  • WEEN – H.I.V.ALVIN DAHN – You’re driving me mad
  • MAURO A. PAWLOWSKI – I feel so good
  • DAVID BOWIE – Lady Stardust
  • RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE – Funky dropout
  • BEANS – Mutescreamer
  • NINA SIMONE – Ain’t got no / I got life
  • BEACH BOYS – Pet sounds