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Classically trained musician (and double bass professor at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London), Valentina Scheldhofen Ciardelli performs live on a regular basis.
Check out the dates on her website:

Valentina often includes Frank Zappa compositions in her programs, so check out her website.
Next to the Italian locations, Valentina will also be performing in the UK, in Hong Kong and in The Netherlands.

July 27 - Church Stretton Arts Festival String quintet
Church Stretton Arts Festival

September 10 - ORO - How I Met PucciniⓇ 
Oriental fascination and Giacomo Puccini
金 - 我如何遇見普契尼 Ⓡ 
ORO -How I met Puccini
Jockey Club Auditorium
Hong Kong

November 17 - Duo Recital: An evening for double bass and clarinet.
Libanon Lyceum
Stichting Muzikc


To be released on the 26th of July, 2024:



"Make Way For Mother Mallard - 50 Years Of Music" is the title of the upcoming release by Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co / David Borden on the Cuneiform Records label.

Here's the teaser:


PROFANE RIDDLES - "What Is Revealed..." (visualization video)

"Profane Riddles" is Nick Didkovsky's new album of electric guitar music, available at Bandcamp.

the Bandcamp page:


'Beat Mixers'



The musical guest of recent symposium that was held in Brezno was the project of Martin Novák, guitarist from the well-known band Sto Múch. 

His project is called Homo Zappiens ( Denisa Jelínková - transverse flute (BR), Martin Novák - guitar (BB), Vincent Andreutti - percussion (BR). 

HOMO ZAPPIENS are musicians who joyfully interpret in colourful instrumentation, chamber spirit and their own arrangements selected compositions of Frank Zappa in the sense of the motto "music is the best".

-- info & picture : Bohous


Tuesday, July 23, 2024


'Upside Down' from Aisles' "Live In London 2016" album.


Another trip to Zappanale – Part 8.

Sunday, July 21
“ Music Is The Best”

The third morning concert at the expo room was Inventionis Mater, the Italian duo / trio that had already performed at the festival ground on Saturday, with special guest Napoleon Murphy Brock.

Inventionis Mater has produced an excellent series of Frank Zappa tribute albums.
Albums that belong in every Frank Zappa music collection.
This concert, once again, proved that they are a top act. On album, but also live.

When we arrived at the Rennbahn / the festival around 13h30, German duo Phyt was playing at the mystery stage.
Sax & drums.
Loops & layers and a fine vibe.
It sounded really good.

Phyt, a YouTube video from two years ago:

Around 14h30 Big Band GveriLLas took the stage. This was a band that I really wanted to check out.
They're from Ljubljana and they don't have an album or a demo out.
When I asked them, they told me that they had recorded some material especially for YouTube.

Here's one of these YouTube vids:

And there original tunes were amazing.
Beautiful melodies, packed in a rich big band sound.

Here's the YouTube / studio version of '121.110':

Big Band GveriLLas, a name to remember.
Here's 'Sinister Footwear', a piece that they als performed during their Zappanale set.

The music continued with Fused Tio, the sax / guitar / drum trio from Lithuania.
Perfect festival music.

The final act of Zappanale #33 was Frank Out!, the German Frank Zappa tribute band.
I've seen these guys in concert a number of times already, and they always deliver.
Having Napoleon Murphy Brock (with whom they toured) as special guest was of course the icing on the cake.
In case you haven't seen it, here's Frank Out!'s contribution to the digital / on-line Zappanale that was held four years ago.

After their concert, Frank Out! stayed on the stage to support the final jam session, or Good-Bye session as it's called.
This can be messy and confusing, but the band (and Thomas Jung) did a great job here. Together with musicians from Inventionis Mater, Miserable Husos, Jeff Hollie, Pygmy Twylyte, and with Napoleon Murphy Brock, the expanded rock band soloed through some familiar Zappa tunes.

A very nice ending of an impressive edition of Zappanale.

I didn't even mention all the friends we saw and talked to, the friendly crew and organization, or the fine stuff that I bought or received.
What an amazing experience. Again.
Music IS the best.

Next edition, July 17 - 20, 2025.
See you there.

Sunday, July 21, 2024


Another trip to Zappanale – Part 7.
Saturday, July 20
“ Who the heck is Chuck Barris”

Zappanale-Saturday opened with a concert by the Jeff Hollie Quartet at the expo room.
Or was it going to be a Fred Händl solo concert?
Opinions were divided (and I guess that even Fred didn’t know until he arrived).
In the end, it was decided that the number of musicians would determine who would actually play.
Lucky for us (although I don’t mind Fred doing a solo concert), the entire quartet showed up and they redid some of the tunes from their Friday concert.
Was it the more intimate setting? Was it the lack of a microphone that limited Jeff’s parlando vocals? It's hard to tell the exact reason, but I liked this concert way more than the Friday / mystery stage one.
Another excellent start of the day.

Later, in the afternoon, we were just in time to enjoy the Miserablen HuSos at the main stage. The MHS perform Frank Zappa’s songs with altered lyrics, in German. They even have a little booklet out with the lyrics, but that didn’t help me much.
Still, fun to see and hear. And the parts that I do / did understand are / were funny.

In the future, this particular edition of Zappanale might be remembered as the Napoleon Murphy Brock edition.
Napoleon performed with Fuse at St Katharinen in Hamburg on Wednesday.
On Friday, he did another show with Ensemble Fuse, this time on the main stage at Zappanale, and on Saturday, he teamed up with Inventionis Mater for a concert at the mystery stage.
And if all goes well, NMB will guest with Frank Out! on Sunday evening, also on the main stage.
Inventionis Mater with NMB, is a fine combination.
For the occasion Pierpaolo and Andra had brought along a double bass player. Add Napoleon and you get a beautiful quartet. The music was approached from a classical angle (clarinet, classical guitar & double bass) but also included some psychedelic fuzz guitar and other mother-esque excursions (including a sequencer / sampler).
I loved it.

The nice thing about Zappanale, is that you get a bit of everything, but all from the same progressive rock, modern jazz, or zappa corner.
For the fans of King Crimson, the David Cross band had been scheduled.
They’re also scheduled to perform at the MoonJune Records festival that will be held in Toledo next September.

And then it was time for another highlight: The Wrong Object.
This time, the band included trumpet player Bart Maris (who one might also know from Flat Earth Society). Original material plus some Zappa stuff.
My cup of tea.
Special guest Steve Kettley (from Orange Claw Hammer & Pygmy Twylyte joined for the final two pieces.

Our day ended with a portion of Gong. I remembered seeing them with Daevid Allen once, and that hadn’t convinced me.
This time, however, fronted by Kavus Torabi on guitar and vocals, they sounded quite impressive.
I caught the ‘Muffin Man’ riff in one of the tunes and Kavus even played the intro to another Zappa tune between two songs, which proved that he knew where he was playing.
As one has to make choices, I only caught the first songs, but I do hope a recording of this concert will surface. I’d love to give it a listen. And I have to check out Gong…
What a day…

Saturday, July 20, 2024


Another trip to Zappanale – Part 6.
Friday, July 19 – continued
“Green hocker croakin' ” (In the Pygmy Twylyte)

So what does one do after having witnessed a fantastic concert (by Ensemble Fuse)?

Well, at Zappanale, you just walk to the other stage to see another fine concert. Or two.
Friday evening, at 20h30, the Jeff Hollie quartet took the (mystery) stage.
Jeff (who played sax on FZ’s “Joe’s Garage” album) is a great musician. He works and lives in The Netherlands, and has participated in several Zappa-related musical projects the last couple of years. Dutch bands Cucurullo Brillo Brullo, and Zappatiki come to mind, and last year Jeff performed at the Mosae Zappa festival in The Netherlands.
For the Zappanale gig, Jeff had assembled Fred Händl (keyboard), Kevin Crosby (bass), and Armin Beck (drums), plus mystery guest Natacha (vocals).

We went for a meal first, so we missed the visual aspect of the first part, but we were able to catch them mid-show. A fun concert. Not perfect (and the balance of the sound was terrible) but it was fun.
Scottish band Pygmy Twylyte had the honour to do the final Friday concert on the main stage.
Pygmy Twylyte chief / guitar player Chris added that the band had been working towards this concert for a couple of years, and it showed.
The band delivered a solid rock show with lots of improvisations.
The audience (and there were many) loved it .