Saturday, December 11, 2010


December 2004, the Arf Society released issue number 41 of "The Arf Dossier". This time with:
  • a mike keneally interview (2004.09.16) by ulli schäfer
  • "frank zappa & die neue musik - part 7" by thomas krampl
  • "secret weapons - part 1" by michael krampe, lutz lektor & bünjamin ünver
  • "frank zappa - der "könig" des kung fu?" by carlos zerpa
  • a review of the sheik yerbouti & napoleon murphy brock 2004.10.28 concert by stone & silvi
  • "jugend forscht, teil 3" - die Baby Snakes DVD, by juliane waack
  • "halloween weekend tour", a review of sheik yerbouti & napoleon murphy brock concerts by dietmar feierabend
  • and lots of reviews of zappa-related releases

Another nice release with reviews of "Quaudiophiliac" and "Joe's Domage", showing the new direction that the ZFT was taking. Also in the same pages: the first part of "Secret Weapons", a closer look at some of Zappa's sidemen: this time round: Warren Cuccurullo! Nice.

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