Sunday, December 12, 2010


One of the nice off-shoots of the Off Record Label is their P.V.Presents series. P.V. stands for Pierre Vervloesem, belgian guitar player, composer, producer and whatevermore.
In "P.V.Presents", Pierre gets the opportunity to exhibit his various musical outlets.
"The CK Theory" is a 4 CD box and it presents material by Caca, Codswallop, The Claude Zac Ensemble, and John Koenig. And, yes, every each one of these albums is linked to Pierre Vervloesem.

Caca has been mentioned on this blog at least twice, and that sure isn't enough.
Angular guitar-orientated rock or jazz, with lots of horns. Instrumental, up-tempo and funny. I love it. It doesn't get any better than this. Did I say zappa-esque?
And you don't have to take my word for it.
Go to and check out the samples !!
God, this is good. I want more!!

Next up is Codswallop. This is the 'rock' album of the set. A steady beat, dark vocals (by Richard Belgium !) and a nice bunch of songs. Nice.

The party goes on with The Claude Zac Ensemble. Here, we get experimental & avant-garde elements mixed in.
The Snakefinger nod in track 10, 'Save Me From Aldi', fits perfectly.
Excellent stuff.

And last (but not least) there's the long-lost science fiction soundtrack by the illustrious John Koenig. All (guitar?) synthesizer and drum programming.
Wowie zowie. This is great.
This is like The Residents remixed by a drum 'n bass DJ.
So where can one find all these goodies?
Well, the answer is easy:
At the Off Label MySpace site:

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