Sunday, December 26, 2010


Over at the Saturn newsgroup, Paul said:

The Artyard re-issue of Space Probe will be released at some point in early 2011 but I can't say precisely when. It will be worth the wait however. There are a number of bonus tracks that are from the choreographers workshop sessions with the same stripped down Arkestra sound found on side 2 of the original lp. Two of the bonus pieces feature Theda Barbara on vocals from the same session that produced 'Circe' on the lp When Sun Comes Out. There is the full version of Primitive (the other half of which was released separately as 'Dimensions In Time' on the Evidence cd of When Sun Comes Out) and a few other short but cool pieces.

Then there is Space Probe itself. For me this is one of Sun Ra's great recordings. Full of extraordinary sounds and textures, there is a section about a third of the way in where two Moog pulses are set alongside each other and from out of the midst of the deepest space music Ra conjures ancient African 12/8 cross rhythms. Sublime Ra music and perhaps the quintessential Afro-Futurist moment.

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