Tuesday, November 1, 2016


The Banned From Utopia recently toured Yurrip.
They rocked.
  • Ray White : vocals, guitar
  • Robert Martin : vocals, keyboards, saxophone, harmonica
  • Tom Fowler : bass
  • Albert Wing : saxophones, EWI
  • Joel Taylor : drums
  • Robbie 'Seahag' Mangano : guitar, vocals
Highlights : Ray White and Robert Martin singing in harmony, Tom Fowler's great bass lines, Albert Wing's 'outside' solos on the Electric Wind Instrument, Joel Taylor's drum sole, and Robbie 'Seahag' Mangano's adventurous guitar lines.
I loved it.

I saw the band three times and they just got better every time. It was good to see Ray playing a couple of guitar solos as well. I really dig his playing. The thing that I enjoyed the most, except for the fact that they played some superb music, were the solos by Albert and by Robbie. Different every night. There was even a section where they threw licks at one another. Amazing.

A couple of audio recordings turned up at Zappateers. And there's some video snippets to be found on Youtube as well.

01 - Heavy Duty Judy
02 - Easy Meat
03 - Cosmik Debris
04 - Let's Move To Cleveland
05 - Advance Romance
06 - Pound For A Brown
07 - Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy
08 - Dupree's Paradise
09 - Pick Me, I'm Clean
10 - Willie The Pimp
11 - Marque-Son's Chicken
12 - I Ain't Got No Heart
13 - Inca Roads
14 - Keep It Greasy

15 - Andy
16 - Whipping Post

second encore
17 - Sofa No.2

I was told that the band finished mixing some recordings from their latest (2015) tour. Recordings that were made by Germand national radio. The mix was ready to be pressed on CD, but unfortunately too late to be ready for the tour.
Let's hope they still decide to release it.
One show from the 2015 series was (multi-)video-taped. Below snippet might be from that recording...

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  1. Nearly perfect these guys...never saw them live :( but heard them live on the german radio from the zappanale 2015 (?) I love the basslines from Tom, too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUuS8ENBLBg and a really great drummer they got https://youtu.be/QjGTTHZBnnk