Tuesday, November 1, 2016


  • charles bobuck: black tar - 13 tiny tunes for hallow's eve
        (2016, download, usa, bandcamp) 
Yesterday, on the evening of Halloween, Charles Bobuck released "Black Tar - 13 Tiny Tunes For Hallow's Eve".
Weird and dark.
Each track has a title that consists of one word : 'Saw', 'Yellow', 'Bag', 'Dali', ...
These words were taken from a little story :

I saw a yellow bag.
The bag was carried by the artist Dali as he strolled through the streets of Barcelona singing songs he could hear coming from passing car radios. As he neared, he paused and handed me the bag asking, “Are you my angel of death?” And with that he squelched up his face as though he had just bitten into a lemon.

“You do not look like my angel. My angel would wear a shroud made of rugs with blue fringe.”

With that he he took the yellow bag from me and looked deeply into my eyes.

I said, “It is Hallow’s Eve and I am wearing a costume.”

He smiled with eyes appreciating my sneakiness and shoved the bag back into my arms.

I opened it once he was out of sight. It was filled with music that had the odor of sticky black tar.

I now pass the bag to you.

Are you my angel of death?

Available as a name-your-price download-only album.
Money goes to charity. Read more here :

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