Friday, November 11, 2016


  • moe: examination of the eye of a horse
        (2016, lp, norway, conrad sound)
Norwegian band MoE is not to be confused with American jamband moe. (although I like them both).
MoE is Guro Skumsnes Moe (bass, vocals), Joakim Heibø Johansen (drums) and Håvard Skaset (guitar), and on "Examination Of The Eye Of A Horse" they bring a powerful, energetic mixture of noise and experimental rock.

The trio has been around for about five years and has toured Europe. China, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.

"Examination Of The Eye Of A Horse" is their sixth album if you include their "Oslo Janus" series.

Check out their bandcamp page !
The Norwegian band MoE is known for mixing their minimalistic compositions with alternative and experimental approaches that fails to fit in the rock genre. With countless collaborations exceeding the borders of rock and noise, MoE seeks the absolute presence in the execution of the music. Loud and violently, they molest their instruments and brings the listener closer to a healthy insanity.

Out on Conrad

Available from Mandaï

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