Sunday, November 20, 2016


Yesterday, I was able to give the brand-new Ostric Von Nipple album a first listen.
I'm still recovering.

By releasing "OVN Qualifies Absurdity", Ostrich Von Nipple allows us another glimpse of his universe. With the help of r0b0t, Steve Moss and Nolan Cook, OVN keeps on pushing the boundaries.
In six tracks and 20 minutes you get a mixture of wacky melodies, noisy soundscapes and mutated lounge music.
My favourite track is 'Forbidden Pleasures', a short (but sweet) rhythmic exercise.
  1. We wanna
  2. Lounging Around
  3. The Others
  4. Forbidden Pleasures
  5. Then What
  6. The Bungler
The mini-album is presented on a 3"-CD and will be made available in two different edition by the Psychofon Records label in a couple of days.

Be sure to check it out.

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