Saturday, December 6, 2014


  • anthony pirog: palo colorado dream
        (2014, cd, usa, cuneiform)
Guitarist and composer Anthony Pirog hails from Washington DC. For "Palo Colorado Dream", his first release, Anthony teamed up with Michael Formanek (Tim Berne, Thumbscrew) on bass and Ches Smith (John Zorn, Secret Chiefs 3, Marc Ribot) on drums.

"Palo Colorado  Dream" is a very impressive album. It's easy to tell that Anthony Pirog is a very talented and very expressive guitar player and composer but the most impressive thing on this album is the interaction of the three musicians. Next to the superb guitar playing there's some great bass playing and drumming going on, but it's the way how these musicians play together that lifts this album to an even higher level.

Recommended listening !

Out on Cuneiform.

Available from Mandaï.

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