Friday, December 26, 2014


I have been listening to Morgan Ågren's various musical projects for quite some years. Ever since his appearance at a 1988 Frank Zappa concert, the participation to the Zappa's Universe concerts, and his contribution to two tracks of Dweezil and Ahmet Zappa's "Shampoo Horn" (not to mention the Zapp-Stee-Toot project).
From the early  ninetees to today, it has been a fascinating journey with the Mats/Morgan albums as recurring highlights.

And now there's "Batterie Deluxe", Morgan Ågren's first solo album.
14 tracks,
50 minutes,
and a fine selection of guests.

On "Batterie Deluxe", Morgan takes us on a voyage of discovery. A journey through his world of sounds and it's an amazing one.

Next to the inimitable Mats Öberg on keyboard and the fascinating Indian sounds of Neyveli Radhakrishna's electric violin, the album features Simon Steensland, Fredrik Thordendal, Jimmy Ågren and Devin Townsend next to Mamadou Sene

Highly recommended.
Essential listening.
Digital downloads will be available mid January. Vinyl version will follow!
This CD version has a "double sleeve vinyl type” packaging, but contains only a CD!
(if you are in Japan) go here, (or USA) go here (or Scandinavia) go here

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