Wednesday, December 3, 2014


  • blind thorns: blind thorns
        (2014, cd, bel, cheap satanism records)
Blind Thorns is Shane Perlowin (guitar) and Ryan Oslance (drums), both from Ahleuchatistas, with Antoine Läng (voice and electronics).
The trio produces experimental improvised music influenced by no-wave, kraut / psychedelic, noise, electroacoustic and ethnic folklore to produce a primal and intense music.

Blind Thorns conjures a hypnotic and horrifying dreamscape of sounds that simultaneously pummels and entrances listeners into ecstatic acquiescence. Wordless saccharine vocals, ethereal guitar, and meditative percussion evolve into a brutal growl, crushing riffage, and relentless pounding. The serenity of a deserted cemetery, wind whistling on the breeze, leaves rustling, a train in the distance, images that seem to appear before reality is peeled back and the sound of warped tape and backwards incantations cross fade into an echoic torture chamber. Amorphous yet telepathic and controlled communication between the instruments creates dark impressionistic textures, while still rocking the fuck out with a knowing sense of humor.

To call this rock music would make the most sense, but it is clear from the outset that the influences run deep and wide, and that the musicians have achieved a certain level of mastery and versatility on their respective instruments. There is a mysterious quality to Blind Thorns' sound, like something lies hidden beneath the surface. Tribal rhythms, white noise, and throat singing thrust us forward as if on a cinematic suspense adventure through tumult and foes. Glorious melodies are undermined by disheveled sonic debris, yet still manage to pull the heart strings as they struggle to poke through the mayhem. This is the soundtrack for waking up to the fact that our universe is a simulation and there is no waking up.

Out on the Cheap Satanism label.
Available from Mandaï:

Here's a track from the above mentioned album :

And here's Blind Thorns in concert :

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