Sunday, December 28, 2014


Besides original compositions, Belgian ensemble WOFO (With Others, For Others) also performs the music of Raymond Scott.

Just to make me drool, I received the setlist of the concert that the Wofo Sextette did at the Plusetage in Baarle Nassau, a couple of months ago. A concert that I missed due to a temporary malfunctioning memory. Shame on me.

Wofo Sextette - 2014 09 20 concert Plusetage, Baarle Nassau, NL

Xavier Verhelst: bass
Bart Maris: trumpet
Michel Mast: sax
Mattias Laga: clarinet, bass clarinet
Pieter Baert: piano
Tom Wouters: drums

  • La morata   (H.Isaac)
  • The penguin   (R.Scott)
  • Devil drums   (R.Scott)
  • Boy scout in Switzerland   (R.Scott)
  • Peter Tambourine   (R.Scott)
  • Soon the sfinxes will resound to the ukelelian melodies of pyramidal secrets   (X.Verhelst)
  • The singing of numbers   (X.Verhelst)
  • It don't mean shit   (X.Verhelst)
  • Snake woman   (R.Scott)
  • Siberian sleighride   (R.Scott)
  • Suicide cliff   (R.Scott)
  • Sleepwalker   (R.Scott)
  • The toy trumpet   (R.Scott)
  • The girl with the light blue hair   (R.Scott)
  • Twilight in Turkey   (R.Scott)
  • Powerhouse   (R.Scott)
  • Oil gusher   (R.Scott)

-- setlist : Danny Mathys

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