Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Born in Italy in 1971, pianist and composer Augusto Pirodda moved to The Netherlands in 1998 to study at the Den Haag Conservatory. In 2002 he moved back to Italy, only to return to The Netherlands in 2005. Nowadays, he's living in Brussels.

After years of playing with various jazz musicians across Europe, Augusto Pirodda made his first solo record in 2007. The album was entitled "Moving".
2011 saw the release of his second album, "No Comment", with Gary Peacock on bass and Paul Motian on drums. It got released on the German Jazzwerkstatt label.

And now there's "A Turkey Is Better Eaten" for which Augusto invited rhythm section Manolo Cabras on double bass and Marek Patrman on drums. Manolo Cabras hails from Italy and is a long time collaborator of Augusto Pirodda. Czech drummer Marek Patrman teaches at the Antwerp Jazz Academy and has worked and recorded with Erik Vermeulen and Ben Sluys to name two.
Alto sax player Ben Sluys completes the quartet. His lyrical playing style creates the perfect counterpoint to the more experimental approach of Augusto.

"A Turkey Is Better Eaten" is a fascinating album.
Worth checking out.

Released on the El Negocito record label.

Here's Augusto Pirodda, Manolo Cabras and Marke Patrman (without Ben Sluys) in concert in Brussels, November 2011.

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