Sunday, December 7, 2014


I first came across Sir Thomas Jäderlund 's name on Bengt Berger's "Biches Brew Big" album. A superb recording (that also features Mats Öberg).
On "Plays Jazz", Thomas Jäderlund performs the music of Ornette Coleman and Charles Mingus. Not the easiest of tasks, but the Thomas Jäderlund Amazing Trio (with Peter Janson on double bass and Göran Kroon on drums) does a great job.

The album cover of this brand-new release does not just look spectacular, there's an actual idea behind it.
From the Country & Eastern website:
There is love, there is joy, there is compassion in the music of Sir Thomas Jäderlund and his truly amazing trio. In their jazz music you will find anger, bravery and fear as well. Eight modern classics by Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman also leave space for disgust, surprise and peace of mind. You will be lucky to find all the nine emotions (Navarasa) known from the ancient Indian art world in this album by Sir Thomas Jäderlund and his Amazing Trio.

The album cover does indeed fit the package.

Meet the Thomas Jäderlund Amazing Trio :

Released by the Country & Eastern record label.

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