Monday, September 14, 2009


Special Announcement: The Ultimate Steve Vai Charity Auction


This is a once in a lifetime package for a special Steve Vai Fan!

Steve will be auctioning a complete replica of his entire rig (many of the items used on tour) as part of the charity auctions taking place in conjunction with the release of the new DVD/CD and screening party on September 15th in Hollywood. You get everything shown in the photo, including Steve! The rig contains many of the original items Steve used on the String Theories tour that was captured live in the "Live in Minneapolis: Where the Wild Things Are DVD". (*denotes original String Theory tour items)

(1) Original Steve Vai owned Jem ("Bad Horsie I"I guitar used on the Fire Garden tour)
(2) Carvin Legacy II heads
(2) 4x12 Carvin Legacy cabinets*
(1) Bad Horsie Wha Wha pedal*
(1) Little Alligator Volume pedal*
(1) Ibanez Jemini distortion pedal
(1) Digitech Whammy pedal*
(1) Original SV TC -G force*

All rig components are wired with premium DiMarzio cables.

But that's not all. Steve will write and record an original song dedicated to the highest bidder, and will be sold on iTunes, with all proceeds going to Hollywood Arts. The highest bidder will also get a very special thank you in the next Vai record; a commemorative DVD plaque, a 1-hour private lesson with Steve (Steve will come to the winner's house if they are located in Los Angeles); and the winner will be invited to an EVO experience (including concert tickets) in the town of their chose on the next tour.

The auction begins today - Monday September 14th at 3:45pm PDT. Visit for a link to the auction.

Click here to read more and see a larger image!

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