Tuesday, September 1, 2009

JOHN TRUBEE 2009 09 01

Trubee says: "OK, tell me how & where I am wrong about this... "

Stealing The Play
Copyright 2009 John Trubee

Imagine a schoolyard, the one in which we used to play as children--and in which we still ought to play as adults if we choose to live life completely.

Imagine a clot of the worst of our schoolmates approaching us to ask us to refrain from playing, and to instead sit in the bleachers and watch them play.

Imagine this arrogance trumped by the further arrogance of them next demanding pay from us for the honor of watching them play—play as we used to play, until we stupidly complied in handing our play over to these bratty thugs.

Imagine us growing fat and listless as we cease engaging in play, fun, and adventures, instead choosing to become pale, inert, listless spectators of life, observing our bratty inferiors monopolize all the fun, joy, sex, play, and excitement which we used to possess as our birthright as children of the earth.

Imagine us insanely revering the brats who stole our play, wasting vast portions our time, energy, and money focusing on their lives instead of our own.

Imagine us bonding with strangers by mutually discussing the activities of the bratty thieves of our play instead of our own activities and accomplishments which admittedly are few because we have pissed away too much of our time and energy focusing on the thieves of our play and because we sat passive and listless, merely spectating as the bratty thugs lived the best aspects of our lives for us.

This is my perspective on the entertainment industry and our relationship to it.

John Trubee
PO Box 4921
Santa Rosa, CA 95402 USA

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