Wednesday, September 2, 2009


About three weeks ago, I started my Zappanale preparation in the best possible way: I went to see Project/Object in concert in Eindhoven.
I arrived in Eindhoven around 4 p.m., had a drink & a meal with some fellow Zappateers, was able to catch the soundcheck, had a chat with Jeff Hollie who came to watch the show (sax on "Joe's Garage", and close friend of Ike),... I had a great time, and the concert hadn't even started.
A couple of hours later, opening band Firetime was warming up the audience. They did a great job.
And then, Project/Object came on stage and showed how Zappa's music can sound:

Robbie "Seahag" Mangano - bass, vocals
Eric Svalgard - keys, moog, vocals
Eric Slick - drums, vocals
Andre Cholmondeley - guitar, vocals, samples
Ike Willis - guitar, vocals
Don Preston - keys, moog, vocals

The cryptic setlist looked like this:

Electric Madness, Mammy Anthem, Society > Beautiful > Beauty, T'Mershi > Trouble, Andy, Duke, Idiot, Florentine > 50/50, Swifty, Go Cry, Wet T, Greasy > Outside, RDNZL, Dumb All Over, Cosmik, Echindna > Wash

And, good grief, the band was in great shape. Sharp, witty, and a great selection of tunes.

Despite the sound being way too loud, it was a fabulous show. (It did sound perfect when I used my earplugs, but it ruined the audience recordings that were made ...)

You can watch some (5) fragments over at Reinbo11's YouTube channel:

Echidna's Arf


Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder

The incredible Robbie Seahag on bass !!!

Florentine Pogen

These guys were ready for Zappanale, and so was I...

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