Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Italian underground label Wallace Records (http://www.wallacerecords.com/home.htm) releases music with a punk attitude. The label has been around since 1999, so they're celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. Congrats !!
Last year, Wallace Records released a 10" vinyl album. It was a split record, including one track by Talibam! and two tracks by Jealousy Party: volume 5 in their PhonoMetak Laboratories series.

Talibam! is a duo: Matt Mottel: synthesizer, and Kevin Shea: drums

from their MySpace site:
Hailing from New York City, TALIBAM! has been making their presence felt since 2003 with a prolific number of live gigs, self-released cdr's & label releases. Since 2006, Matt Mottel (synthesizer) and Kevin Shea (drums) have toured Europe nine times & released 19 albums. They have releases on ESP, Roaratorio, Bo'Weavil Recordings, Azul Discografica, Moist Lips Records, Stop Scratching, No=Fi Recordings, Evolving Ear, Pendu Sound Recordings, Wallace Records, Holiday Records, Thors Rubber Hammer, Ecstatic Peace, MT5 Tapes, Fair School, Kitty Play Records, Gaffer Records, Blackest Rainbow, & others.
The music is a mixture beween trash / noise and free jazz. You can sample it at:


The Jealousy Party is an italian eight-piece band that mixes experimental music with electronics.


If you're into the blending of noise with free jazz and electronics, you should check this out.


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