Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Released in 1993 on Rounder Records, "Somewhere Else" presents recordings that Sun Ra & his Akrestra did in two New York City studios in 1988 & 1989.
The first thing that one will immediately notice, listening to this album, is the very fine quality of the recording. A lot of Sun Ra albums originate from live recordings and / or rare material from the 50's or 60's, resulting in interesting albums, but not always of the highest audio quality. This is not true for "Somewhere Else". The sound is great.

The music on this disc is superb. It's a perfect mixture of cool jazz, big band swing, fine arrangements and outer space solos. It even includes the fine vocals of June Tyson in 'Stardust For Tomorrow' and 'Everything Is Space'.

And last and certainly not least, "Somewhere Else" features Don Cherry (!!), John Gilmore and Marshall Allen, which makes this an historical event.

Highly recommended !!
An essential (outer space) element of your music collection.

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  1. These are (all?) the remaining sessions from the seriously underrated, super fantastic A&M Records releases "Blue Delight" and "Purple Night." A sane man needs all three! bp