Sunday, May 14, 2017


Francesco Zago and Markus Stauss (ZAgo + staUSS = ZAUSS) have made a new album : "Trittico - Immer - All Over".
The liner notes say : "The music on this album consists of interwoven cycles similar to Zauss' 2nd album "überall in terra straniera borders beyond" (fm 0829). This time, there are four "tenor sax - soprano sax - flute - bass sax" cycles, two on each CD."

The result is very impressive. I just love the sound of an acoustic saxophone (or flute) against the tone of the electric guitar. At times, their sound is very different, but there are moments that they almost sound the same. Superb interaction.
On "Tritico - Immer - All Over", Zauss presents two times eight beautiful soundscapes.
And there's the addition of Giuseppe Olivini to the duo. With his subtle percussion, Giuseppe adds extra texture and more depth to the pieces.

A music journey.
A great album in a handsome package.
Recommended listening.

Out on Fazzul Music.

Outtake from Kurai (2006)
Giuseppe A. Olivini, percussion * Markus Stauss, bass sax * Peter Schmid, bass clarinet

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