Monday, May 1, 2017


  • moker: ladder
        (2016, cd, bel, el negocito records enr051)
"Ladder", the latest Moker album, preludes fifteen years of Moker, the Belgian jazz ensemble that consists of:
  • Mathias Van de Wiele - guitars and alto horn
  • Jordi Grognard - tenor saxophone, clarinets and bansuri
  • Bart Maris - trumpet and electronics
  • Lieven Van Pee - basses and electronics
  • Giovanni Barcella - drums
As if it had been agreed, "Ladder" presents fifteen compositions.
Most of the pieces have been composed by Mathias Van de Wiele and by Bart Maris, but there are also some joint efforts.
Clever compositions, fine interplay, beautiful improvisations,... This is one excellent album.

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