Thursday, May 25, 2017


May 12, 2017, Jooklo Zappa performed at 'Het Bos' in Antwerp, BE.

Jooklo Zappa = the Italian experimental music duo Jooklo (David Vanzan, Virginia Genta) plus Stanley Jason Zappa.

They shared the bill with The Selva (cello, bass, drums) and with Lauroshilau (electronics, drums, violin).
Three experimental trios on one night.

Virginia Genta  -  David Vanzan  -  Stanley Jason Zappa  (picture by Philippe Lamoot)

The Jooklo Zappa concert was excellent.
The two saxophones started with playing one note in unison, gradually moving away, searching for seperate lines.

The band had brought along some hand-crafted tour booklets and posters.
A fine night it was.

Here's a recording from a concert they did last year.
To give you an idea of what it sounded like.

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