Thursday, January 5, 2012


ZappaCast is a series of podcasts on the music of Frank Zappa.
Hosts are Scott Parker, Mick Ekers and Andrew Greenaway.

Here's the excellent part five.

Andrew adds: "A special ZappaCast (dedicated with love to Motorhead), in which the Fab 3 each have their say: Sir Scott Parker talks about his books on The History And Collected Improvisations Of The Mothers Of Invention; Professor Mick Ekers chats to Tommy Mars about the vocoder; and this Idiot takes a look at Zappanale - with a little help from Amaretto Mick Zeuner, the dynamic Ike Willis and delightful Helen Tate. Of course, there's loads of great music too. So, is this our White Album? Or is it more Umma Gumma? You decide."

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