Sunday, January 22, 2012


In 1977, the Los Angeles Free Music Society released their 5th album, a various artists compilation entitled "Blorp Esette - Volume 1". Each participating artist had to pay US $ 2.00 for each 15 seconds of time on the album, but they would also receive a copy of the album for each 15 seconds that got released...
The result was a bizarre collection of sounds and music that featured Smegma, Ace Farren Ford, Henry Kaiser and The Residents, to name a few.
Don Van Vliet signed for the artwork, and 500 copies of the album got pressed.
With enough material at hand, The LAFMS released the 2 LP-set "Blorp Esette - Volume 2" in 1980 as a follow-up. Again, with beautiful artwork by Don Van Vliet. This time the LAFMS pressed 250 copies.

As you can imagine, these vinyl copies are quite hard to find. In 1999, the Transparency label took on the difficult task to re-release these albums, the result being a 4CD-set. Enhancements included a lot of bonus material, better sound levels and more stereo.
The Residents' track was left out, but the extra music was a great. A beautiful set, but not easy to find either as it also sold out.

And that's where the good news comes in. Transparency has re-released a remastered version of this 4CD-set. Same cover, same artwork, and some minor musical changes.
The music on the set is over 30 years old, and still sounds as out-of-this-world like the first time I heard it. Literally.

the original album covers:

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