Sunday, January 8, 2012


I added some covers and stuff to the United Mutations Archives. Just to keep you up-to-date, here's the list.

the aristocrats: s/t
(2011, cd, usa, boing! music bm-00001)
= bryan beller, guthrie govan & marco minnemann;
Pretty sure that I had mentioned this release before, but hadn't added it to the Archives.

fattore zeta: dio fa - zappanale 19
(2009, cdr, italy, private release)
2009 release of the 2008 Zappanale concert by Fattore Zeta.
all compositions by frank zappa, except one or two, mabye. Great guys & great music.

the residents: the 12 days of brumalia
(2004, cd, usa, ralph america ra017)
Added the picture of this limited release (1000 numbered copies) to the Rez page.

the vegetarians: zappanale 22
(2011, dvdr, ger, private release)
The Vegetarians at last years Zappanale. Lots of frank zappa compositions. Limited DVDR release.

essra mohawk: zappanale 22
(2011, dvdr, ger, private release)
Essra Mohawk and Sandro Oliva, live at last years Zappanale. With Gary Lucas as a guest performer. Includes zappa & beefheart material.

devin flynn and gary panter: devin and gary go outside
(2009, cd, usa, fypc99)
This album quotes 'take your clothes off' (frank zappa). There's a regular release as well, and that one already could be found in the Archives. This is an example of the cover of the "limited edition of 100 signed copies with unique covers".

fido plays zappa: zappanale 22
(2011, dvdr, ger, private release)
More zappanale related release with the Fido concert from last august. Lotsa Zappa.

the plastic people of the universe: zappanale 22
(2011, dvdr, ger, private release)
Another very limited (20 copies) DVDR-release that was available at the Zappanale festival. It's The Plastic People Of The Universe, with special guest Gary Lucas

radio show: voices on the verge, show #0352
(2003, cdr-promo, usa, etown)
Radio show recording with lisa loeb and dweezil zappa. From almost ten years ago.

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