Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Earlier today, I stumbled upon "Stone Preomonitions Presents Paul Rose". It's an album that I received as a gift a while ago, and I thought I'd give it another listen.
Paul Rose is a British blues / rock guitar player who has some ten albums out. Instrumental stuff. I like this.

As I was adding the data of this disc to the United Mutations Archives and listening to the album, I googled the net, looking for extra data.
And, hopla, the wonderful world of Youtube offered this little gem:

And that's not all. A bit of extra reading brought up the fact that The Paul Rose Band performed Zappa's 'Black Napkins' in concert, and that a recording of this was available on his "Live At The Broken Doll" album...
It has been added to my 'search' list.

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