Sunday, January 15, 2012


Bringing the Archives up-to-date, here's the cover & the table of contents of issue number 70 of the Arf Dossier (you know, from the people who also bring you Zappanale).

the arf-dossier no.70 - 2011/12

  • leserpost & tauschbörse

  • the hot platters heaven from the arf office by peter görs, matthew galaher and volkmar mantei

  • frank zappa & die neue musik - teil 29 by thomas krampl

  • news from belgium - live from United Mutations

  • sheik yerbouti - the last concert, 31.10.2011

  • the fine but unauthorized cd kaleidoscope by burkhard schempp and peter görs

  • the vinyl bootleg releases by burkhard schempp

  • ullis ecke by ulli schäfer

  • back-cover illustration by robert ross

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