Monday, January 23, 2012


Enroll in the Brokkenfabriekmusicianspool!

Are you a student of the conservatory classical, jazz or pop and would you like to participate in a project where the boundaries are not set, or are you a musical talent 'on the loose', consider joing the Brokkenfabriek!

Motivated, talented musicians with an interest in the combination composition / improvisation receive masterclasses for a month, from different musical leaders.

You can choose the month(s) you want to join in.

You'll have 4 masterclasses every tuesday night at Zaal 100, De Wittestraat 100 in Amsterdam and a concert on the last sunday afternoon of the month.

Since 2008 the BrokkenFabriek was lead by Corrie van Binsbergen, Joost Buis, Hans Hasebos, Albert van Veenendaal, Arend Nikx, Ernst Reijseger, Anton Goudsmit, Guus Janssen, Oene van Geel, Felicity Provan, David Kweksilber, Michael Moore, Michiel Braam, Alan Purves, Raphael Vonoli, Wilbert de Joode and Sean Bergin.

Masterclasses season 2011 / 2012

  • october: Vasile Nedea - Balkan music

  • november: Alex Coke - 'Wake up dead man'-project

  • december: Femke Hoyng & Onno van Swigchem - improvising with animators

  • january: Steven Kamperman - Modal improvisations on Turkish scales

  • february: Joost Dieho - playing Zappa!

  • march: Robert van Heumen & Anne La Berge - about structure in improvisation and live electronics

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