Sunday, October 4, 2015


The Eat To The Beat record label has just released a 3CD set that includes recordings from various radio and tv broadcasts.
So, no, this hardly can be called an 'official' album.
And, yes, it does offer a fine set of recordings..

[1] 1966/06/17 radio broadcast from the avalon ballroom, san francisco, ca, usa
[2] 1967 / 1968 various radio sessions
[3]1974/04/22 live radio broadcast from the cowtown ballroom, kansas city, mi, usa
[4] 1981/01/17 radio broadcast from the commodore ballroom, vancouver, canada
[5] tubeworks wabx tv
[6] 1975/11/01 kwst fm radio show broadcast with frank zappa
[7] 1980/11 "saturday night live"

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