Friday, October 23, 2015


Sunday, December 20, 2015, The Muffin Men will be celebrating their 25th anniversary at 'The Cavern Club' in Liverpool, UK.
At 15h00.

Roddie adds:
Twenty five years ago a group of scouse meffs (and some bloke from Oxford) decided to get together to play some tunes by Frank Zappa, as a one off gig to celebrate his fiftieth birthday.
Twenty-five years, a thousand plus gigs, twenty odd CDs, four(?) DVDs later and they're still at it.
Expect a few surprises, some older, fatter, greyer, uglier old gits, along with some lovely tunes, a few laughs, a nice chat and a bevvy.

Sunday afternoon, 3-6 ish on 20/12/15.
See yer there?

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