Sunday, October 4, 2015


  • art zoyd: génération sans futur
        (1980, lp, france, atem)
French band Art Zoyd released "Génération Sans Futur" (generation without a future") in 1980. It was their third album.
On "Génération Sans Futur", Art Zoyd mixes progressive rock with tribal rhythms and contemprary classical music. The perfect example of the Rock In Opposition (RIO) movement.

The excellent Sub Rosa record label has recently re-released "Génération Sans Futur" on both LP and CD. The re-issue comes with new artwork and the CD also with an extra track.

01. la ville (16.50)
02. speedy gonzales (02.55)
03. divertissement (06.45)
04. trois miniatures (05.15)
05. génération sans futur (09.40)
06. les fourmis 1979 (06.05)  -  (bonus track CD only)

The Sub Rosa record label

Available from Mandaï

Here's the opening track (from the original release):

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  1. I have the Belle Antique versions of early Art Zoyd records and this bonus live version of Les forumis do not appear on any of them. Is it essential version?