Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Barnes & Barnes are known as Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer in real life. They released their first album, "Voobaha", in 1980. On Rhino Records. The same label that featured Wild Man Fischer and The Grandmothers.
"Voobaha" was put on CD in 1996 by Oglio Records, so that even people who only like CDs can enjoy 'Party In My Pants', or 'Fish Heads'.

Big fun.

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  1. I have been enjoying the brilliance of Barnes & Barnes ever since I was introduced to their music via the Dr. Demento radio snow in the late 1970s. While Art and Artie Barnes can be, and are categorized as comedy, they are so much more than that. This stigma has done the very talented and imaginative duo little justice. They are wonderful musicians who have a knack for composing Memorably and catchy melodies.

    incidentally, 'VOOBAHA' received a second release by 'Collector's Choice Records' in 2006. The first CD release was From 'OGLIO' in 1996. Both editions are worth having because the version issued by 'Collector's Choice' has six bonus tracks not found on the 'OGLIO' edition, and the 'OGLIO' addition has three bonus tracks not found on the 'Collectors Choice' edition. The 'Collectors Choice' disc features among its bonus tracks demo versions of 'Boogie Woogie Amputee' and 'Fish Heads', both of which are very revealing and fresh!