Tuesday, December 20, 2011


a message from André Cholmondeley

I'm actually involved in a couple cool musical projects for next year -- not only playing but doing some tour support/crew stuff, stay tuned or check FB.
Right now --we're about to do a very quick Project/Object Tour, this will be in PA, MD, CT, MA, NJ only. Sorry.....

Back out for a quick run the road celebrating the BIRTHDAY BOY (Dec 21), amazing American Composer and Guitar Pioneer Frank Zappa. We'll once again perform his timeless music with one his most beloved lead vocalists...Ike Willis

Some changes to the band -- Eric Svalgard has decided to focus on some other projects and his School of Rock, we thank him for some awesome years behind the keyboards! This tour we'll have Kendall Scott on synths and keys, and Max Johnson will sit in on bass for the vacationing/camping Dave Johnsen. We'll also have the excellent Liz Cary on violin for PA, NJ, MD shows.

Thanks again to everyone here who came out to the October shows, that was a real blast. We hope to come back to each and every place as much as we can.

Have a great holiday and a healthy & creative 2012 - hope to see you on the road, current dates below!

Facebook : http://tinyurl.com/444suc5
Twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/projectobject

Project/Object On Tour
The Music Of Frank Zappa
New Years Tour 2011-2012

With Zappa Band Vocalist/Guitarist: Ike Willis (Zappa band 1978-1988)


Anrdé Cholmondely: guitar & vocals
Kendall Scott: synths and keys
Max Johnson: bass
Ryan Berg: drums
Ike Willis: guitar & vocals
special guests
Liz Cary: violin (for PA, NJ, MD shows)

* 2011/12/27 - World Cafe´Live - Philadelphia PA
* 2011/12/28 - Baltimore Soundstage - Baltimore MD
* 2011/12/29 - Arch St. Tavern - Hartford CT
* 2011/12/30 - Regatta Bar - Cambridge MA
* 2011/12/31 - Mexicali Live - Teaneck NJ

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