Sunday, December 25, 2011


Norwegian artist Jono El Grande has just released a new album on the Rune Arkiv label. It features recordings from 1995 to 2008. Haven't heard it yet, but it should be sort of 'peek in the kitchen' of Jono El Grande. The vinyl release is limited to 300 copies. A CD-release (with one bonus track but without the extensive liner notes) is scheduled.

Jono El Grande is one of my favorite arists. At the latest Zappanale festival, my heart got torn as I had to choose between Jono El Grande and Doctor Nerve.
Eventually, I went to see Doctor Nerve because I knew that the Jono El Grande concert would be taped on video and made available (in very limited quantities) on DVDR.
The Doctor Nerve concert was the highlight of the festival, but I did enjoy the recording of the Jono El Grande concert a lot as well. Still feel bad that I wasn't able to catch both...

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