Monday, December 26, 2011


February 2010, a recording of a testpressing turned up at the Zappateers website. This Artisan RS 6406 test pressing probably was one of the albums that FZ wanted to include in his legendary 10 LP box set.
The recording got declicked and was posted on Zappateers.
You can read all about it here:

So if you don't feel happy buying an italian semi-official release, you can always download the recording for free over at Zappateers.

  1. wipe out (live in l.a., 1968)

  2. east l.a. (live in nyc, 1969)

  3. weasels ripped my flesh (live in stratford, ct, 1969)

  4. kung fu (live in philadelphia, 1969)

  5. igor's boogie (live in philadelphia, 1969)

  6. passacaglia (live in philadelphia, 1969)

  7. copenhagen night music (live in copenhagen, 1968)

  8. help, i'm a rock (live in london, 1968)

  9. chocolate halvah (live in miami, 1969)

  10. prelude to the afternoon of a sexually aroused gas mask (live in london, 1968)

  11. the cookie jar lecture (live in nyc, 1969)

  12. it must be your breath (live in birmingham, uk, 1969)

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