Saturday, December 31, 2011


Earlier this year (talking 2011), the Transparency label released a beautiful storybook: "Alessandra Celletti : Paraphernalia". The book looks great and presents a lenghty interview that Massimo Marchini did with Alessandra Celletti. There's also lots of pictures in it and also some fine stories by Alessandra. As a bonus, the book carries a DVD. This DVD carries 13 tracks, or 13 little movies.
Each movie is like a little music clip. All the compositions, except for two, are by Alessandra. The music is performed by Alessandra, and the videos were shot by various video artists.

And for some reason, the following didn't suprise me.
Next to the actual discography, there's a short list (with pictures) of a couple of "unavailable albums". The list includes "Alessandra Celletti / Karlheinz Stockhausen - Integrale Klavierstücke", "Alessandra Celletti: The Worst Of Italian Popular Song", "Alessandra Celletti: The Merry Barbarian By Bartok And Variations On The Theme", and "Alessandra Celletti Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa - Ruth Is Sleeping". The covers of these imaginary albums look like the real thing.
Nice. Really nice.

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