Wednesday, September 26, 2018


The Headshakers added the rock sound to the recent symphonic concert of Frank Zappa's "200 Motels, The Suites" in Strasbourg, France. Their name had already crossed this blog as they did a short tour with Napoleon Murphy Brock in 2016, performing the music of a certain FZ.
Reason enough to take a copy of their album home.

"THS" presents an incredible funky band. The title of the second track (and of their previous EP) says it all: We Jazz We Rock We Funk.
If you're into the music of the JB Horns or Candy Dulfer, this will be right up your alley !
Funky horns and a distorted guitar... What else do you need?

If you're going to the Paris performance of "200 Motels, The Suites", be sure to buy a copy of this album !
Or check out their website or bandcamp page.

The Headshakers with Napoleon Murphy Brock, from 2016 :

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