Saturday, September 8, 2018


Composer, music teacher and saxophone player Kathrin Lemke was one of the driving forces behind Heliocentric Counterblast, a band that paid tribute to the great Sun Ra.
Unfortunately, Kathrin passed away in 2016. She did leave behind two beautiful albums by Heliocentric Counterblast : the 2012 "A Tribute To Sun Ra" album, and the amazing "Planetary Tunes" album from 2014.
Next to a fine selection of Sun Ra classics (including 'Saturn'), the octet also recorded a number of compositions by Kathrin Lemke : 'Mars', 'Pluto', 'Uranus' and 'Neptune'.
You can imagine where Kathrin got the inspiration for this.

Here's 'Discipline 27 II'.  Goosebumps !!

-- info: Danny Mathys

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