Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday I received a pre-sale copy of Zappatika's "Strictly Frankly" album. It looks like the band is getting up to speed for their Zappanale performance.

"Strictly Frankly" starts with a couple of low-fi live tunes: 'Winoman', 'Dirty Love', 'Broken Hearts Are For Assholes', 'Sleep Dirt' and 'Titties N Beer'.
I'm assuming that this is recent stuff, as it includes Ke on violin.
Too bad that the sound quality isn't up to it as the band shows that they have made quite a bit of progress. The sound is fuller, and the band sounds tighter as well.

From track six on, the sound quality goes up a couple of notches. This is what a demo should sound like: good quality, good playing and a bunch of fine songs.

The collection of songs that Zappatika presents here are the 'classic' rock songs: 'Dirty Love', 'My Guitar', 'Torture', 'Black Napkins', 'Cosmik Debris', ...
Their strong point, however, is that they play it in the typical Zappatika style: laid-back, with a psychedelic touch, and with lots of humour as well.
The last song of this disc, 'Wino Willies Montana Hop', is just great. These are the kind of Zappa puzzle exercises that I would like to hear more often! Love it.

If Zappatika will take this set to the Zappanale stage, the public is in for a midnight treat.

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